Ramadan Seeds Of Revival – Does Smoke Of Incense Affect Your Fast

Ibrahim Nuhu


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The speaker discusses how the smoke in their homes is not causing damage to their brain, but can affect their appetite and appetite when they are inside. They also mention that they cannot see the smoke in their homes and that the smoke in their homes might break their brain if they are inside.

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So the perfumes in the liquid form which you put on you, it doesn't break the fast you smell it doesn't break your fast. But those incense if you were to get inside the small quantities too strong, you know, that's fine because they said the smoke has jewel.

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Jewel means it has a body. You can see it right if it doesn't have anything you want to see if a person has to swallow that it breaks the fast as I say first opinion, okay, I put it in the house and it's already colorless.

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I mean, get everywhere, I can't even see it. And then I come to the house. This one doesn't affect you fast, but when it is in the beginning, you can see it in their own forms. This one when you take it, it might break your fast according to the safest opinion