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Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history of the Battle of Vietnam, where Muslims were punished with injuries and rewards. The speakers emphasize the importance of fearing consequences and not trusting people. The speakers also discuss the use of fear in actions and actions tied to Islam, and the importance of knowing the consequences of small and small actions. The conversation ends with a discussion of the harakcr notifications of death and the potential consequences of severe punishment.
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My dear brothers and sisters, I want to share with you a story from the theater of the prophets of Allah and even send them the life of the prophets of Allah and send them. But perhaps a part of the story that you may or may not have heard of before, the story is the battle of

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and as we know, during the Battle of the believers, suffered great loss. And the battle did not go as many had hoped and expected. But that's not what I want to talk to you about today, I want to talk to you about what happened after the Battle of Vietnam, after the believers had come home. And they were tired and beaten and broken and injured. And perhaps their spirits were a little down. And then the news came to the Muslims, that the mushy goon have gathered again, and they've gathered in a location, and they're going to attack the believers again. And in that moment, the prophets of Allah was I think it was sending them gather some of the companions, and some of the companions,

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they must do their strength, they overcame their fear, and they went out with the prophets and the loved one, I think it was some of them. And this incident, and the feelings of the Sahaba, the companions, and the forces working against the companions of the Allah who are actually mentioned to us in the Quran. And so early on Rod was paralyzed to Allah tells us, and readiness dejavu Ilahi. What was the only member edema, a saga,

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that those who were responded to Allah and His Messenger, after the believers were struck with much injury, that Nadine said a minimum, those who did sang from amongst them, those who did good after them, what telco and those who had took off the fear and consciousness of Allah who was who have a data, I don't believe there is a great reward. So now Allah was penalized to Allah is singling out

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the people who after coming home from battle, they were told they have to go out again. Allah says, they responded to Allah and His Messenger, even though they had just come back, and they had faced much injury, and that Allah was penalized. data tells us of psychologically, the forces that we're working against them, because you see, the hypocrites were afraid to go. And the hypocrites not only did they not want to go themselves, they wanted to stop others from going as well. So Allah who's kind of like to add us tells us again, Allah who will nurse, those people who don't Hippocrates said to them, in the NASA, the JAMA article, that certainly the bush recording, they have gathered

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against you so much telling us that these people, those who went out, and then Allah tells us that there are those people who the Hippocrates said to them, Edina Colorado who knows those who the hypocrites said to them, that the people have gathered against you. And they told them, so be fearful. Is it really wise to go right now? Do you think you can really when you have come home, and you're broken and you're injured, and we are less in number, and they are gathered their forces together now to fight you? So they told the believers, so fear them? And Allah who said, How do I data tells us of the outcome this had for the believers. Now, I want you to put yourself in that

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position. And what I want you to put our own mind today in that position, that after suffering a loss with our spirits down, and then we are given the news that people have gathered against his the forces have gathered against his people have gathered their might against us. And so we should be afraid, because we are weak, we are few in number two cannot be victorious, we should be afraid.

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What is your reaction going to be? Well, we can think about that. And we can think about the reaction of the Sahaba of the companions, because Allah who was who kind of like data tells us that their reaction was bizarre that will email

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that for them. It only increase them in Imani. And you know the beautiful thing about this verse, Allah says thup visa don't matter. In fact, usually in Arabic, and you see the thought means immediately. It wasn't that they thought about it. And they said, you know, we need to muster our strength together. We need to rely upon Allah, we need to strengthen ourselves know, immediately they heard this, and it only increased them in a man walk on a loop. And what was their statement? Why were they increased in math in emails in faith? Why were they so strong? Because of the numbers? No, because they had they had they had just been victorious. No, the opposite. Allah, Allah Allah

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says for Zando email that increased seven emails and they said welcome

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Oh has gone Allah.

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Allah is sufficient for us against

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many, as long as we have Allah, as long as our faith is strong as long as Allah is with us, hesford Allah, whenever lucky, and Allah is the best protector. They may have the people they may have the mic, they may have the strength, but we have Allah who's who How do I die enough. And now in Allah tells us a few verses afterwards the message for us my brothers and sisters, because they the companions of the Allah, I hope they pass their test. And there are people today, as we know in our Ummah,

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who are passing this test, as we all know what is happening and fall asleep, particularly in visited up in other parts of Feldstein as well. We know what is happening not only fall asleep, but other parts of the world as well. But the images and videos from from from Palestine are clear for us, there's no doubt that when the people have gathered against the people of Gaza, that it only increases me man, they're being told leave. They're being told give up. They're being told you're gonna keep dying and dying and dying for as Adam Imana. But it only increases that email and it never deters them. It never pushes them back, never holds them back, you're being told fear the

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people, but it only increases them in the men. And their tongues are reciting the same things that the companions of the Prophet side send them recited. haspin Allah whenever lucky, Allah is sufficient for us. And Allah is the best protector. But maybe this message needs to be driven home for us other than those who are not in that situation, those who are not, perhaps in a place like that, Allah who is how do I data says in Nevada, the Koshi upon that statement of the hypocrites who said the people have gathered against you. So fear them.

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That statement, Allah who's parallel data says in Nevada negotiate a bottom hole with Whoa,

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that was only the shippon who was trying to make you afraid of his supporters of the supporters of the Shabbat. And this is one of the tactics of the ship on to distort reality and distort the reality of what is happening because the Shia thought will come and say that you can ever win. There is no victory to be had here. Give up. What are you doing? You're just wasting your life. People are dying. There's no There's no, there's there's nothing to be gained. Here we see this, that this is the statement of the sheer fun and the idea of the sheer fun. The supporters in the allies of the Shia party. This was the same statement of the hypocrites at the time of the Prophet say send them

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So today my brothers and sisters, if you hear people criticizing the believers who are standing up for their Eman who have trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala those who are saying husband Allah when their man Joaquin,

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if you find people criticizing them today, the know they are following in the footsteps of the chiffon and the allies of the chiffon. They are following the footsteps and the path of the hypocrites of this ummah. May Allah subhana wa Allah.

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Allah tells us that is only the Shia Thorn, who makes you fearful of his own allies and Allah that reminds us for that to call for him. But at the Orpheum Do not fear them will call funI rather fear Allah Allah says, Will California fear me, including meaning if you are believers, if your faith is intact, if you have imagine, if your faith can be put into action, that fear Allah over those who are a threat to you do not fear the allies of this year have been rather fear Allah who's kind of like data and from this moment as the sisters we learned that the fear of Allah who Subhana Allah is not only an essential part of our faith, and essential part of our Eman, but is actually empowering.

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It is a source of strength. And we'll break down in a little bit what we mean by the fear of Allah who's kind of a data so we know that this is a command from Allah. Allah says fear Me and do not fear them. Allah who's in parallel to Allah says, Yeah, I beg to differ to whom my service has my Taqwa.

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And part of the template is fear. Part of the topbar brothers and sisters is fear is from the fear of Allah who Subhanallah Allah that we submit to Allah that we don't want to do that was a displeasing to Allah who's proud of the data, that we're careful about our faith that we are careful to live our lives in the pleasure of Allah who Subhanallah Danna Yeah, buddy.

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Allah says My servants have my techwatch Brothers and sisters. We know

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that when we fear Allahu Subhana Allah Allah

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It empowers us to obey Allah over everyone else and empowers us to make sure we can make it through the strengths and the trials that ALLAH SubhanA. Allah will put us through, no matter what people say. I'll give you another example in the Quran where Allah has piloted audits with an anchor Bucha mentioned something very similar. The statement of the hypocrites versus those who have Eman, the statement and the methodology and the way of the hypocrites Allah who's Pamela data says Wamena nurse he made your point. Amanda biller that among the people are those who say we believe in Allah. So it's right now it's a statement on their tongue.

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And we are warned about this many times in the Quran and the Sunnah, that our faith is not just a statement, yes to testify to our Imam in Allah is part of iman. But faith my brothers and sisters, is found on our tongues. It is housed in our heart, and it flows through our bodies and it is found in our actions.

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This is why we find it odd that the action is always tied in with iman, if there's any doubt within Armando well I will follow those who believe and a follow up with good deeds. Our deeds are part of our actions. And so here so that Allah tells us from the people, there are those who say with their tongues Mandevilla we believe in Allah, but either Oh, the oven name

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that I left picking up in Natick. Allah tells us that these people who say that we believe in Allah, if they are who they are, if they're if they're if they are, if they face some, some some hardship or calamity or suffering in the way of Allah who Subhan Allah, Allah, they make it as if it is a punishment. They view it as a punishment. Because psychologically, my brothers and sisters, there's a very big difference between the people of Eman and the people who don't have Iman and people and the hypocrites we say, even though they say with their tongues, we believe, but their emotion is not there. Because there's not found in their heart. It's just a statement on their tongue. And

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obviously, their actions don't have that emotion. So the psychology the mindset of a believer is that when we hear when we face some, some some hardships and trials some difficulty.

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We understand that this is a trial from Allah. We understand that our path forward is patience and reward. That as long as we are patient, as long as we have the Taqwa of Allah as long as we fear Allah Azza wa Jalla that everything we do will be rewarded by Allah in no other way yet deputy well yes bill for in Allah, Allah you'll need. Those who have as long as a person has Taqwa.

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And they have patience, the fear and consciousness of Allah which dictates our actions. And then we are patient with the outcome of that. Because when we submit to Allah, we have taqwa, we do the right thing, even though it is difficult with his patients. It is difficult, yes. But there's patients, Allah says, but in Allah Allahu

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Allah will not allow the reward of those who do good, those who are excited to be lost. And this is a very different mindset from others.

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Because that means that even if we don't see success in our life, we still work. Because we're working for the sake of Allah was kind of like God. That is our definition of success is my reward secured with Allah or not? Even if we don't see victory and success in our life, our hearts are content. We are content because we are worshipping Allah we are submitting Allah Who Subhanallah data so Allah says the reward will never go to waste.

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And so Allah tells us as for those who only had email on their tongues,

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either only Fe law if they are if they are, if they're harmed in the past in the way of Allah was how do I data gyla fitna tell us they view this fitna, this trial got a double as a punishment. And they said what we're doing is wrong. We should not be doing this this punishment of Allah. May Allah has power to Allah protect us. There are those today who look at our brothers and sisters suffering around the world and they say they have made a mistake and this is a punishment of Allah may Allah protect us. This is a statement my brothers, sisters of the hypocrites, and Allah was federal data tells us the same people what I enjoy under some neurotic layer Poulan the same people that win

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victory and help comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala they say in Pune, my home, we were with you, right what is advantageous to be amongst the believers to be amongst the people of faith. They say we are with you. And so my brothers and sisters well we are going through today

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A lot of this battle for us, those of us were physically not in danger physically or not putting our bodies on the line physically, not fighting for our own freedom. are brothers and sisters, we have to ask ourselves what is the state of my heart? Where am I with Allah Who Subhana wa Taala is my Eman with Allah subhanaw taala secure?

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Do I have the same reliance upon Allah subhana wa ala Do I have the same hope and Akasha and Taqwa of Allah has federal data, the same fear of Allah Subhana Allah Johanna, because fear of losing Sisters is not only at a time when we are in danger, not only at a time when our lives are on the line, the fear of Allah subhanaw taala data if we have the fear Hubble's law, then that means we are conscious of the punishment of Allah subhana wa Adana and we want to protect ourselves with punishment of Allah was no doubt so for for us in our daily lives when it comes to the disobedience of Allah. If we have fear of Allah who subhanaw taala

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it stops us from committing a sin.

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If we have the fear of Allah who's handle Adana, it means that we have committed a sin. And if we're in a sin, we want to stop it immediately. It means that if we have committed a sin and the sin is over, that we don't want to return to that sin. It means that if the sin is over, we want to quickly repent from that sin.

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This my brothers and sisters, is the fear of Allah subhanaw taala. This is how we have the Taqwa of Allah Subhana Allah and Allah Allah subhana wa Tada tells us that this fear is the fear that is once again a motivator for us. What pulls us to Allah Who Subhanallah to Allah, Allah says ferrata hahahahaha. Vanya in could mean do not fear them rather fear me if you are true believers. And so we find that this fear is part of our Eman because we know it is part of our ima then nothing escapes Allahu Subhana wa Jaya, because sometimes we look at natural fear, right in fear is natural. There's fear when we fear something that will harm our bodies or are harmless physically or harmless in some

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way, what are we fearing we're fearing the consequences of something.

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A tiger comes into the room. Are we afraid of the tiger or are we afraid the consequences of the Tiger being they will reap the consequences of the Tiger being there because it's a threat to our life and our safety and so on and so forth. With Allah Subhan Allah Danna, it's not that we fear Allah just for the sake of Allah was part of the audit. We fear that Allah subhanaw taala is the ultimate and most just, and this is why Allah, Allah, Allah tells us that on the Day of Judgment, there are people who will cry out not because they have faced some punishment of Allah because they become aware that everything that they did was recorded. Allah Subhana Allah tells us, where would

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the iKey tab but I lose it you mean I wish you clean I mean, Murphy, that on the Day of Judgment, the book, meaning the record, the record of our deeds will be placed, laid open and the majority Moon, the wicked, the oppressors, the wrongdoers they will be in fear of what is written in this book. Allahu Allah tells us where your kulula Yawei that they will say won't be to us, man, he has Akita what type of book is this? What type of record is this law you all use? I think that a winner can be euro in the asada. What type of book is this, that there's nothing big nor small, except that it is found in this book, every deed,

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every deed, a believer understands this, every single deed of ours, every small amount of oppression and wrongdoing will be found on that day on the day of judgment. And Allah tells us well, what do I do, man? I mean, how they they will find everything that they did small or big, it is found it is in this book, what are usually more a book and your Lord does not oppress and wrong.

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And this also tells us my brothers and sisters of the justice and how that Justice leads to hope. We'll talk about that shortly. A food will tell you how that stuff Allah he will rule in the home.

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And hamdulillah have been Alameen wa salatu salam ala MBR you will go sign in the Vietnam War say do I have even a Muhammad Ali your brain?

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So we're talking about the fear of Allah who has power to Allah, the consciousness of Allah, the awareness of Allah who's kind of like to Allah and as a believer that dictates our actions and either serves as a deterrent for us to not wrong anyone, including our own selves by sitting and disobey Allah who's kind of like the IRA but not also wronging others that is

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With the fear of Allah who Subhan Allah data serves as that's the purpose it serves for us as believers. And we talked about accountability, how we all understand as believers, that we will be accountable for our deeds. And we mentioned how when the record of our deeds is laid open on the day of judgment and will continue every deed big and small, and a believer lives their life with that in mind, the pleasure of Allah above the pleasure of anyone else. My brothers and sisters, this is actually a message of hope as well. Because as we see oppression and wrongdoing happening in the world today, we can begin to lose hope we can begin to feel that Pete that justice will not be

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served. But it is part of our Eman once again. That we understand that that Allah subhanaw taala is the most just that every deed is recorded. Allah who said how do i data tells us what has accepted Allah ha ha Phila. I'm a yak metal funny movie. Do not think that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers are doing. Every day, no matter how small no matter how big Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is aware of it. And then Allah says, In the film, Allah is only delaying them, meaning Allah is only delaying their punishment, Leo min dish has been absorbed, Allah is only delaying them until a day when their eyes will stare in horror.

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So when we look at our brothers and sisters, our own children around the world are being slaughtered, and maimed and killed and suffering. We remember that Allah who said that these people, number one, they have chosen a lot above everything else. And that is a lesson for us, that in our lives, do we choose Allah above everything else or not? And number two, we remember that the justice of Allah subhanaw taala is the best justice. People may escape the wrath and anger of Allah subhanaw taala in this life, but in the afterlife, no one will escape the wrath and the anger of Allah who says how do I die? You know, sometimes the chiffon comes to us and says why? Why is it taking so

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long? Why is the help of Allah taking so long? Why are those who are evil? Those who are causing bloodshed and harm and oppression? Why are they living so long? Why is this evil continuing for so long?

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And we know the answer, Allah is only delaying them until the day when their punishment will be severe. And on top of that, my brothers and sisters, remember that Allah will not punish anyone unjustly. Allah will not no matter how much we may dislike someone,

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Allah will not punish them unjust. We may in this life, dislike someone and because of our dislike of them, we may punish them unjustly or beyond the punishment that they deserve. But Allah will only punish people according to their own deeds. So when we see Allah delaying someone's death, delaying someone's demise, it is possible that Allah is delaying them so that their punishment in the afterlife will be more severe. So never think that delayed means justice will not be served. As a matter of fact, it is from the point of the Will the decree and then ultimate knowledge of Allah was final data that Allah sometimes delays the punishment of the wrongdoers. We asked Allah Who Subhan

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Allah to protect us from His punishment, we ask Allah who's kind of like Allah, the grant is the fear and he talked about the awareness and the fishing of Allah who's Panama data the way Allah deserves, that will be afraid of him. You ask Allah subhanaw taala to bring relief to our brothers and sisters in the Messiah, theme and the rest of the world we ask Allah Who Subhana wa Ida to accept their debt amongst the Shahada. We ask Allah who's currently Allah have mercy upon their dead we ask Allah Who Subhan Allah to Allah to cure their injured and their sick and their ailing We ask Allah Subhana Allah, Allah to unite us with our brothers and sisters from wisdom in Jannah Allah

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Amin We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to make his justice swift and severe Allah Ameen.

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