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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the affinity of the American community to Israel due to their Christian roots, and the upcoming "roust" of propaganda in America causing tension and confusion. They criticize the actions of the Israeli authorities, including actions aimed at breaking peace and creating chaos, and encourage people not to communicate and not let anyone make a label on them. They also mention the globalist's goal of "will" and the need for people to stay in power.
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1618 Yeah, they

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gotta have a little spice in the speech, right? I mean, you gotta have a little fun

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America, I think it's you have the American people, by and large have affinity for Israel part largely, I think more from in our Christian community than anything just based on on the history of the Judeo Christian tradition and how it's informed this country. So I think it is unique in terms of the the affinity that our country has for Israel because of the of the biblical history and people's

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adherence to the Judeo Christian tradition. Yeah. Or your today. So I want to stick with those affinity towards Israel biblical history. Do you hear this a lot the Judeo Christian history, and this is why the support is coming. What do you what is your reaction to that? Well, this term Judeo Christian

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values, I never heard it until about 20 years ago, 20 years ago. So this was a phrase that was dropped in. Somebody's created us this term propagandas. And they dropped it into the minds of people. And you started hearing it over and over and over our Judeo Christian heritage. And a lot of us were going What do you mean, America doesn't have a Jewish Christian heritage.

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But that was the message. America has a Jewish Christian heritage.

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So they took ownership of America.

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I mean, that's literally what they're doing. They're saying, hey, designers, yes, designers, designers, we're claiming ownership of the founding of America, this country has a Judeo Christian heritage. What doesn't?

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But it's, it's a propaganda technique. And now, it's, it's said so often that nobody questions it. It's just accept it.

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And when guys like me, says, hey, that's propaganda.

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Then we're credited, I'm criticized, as though I don't know what I'm talking about. But I'll tell you, I've got a long memory.

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And I can remember a lot of things and I can remember the way things were before.

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And I know when certain propaganda messages were dropped in to the society.

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But most people don't. Most people don't have a long memory.

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Let me get into this next clip here, bring cultures in. And that's I think, what's happened, there's no go zones and France and and in, in Britain, in some of these places, that's not a recipe for success. So I think Europe's gonna have a very difficult time. With these tensions bubbling up, I think we have the ability to still be smart about what we're doing here in the United States, and avoid some of what what they've walked themselves into. I just, I just hope and pray that this thing doesn't get ugly. I know, you got three kids. I got four, we, you know, when you think from your kids perspective, it's a little bit concerning when you're seeing this is not common down. It's

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getting worse. And it's like at a bar Oh, so what'd you say? What would you say? And everybody's like, Did you see what he said, and it's just getting more and more and more heated. And we got to kind of figure out a way to bring it down.

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I like what Patrick up and David was saying, we got to figure out a way to calm it down. And I want to address this no goes zones in. And I think he said France and I think this is this is incorrect. What the governor is with all due respect. This is not true. These No Go Zones are Muslims with love. I mean, I mean, you can probably when you're in Jordan and whatnot, they paint this picture as Muslims are barbarians, you go over, they're gonna cut your head off. I mean, they'd love for you to come in any neighborhood, come and eat with us sit with us, you know, you've experienced that right? I think the Zant is nice to go to Jordan or wherever you were, and to see it for himself. I mean, so

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when they say there's no goes zones and all this other nonsense, but you do have, unfortunately you do have and that's you know, the situation with the apartheid. Now you do have IDF soldiers who will come out and they'll testify this is not you know, when I'm making this up, you have streets there that are used specifically for Zion is for people who follow not Moses teachings, but Theodor Herzl, you know, and you cannot go you cannot go down these streets and you have two sets of laws, you know, one for people who's Zionist and the right of return only for certain people. So this is injustice. I'm really Jewish American as well. My partner is Palestinian, and I can do things that

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he can't do. I can travel quite freely. And even though his mother is a refugee from what is

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Now Israel, he can't pass areas that are off limits to Palestinians. I have excellent rights, I have health, there are cities in Israel being built for Jews only. And also in the West Bank settlements being built for Israeli Jews only. While Palestinians are hemmed in, unable to build cities and their homes are being demolished for lack of permits that are almost impossible to get, the Israeli authorities are engaging in forcible transfer, where they remove Palestinian communities in the West Bank to make room for settlements. All of these are part of the root causes of the violence. There's terrible abuses going on. You just have to listen to what people on the ground are telling you. And

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adjust accordingly. This is what Nelson Mandela also was against. And Jimmy Carter called this apartheid state, etc. So how would you respond to this, unlike what Patrick said about, we got to have level heads, we got to calm this thing down.

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Well, I would say that I agree, but the ruling class of America is deliberately doing the opposite.

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They need the attention. They need the anger, they need the division.

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The ruling class of America is not trying to calm things down. They're trying to Jack things up. They're trying to get people angry at each other. They want us fighting at each other at a they don't want you and me to do what we're doing right now.

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Having a a civilized conversation between two gentlemen. They don't want it. They want us yelling at each other. Look at the new shows, look at how they do everything is shouting, yelling, everything that they've done to America in the last 20 years has been to divide us, make us angry, make us afraid. They're doing it to the whole world yesterday.

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It may have been on Monday for Vladimir Putin gave a speech in Russia. And he said the globalist I don't know what I think he said, The the rulers of the West

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need chaos, to stay in power.

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And that they're doing it to the whole world.

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I mean, everywhere they're setting the world on fire. They did it with Ukraine.

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They have it now happening in the Middle East. The next spot will be Asia.

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They need the world to be in chaos. They need people to be fighting each other.

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And so we defeat them by doing the opposite of what they want.

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Don't let them make you angry. Don't let them make you fear other people

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do the opposite of what they're programming you and me to do certain things to think a certain way to talk a certain way. Don't give into it.

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You mentioned the hospitality of the Arabic people i

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i was amazed in my trips to Jordan. Strangers would invite me to their home for dinner.

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I'd start a conversation and they will say please, please come over to my dinner. Oh, come over to my house for dinner. Let's let's continue this conversation. Wonderful people. But you know what the first time I went to a Palestinian area was as 2018. I went into a Bethlehem. I had been in St. Petersburg, Russia attending a conference and decided at the last minute to fly to to Tel Aviv and attend the Christ at the checkpoint conference in Bethlehem, which is held by a group of Palestinian Christians trying to get American Christians to understand what's happening in Palestine.

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And so when I told friends that I was going to the West Bank, I had so many well meaning people who cared about me and they said, No, Rick, you got to you got to think about this. You're going over there. And they're going to try to behead you.

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Wow, I know and they were sincere. They were really afraid. They thought I'm going my life was in danger. And when I came back and said, No, they were wonderful. They were awesome. I've got new friends. And everywhere I went, I was treated kindly. They were like, That can't be true. These are the palace rules. These are the Palestinians there used to Palestinians in Bethlehem in the West Bank. They treated me with such kindness. I didn't ask are you a Christian? Are you muslim? I didn't. They just were people.

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Just people. I just accept people for being people. All right, I don't want to put a label on anybody. I just want to accept people for being people.

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But the ruling class of America wants us to mark everybody put a label on them, fight with them, argue with them, divide and conquer. don't communicate separate. Why? Because they stay in power when we're divided.

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And when we refuse to be angry with others, when we refuse to hate when we refuse to be afraid, they lose power. I cannot leave without giving you a gift. If you're not yet Muslim, and you tune in and see what these Muslims are talking about, and you'd like a free copy of the Quran. Go and visit the deen We'll take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you. And if you still have some questions about Islam, call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll see you next time until then, Peace be with you as salaam alaikum

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