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Sit on Wiley Kumar. Rocker to

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learn Rahim hamdulillah Muhammad who was starting over he want to stop Pharaoh who want to study when you're ready to it I mean surely and fusina Amin say at the level for them and when they don't wanna use

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a shadow will no longer

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Sharika why shadow NSA? You don't know have you been able to return our eternal Muhammad and to also Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad Eduardo De Novo who you know was having HMI in or coding interview certainly you know, your MIDI alone my LinkedIn Verona when find me my own antenna was in Ireland oh so panicles Allahu

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Allah Marina and help to help calm on stopping a diva.

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She never

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respected brothers and sisters.

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Once again, hamdulillah Susanna, and I'm privileged to be here today in a second lecture second session. And I have to actually make the Swift because I just realized My flight is at 510. So I have to complete this and then inshallah rushed to the airport.

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The title

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of my lecture today, you might have seen it in the program, description, mosques, and massage.

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They are the bedrock or the foundation of our communities.

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And why we chose this particular theme and title is because we had hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, we praise Allah Subhana Allah and praise God, for all of us, for granting us, the Deauville giving us the ability to not just construct and build this particular mosque, but many mosques in and around Oslo and throughout Norway and in the West, in Europe. There's quite a few messages just because a lot. I just saw we were actually having some pizza, right outside Hala pizza, and those vegetarian vegetarian pizza by the way.

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And we, across the street, we saw masjid, or Russia, full of mercy and blessings. And the brothers who were with me, they said, well, there's another word down the road called Masjid Toba repentance. I said it looks like a one Masjid is trying to tell you what fears fear of God repaired too many sins. The other ones it is trying to give you the message. Rama Mercy of Allah is a great medicine. And actually this is what our email is an email. Hope you are Raja believe is between fear and hope. We have been warned not to have too much fear of Allah too much fear of God to the extent that we become despondent and we despair. What does Allah say the Quran? Well, yeah

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Asako unfortunately, him.

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the Goomba, Jimmy are in number one,

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say to my servants who have oppressed themselves transgressed, they've committed sins that role themselves, they've committed crimes, they guilty of sinful activities, learn to do not despair from the mercy of Allah because Allah would forgive all sins. And we have many verses like that. But at the same time, Allah tells us in the Quran, that don't have too much hope, that you think Allah Allah is.

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Allah is Allah for whatever you do, Allah will forgive every single like there's a tendency within some people, it's all about got mercy. It's all about you know, just the Mercy of Allah and love of Allah. Islam is in the middle. We have mercy from Allah will forgive all things but at the same time, and that's why, if you read the Quran, you will find at every occasion where Allah talks about his mercy, he talks about his punishment. Whenever he talks about his punishment and talk about his mercy of our freedom. We're called a tote of SATs, the Forgiver of sins. abito he's the one who accepts your repentance before we get too happy about a straightaway Shediac call. We didn't Bode

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his very extreme punishment as well. Don't get too too too, you know. Don't don't become too relaxed. Allah

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likewise whenever Allah mentions punishment, straightaway instantly, Allah mentions his Rama His mercy so that we don't become too fearful fearful of Allah Subhana Allah with the irony and this is why this is what we send an email banal Hope You are Raja Iman is between fear and hope. We need the extreme we need to avoid the extreme of fear and extreme of how we have to mix both of them. We need to have an element of fear and an element of hope and inshallah we'll go into the next slide. So this was just a side note that we saw two messages one was called Rama one was called Toba when Alhamdulillah we should be thankful we should be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala all of us, that

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Allah has blessed us, in these lands in these countries, has given us the ability is granted as the no fear, to erect to build to construct massage in the houses of Allah. But and there's many rewards in constructing the surgeon and helping and assisting in the construction in the building of any house of Allah. There's amazing rewards I mean, there's numerous Hadith in Mohali, etc. The messenger of allah sallallahu

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Taala he must didn't burn abominable Titan Phil Jana, whoever builds a mosque for Allah in this world. As a reward, Allah will build a palace a home for you. In the next slide. I'm gonna recommend student run on Mohammed who painted Phil Jelena. And this is why constructing the mosque helping in the construction of a mosque. Building a mosque is considered to be one of the greatest forms of a burden of worship and the one of the righteous deeds that a human being a Muslim can do. The benefits of which you keep on receiving even after you leave this world is considered to be sadaqa jariya there are certain actions that when you do them, you would you receive your reward, like the

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Hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where he says that when

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the human being nothing benefits him except three things and he said one of them was sort of injury or ongoing charity, you constructed a well for the poor orphans, and you've left this world. And after a long time, after you've passed away, people are still in that poor country. They are still drinking from that world. You receive the reward anything charity, you construct a masjid, until the masjid stands on this planet. And until people are offering Salah and worshiping Allah, you keep on receiving rewards. This is a standard Hadith since it's not like the question of changing the sound, Hadith sadaqa to injury, ongoing charity you donated, you give some money, the construction and

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construction of this mosque, you help to assist it, it doesn't have to the only be financial assistance. It can be in any way shape or form. Ongoing charity you keep on receiving the reward. And other things mentioned. The other one is awarded in Saudi

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leave behind pious, righteous practicing offspring, progeny, children, daughters sons. That's something that really benefits us in the next life. The messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam What do you say a righteous son who do that who makes do have will you bring your children up? Remember the point is not just bringing children not just, you know, that's it. You want a football team? That's not the idea. Somebody will indicate you just want a football team, you know, 11 players plus the five substitutes. You know, you can have your own your own team in the Premier League. That's not the idea. The idea is not quantity, the idea is quality. bring up children who

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will do it for you. We'll carry on continue with your legacy. Bring your children those benefits to you after you die.

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Unfortunately, we live in a time that we bring children that we just suffice with that we stop we don't count we do not ensure that you are bringing them up as righteous practicing Muslims to the point that I know personally. Parents the father has died in this story. So this is a real story. This is not conveyed in his facts, not fiction. The guy phones the imam in the mosque. I think my dad's dead somewhere I'll pay you how did you determine the bill I'll just tell you to check in sought out his funeral stuff. And all the funeral proceedings and burial I don't have time I've got important meeting to attend. I will be learned from my older be very familiar with his real blood

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son. Just don't worry about the bill. Just send me the bill. isn't about the bill. Your father's passed away. You cannot even attend the funeral. Dora

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Along offering a hyena woman Latina which

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was Elena, but convenient oh the courier making directly own father. If we do not, you know, preach or if we do not give them a good sound Islamic upbringing, then we will have children who will extend be Muslims remember externally being a Muslim is not enough Islam is not just having a name. Islam is not just being a Pakistani or anything or a Bangladeshi or equate Iraqi or Somalia. It's not just a cultural thing. We have to Allah says in the Quran here.

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Oh you believe believe God believes. It's like telling a man man oh man, be a man. You know, when you say to be a man, does that mean that I look like a woman? No. Meaning you're not acting like a man. You're not acting you need to be a man. Likewise.

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You call yourself a Muslim? By coincidence, by chance you happen to be born in a Muslim family. You we take you for granted. We take you just just because and this is the reason why you know love the conference. We see this Congress verbally to convert and many others because

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those who actually embrace Islam, many of the times they become far better than Muslims. Far better than those Muslims who happen to by chance, by coincidence. Be born in a Muslim family. We just take you for granted Oh yeah, I'm a Pakistani okay. Yeah, my name is whatever something you know, SHA or something or con or something. Okay, or what am I my name is? We take it for granted. Remember that doesn't make you muslim. We have to we have to embrace it. We have to live and this is what the massage is all about. This is why we need to bring up children who will make dua offers so that's the Hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said there are too

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many rewards. There's a verse in the Quran Allah says in Nana Yan, Roma, Sajida volume and

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whatever we have to share in Lola fossa.

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Allah says, Only those people build mosques.

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What does the law say? Only those construct Masjid who actually have Iman, Allah is testifying in the book in the Quran, Allah is giving his witness and his shirt and his testimony that only those individuals will have the dough feel the divine ability to construct or help in the construction of a mosque. Only those people who have faith and Iman, they think about mosques. When they come from back home, and they come to these lands, then they want a mosque. If you have a human before you even think about your job. What do you think about? How will my children be brought up as Muslims in this community? Who teach my children Quran? Who will give them Islamic education? Where will I

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offer my job I pray for my pleasure pray, we will

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offer my bedtime prayers for

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the people of faith wherever they go in any part of the world, whether in England or in America, or whether it was low water in Northern Norway, where the midnight sun you know, we're gonna go there Sunni Chaga when the sun descends like right, even if you happen to live there, the first thing on your head is where and how will I pray and offer myself you think about masjid, this is the witnessing, witnessing given by Allah Subhana Allah.

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Allah so Allah has mentioned this and so there are many many rewards in terms of there's many verses I just give a few

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in the the rewards and the virtues of constructing, building a mosque and helping and assisting financially or otherwise. However, brothers and sisters, it doesn't stop there.

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There's a lot of reward handled that before we get too happy that yeah, we've milked message and I'm not specifically talking about just this most anyone's applies to anywhere in the world. This gentle reminder for all of us. It doesn't stop

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in solitude.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala which is the which mosque or which house of Allah is considered to be the greatest? Which one?

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Let me ask you this question which one?

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Which which is the greatest House of Allah? The Kaaba, right? Debate Allah, the house of Allah in our debate, in our whatever you did. In this particular demo, Barack Obama did it

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reading the first house to be constructed to be built the first house of worship and actually the foundations were laid by say you do not an alien solid to have done that asleep peace be upon him it's Ibrahim and his son is married Peace be upon both of them they actually they built the house on the foundations already laid by Senate and this is why Allah is saying the first house to be built and constructed

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on planet Earth was constructed by Tehran earlier peace be upon him but then over the years

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it's demolished but then it was reconstructed and on the same foundation is laid by

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Allah installer to Dakar

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re recapping the story of the construction of his house Baitullah as constructed by Ibrahim and is married and

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it's an amazing you know, two three amazing verses of the Quran. What does Allah say? He says, What is the father Weaver or he will have

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remember in the Arabic language for those who know Arabic, what it means, that

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or it refers to you in Arabic language, what is remember, it means that

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whatever is going to be said after this is so important that continuously keep it in your mind. Keep on thinking about this picture this way. Remember, keep this in your mind, your file Ebro he will have

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remember the story remember the time when people are hearing peace be upon him was constructing your family brought Hebrew right from the foundation he was raising the foundation and building on the foundation. What is married and is married. There's a side point here the commentators on the Quran they say that you know Allah has panel guide, the two father and son deconstructed the mosque, right the house of Allah.

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In Arabic language. If you say to people did something normally you boy, what would you say? You would say like if you said

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Mohammed, Abdullah did something. So you would say Mohammed Abdullah did this. In the Quran, Allah should have said when Ibrahim who is married to America, remember the time when he brought him and as Laurie constructed the house of Allah and laid the foundation constructed on the foundations? Allah didn't say that. What did you say? Remember when he

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constructed the house of Allah and completed the sentence, what is my mind was with him as well. And

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there's a tacit, or a subtle, sorry, subtle message here being given as a point of respect, when something is being done by two people on one person to senior, the other is to say not me, and my daddy did it. My dad was doing it, but I was with him as well. This is a subtle message. We see this in in the syrup as a habit as well. So you do

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you know, the pro photographer, do you know him?

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He says, you know the message you would hardly he would never sit around and talk or analysis or alteration who would go sleep on most nights so that he can wake up.

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But on occasions, he would on occasions, he would consult Abubakar Radi Allahu anhu, regarding the matters of the welfare and coding the message of the Muslims. And I used to also join in

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what did he say? I used to also join in he would actually consult a burger and aroma. But he said he would consult a bunker. Why the magma and I would build so they're like I'm just a junior. And this is pretty good anyway, what if Allah say where Ibrahim and joined by his married they construct Allah is telling us the story. Now you know when the story is being mentioned, this is one of the Bacara such an important episode such an important event, historical event in the history of humanity. The first you know that the House of Allah has been constructed, laid and rebuilt on the foundations. It's one of the historical events in the history of not just Muslims, but of all the

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religions and all the faiths. Something a house of Allah. Allah is telling us the story. You would imagine Allah would say okay, this is how they built it. You brought him to one one, you know stone one break he brought it is married helped him with another break and then they lay the foundations. They this much money was this much was donated, this much money was spent. This is how tall the building is. This you know how many feet how many floors how much this

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I wish that none of us mentioned

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Allah left all those details more important and that Allah only say one thing about the time when they built the house. He said when we brought him and coloring them in and Vito is married, or abana.

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Samuel ID it, Alexa, you know what all the details of how they constructed it. That's one on one site. That's on one site, you get the reward, but that's not as important as the DUA and the certification on the prayer that the main ones constructing. He never talked about how tall the building was, and how much effort they put into constructing the house of Allah. He said, Don't worry about all of that. The thing to remember. And the thing that I liked the most, and which I now place in my Quran is the dua was they were building the house. They said, the covenant.

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You ready? Oh my lord, oh, our Lord, accepted from us. Accepted for us. This is a message being given

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to Kabul winner in February. Allah Allah accepted from this is not a big deal. It's not that I've done a big job. And this is a lesson being given to us. That when we build houses of Allah when we construct massage, or for that matter, a righteous do we do, you write a book you're delivering, delivering a lecture, you're conducting a conference is no big deal. Like saying, do not have pride, don't have arrogance. And this is a problem in our community. When we do something big that says, you know, I am a pillar in the community. I am the Imam of the mosque. I am the author of so many books, I've traveled the world and I give lectures and the head of the committee and the head of the

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organization you know this there's a whole chamber and this is what I sent a look at this Ibrahim and it's Marian Peace be upon. Remember, Allah has used you you're nothing you're nobody. Allah is using you Allah would have used that and anyone else for that matter. Allah has granted you don't feel Allah can take that opium away from you make dua Rondon.

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We're saying to Allah, Allah, I have helped in the building and the Christian construction of this mosque. But you know what, you might not accept it, because my opinion might not be correct. I might not have lost sincerity. I may have made hundreds of mistakes. Oh Allah, you cry, you beg. And this is farmers telling us, we worship Allah that we cry to Allah, Allah. Accept the solution. My worship, my salah is not to the level that you it befits you. I'm asking you to accept my worship. This is the dua we should regularly make brothers sisters. Seriously. It's so important. Whatever we do karmically at the end of it always make dua to Allah accept it. You know what I've done? The 101

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mistakes, 1000s of mistakes.

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It's full of deficiencies. It's full of errors. And we need to constantly remind ourselves that acceptance of God is in the hands of Allah. There's two words, copy the

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Kaveri means capability. That's one thing you could be capable of doing something. You could have all the knowledge, you can have all the wisdom, you can have all the leadership skills, you could be the best orator. You could be the best speaker, you could be the best writer, but I'm only going to handle Malala and throw everything away somewhat. You know, big deal. You know, we don't accept nothing from you. And that's why constantly we need to make the DUA and this is what this message was being given to us. Other than inaccurate is severe and it went to Ballina Allah forgive us. We are making Toba. He's building the house of Allah and what is it saying? Forgive me for what within

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the house for the mistakes in the building of the house? For the for maybe that I think he's here's how to help him as he's a slave of Allah Ibrahim is a profitable Of course.

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That Publix they don't consent, but

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he added his humbleness and Humility is saying that you know, forgive my sins Oh ALLAH both of them Ibrahim and is married salatu salam and then they carried on with the to Allah to Bahrain and

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Rob Bella Jana Muslim.

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Oh Allah make us. Both of us, make us Muslim made make us Muslims. That's one translation.

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They were not just Muslims. They were the prophets of Allah. So what does it mean make us Muslims?

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Muslims in your means make us what? Complete submitted? Yeah.

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Hello, facil mica Bella Slama, whichever window some of the verses we have been commanded to submit from head to toe to the come

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And of Allah to the to the orders of Allah to the guidance in the Quran and Sunnah make us completely submitted. This is also giving us a message that look you know, when you build a masjid, don't just sit on your, you know,

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don't just sit and think that that said, we've, our duty is done, erecting constructing the houses of Allah, there are very important, many rewards. Allah has said the people of faith and Ema are the only ones who construct my surgeon. But remember, brothers and sisters, it doesn't stop there. That's just a means. Message is only a means to an end. It's not the objective, the goal, the purpose, the aim in of itself, there's a master. This is just a very our universal as a means to an objective. And you know that objective is to come on offer praise, to worship Allah to become submitted to the Command of Allah, we can have brilliant domestic,

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nicely decorated and adorned and millions of dollars spent and pounds spent. But if the masjid is empty, like the Hadith, the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi salam, he said, before the time of judgment comes what will happen masajid will boomerang

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sorry, they will build beautiful decorate decorated adorn messages, but

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middle Gouda they'll be void of guidance, because they are not the worshipers in the mosque. So the job doesn't end there. For the people, all of us the job doesn't end it starts building the masjid after you've constructed it. The job doesn't end there. It starts there. Now the job is to hold programs like this. conferences like this, make this message and all our massages it's a bedrock, the foundation of our community. Historically, Muslims they they used to be attached to the houses of Allah. They used to be attached and actually one of the Hadith. I don't know the reference of it. Muslim maybe

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it's a sound Hadith, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam talked about certain characteristics of the believers, that is the original call boo boo masajid. The person whose heart is connected, we always connect ourselves when we connected. This is our first home before even our own home, in our home, back home. This message is the home first and last. Historically, and you see in the Muslim world in the Muslim lands, the Masjid used to be the foundation, the central place, the meeting place for everything and anything charity work, social work, worshiping Allah everything, all the Muslims will LinkedIn attached to the house of Allah. And this is why we have Gemma's Robin Javon.

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People have bought off a prayer at home, you know, every pray and pray at home. Why has Islam prescribed congregation? Why Serato Jumar? Why? What's the reason? Reason is so that believers come together, it brings the heart hearts closer, and that it gives us again goes back to the message of closeness of love of unity. Unfortunately, we live in a time the mosques divide us rather than Unitas The whole objective of having mosques was what was what to unite Muslims from every corner of the world. Whether your purple, your green, your white, your blue, your purple, or your yellow with the red dots, or whether you're Indian, Pakistani equative, behind Iraq, in Somalia and African

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wherever you are, you should all be united. This is the real true masters of the Masjid. It's open for everybody. We are all brothers and sisters. We have opened doors for everybody converts reverts born Muslims, born again Muslims, whatever, y'all. It's open for everybody. And everybody's equal. That's why when we stand in the south, whether you're president of the country or whether you're a garbage cleaner, everybody's in one line, you're worshipping Allah, there is no love of Lady r&b and Jimmy in this January, there is no follow up. There is no virtue for an Arab woman or non Arab, who will be the only person the only thing that makes you more close to Allah is your God consciousness

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in Corona. Allah the Otago the most noble amongst us, the one who feels a lot the most, nobody knows that we'll find out in the next slide. So that's the reason lines are straight. And you know why the lines are so straight. It's very important. You know, when you pray aloud, brothers and sisters, it's actually a token of Sharia obligations that we ensure that we stand in straight by the Imam is a job on the UMA, the messenger of allah sallallahu data and he was salam. He would not start his prayer until he wasn't sure that every gap was filled and

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Every one was in line in order, you would say stole stopping.

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Okay was to find the economy, the Superfund internal stocks. And you won't have it he said.

00:30:13--> 00:30:18

He said do not, you know, be duped do not

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do not have gaps, so do not be

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bent in your robes. Because if you do that your hearts will become that.

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And not to be straight in line, there's actually a means of hearts not being close to one another. So the main foundation, the main objective of how we having these massages, is to build bridges, bring Muslims together, bring love and brotherhood and sisterhood. That's the whole objective. And as I said, the job doesn't stop here after constructing the masjid, the messages are there, that we filled the masajid we should be connected to the mosques, we should frequent we should try if you have, if you can, that's if you can and if you're able to live within the vicinity of the mosque, try living if you have a choice and you have the means so for some people, it's difficult, but your

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job is such that you can do so then it's good it's not a problem. There's actually one Hadith when once one campaign actually was living far and the messenger sallallahu alayhi salam told him it's okay you there is not a problem at all. But if someone can and they think they will able to frequent the mosque as much as possible five prayers a day come in the masjid the Ramadan tragedy Attica fill the message with Attica which is Sona trying to stay in the mosque as much as possible the mosque should be you know, we should free quantity should be filled with worship as as much as possible. And that's really the spirit and that's what we see in the Muslim world. Not just in the Muslim

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world, even in non Muslim world you come to England and if you can see the city from where I come from last we have 45 mosques and it's probably the size of ours and I think I think so maybe even smaller and we have like literally you walk five minutes that is a mosque another three minutes that is a mosque five minutes there is a must and you know what not just mosques in every Salah you get 400 people 300 In the elements just virgin you get about 200 Lord you give our 600 500 so you get five 600 motivation Ramadan, one and a half 1000 You just can't do this packed upstairs down to the Masjid 501,600 Before I read 300 600 Probably you know we have many more Muslims, that's why Okay,

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so that's probably the reason but inshallah you know, try to come to the masjid and keep a connection with whichever mosque and don't and it's good to frequent various mosques. It's good so that you bring that closeness. It's not that this is a Pakistani mosque and that's a Somalian mosque and this is a Iraqi mosque and this is a CO at mosque. That's actually wrong, that we should try to massage the villa that belongs to Allah open for everybody and hamdulillah it's very pleasing that I see various faces we have people from the subcontinent we have Somali brothers we have this brother here is from Iraq and we have been from different places we have conference realism which is very

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easy to see the whole is keep us like that and sharp. So we talked about this that's just my message because satin finish at three o'clock but I'm gonna amendment that we shall not and

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that sets each other. So milpa was handled data grants to two people to sort of build more massages and then to fill them with worship and popping into massage in Utah.

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And with this, and this is my final venture so I'm going to be heading back to the airport so

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I thank you once again the whole

00:33:45--> 00:33:54

story I thank you once again the organizers for inviting me and may or may I pray that Allah accept this conference

00:33:56--> 00:34:30

accepted from all those and reward all those brothers and sisters remember, it's not conferences are not just organized by brothers you have to always remember our sisters when assisted do is more than what the brothers do in many of the occasions but so that and then in the background, they don't they don't come and stay here by giving the talk but they've done all the background work. And if not, then actually even at least the moral support that they give, but they do reflect that activity take part so we are one of the brothers and sisters and anyone who's helped and all of you for even coming today inshallah and make this continue and you have more and more conferences. And may Allah

00:34:30--> 00:34:34

grant you more. Sharma Byculla Cambodia was talking about