Navaid Aziz – Four Imams And Their Biographies 02 – Imam Abu Hanifa

Navaid Aziz
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When I was

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at Amina

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Mohammed Abdullah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira, my bad, my dear brothers and sisters of Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

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So I just want to make a quick, you know announcement right now that at the end of the Hanukkah, we usually do three questions, and the sisters don't get an opportunity to do that. So this is just a reminder for the sisters, that if you write down your questions at any time you have a question, and then send them forward at the end of the holochain Chava. And under three questions from the brothers and three questions from the sisters, and that is how we will conclude.

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So starting with the amount of money for him, how about yesterday, we discussed his fifth principles that eighth and eighth. And today we're going to be discussing his biography. And the way I want to approach his biography was rather than just reading about what different scholars said about him, I thought I would look at the major segments of his life, and then take monumental stories from those segments, and then try to derive lessons from them. And I found this to be the most cohesive way. So it's not going to be a detailed discussion on, you know, what are the different opinions of when he was born and when he died, and on the dramatic details, but more on, you know, the lessons that we

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can learn from his life with Knight's armor, and they were mentioned some brief details just for the sake of discussion. So

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this was his cornea, his Konya was a title that he was given. And it was a custom of the Arabs and the Muslims of that time, that they wouldn't call people by their first name, but rather they would call them by their Konya. So this was usually given to you either because of a child that you have, or because of a characteristic that you are known for. Right, so I'm

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known as the father of kittens, because he used to love kittens and play with kittens. In Abu hanifa Rahim Allah who was known as Abu hanifa because he actually had a daughter named hanifa. He had a daughter named hanifa. Now what was the name of a honey for him her last real name. His real name was a Norman Ignacio sabots iblue Zopa. This was his lineage. And his great grandfather was marzipan. Now you'll find two different variations in terms of his name. So no matter if no sabots mo Zopa, even though marzipan, the difference of opinion is on Zopa. So one opening states it was a normal blue fabric ignore Zopa, another opinion states it was a no amendable Sabbath, it will not a

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man. Why does this difference of opinion occur? scholars mentioned that Zuko was actually a non Muslim that accepted Islam. And when he accepted Islam, he changed his name to not a man he changed his name to none. So no Manwani for him. Allah was actually named after his grandfather, he was named after his grandfather. When was inaudible honey follow him Allah born through opinions, opinion number 161. After he law, opinion number 280 after hegira opinion number 386 after hijra, the popular opinion amongst the historians is that it was born in the year at ima mazovian. Allah as historian and the more Hadith, he says their opinion closer to the truth is that he was born in 86,

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after hegira because this is a direct narration from his son This is a direct donation from his son that was born in 86. After he lost a mango honey for him Hola. He was born into a family of Muslims already. And they were businessmen, they used to sell silk a silk that is known as has so is a very, you know, particularly exclusive type of silk. And it was actually known to be a very good commodity, meaning that if you in this trade, you are known to make a lot of money. Now, what did it mean for his family at that time, and this is perhaps one of the first lessons you can derive that at that time, if you had money and you were wealthy, it means you learned how to read and write. And

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Muslims and Muslim families the way they would teach their children to read and to write was through the Quran. Meaning you start off from a very young age memorizing the Quran, writing the Quran and learning the Quran. So a sign of wealth was Were you able to memorize the Koran or not, because that is what the wealthy children were doing. So there are actually many stories that when they learn the honey formula used to go to the market, he was seen frequently reciting the Koran. Now, this is going to tie in towards the end of the lecture when we're talking about his qualities. You know, one of the narrations mentioned that he recited the Quran 70,000 times in his life, you want to be

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wondering, how is that going to be possible? Well, if you're sitting at work day and night, and if you don't have a customer, all you're doing is reading code on it becomes a lot more possible, which we'll discuss Even then, why there's some doubt about this narration, but we'll leave that for the end of the lecture. But he was known as someone to love the Koran, even from a very young age. Now we're going to start off with the first major section of his life and that was enamel

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Honey follow him Allah as a student How did he come to love the religion? How did he become this great? Mm hmm oh honey for him Allah was roughly between the age of 18 to 22 when he is on his way to the market, and he meets this great Imam who was known as a shabby, and a shabby his real name was Ahmed Abu Seraphin. So I shall be known as a member of the show he one of the great imams of Hadith. He sees enunwa hanifa Rahim Allah, and he asks him on hanifa, where are you going? And he tells them, I'm going to the market. And a sharpie, he says, I don't go to the market. I only go to the scholars. So in order for him Allah, he responds, I don't spend much time with the scholars,

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unfortunately. So in all my shabby, he tells him honorable hanifa that I see within you intelligence. And I see within you foresight. So why don't you go and spend time with the scholars and see how you like it and see how you like it. Email honeypot Angola narrates the story himself. And he says, that was the turning point in my life, that I decided, you know what, I don't want to be just a businessman, I wasn't created just to be a businessman, I have to do something greater. So amount of money for him, Allah from that day decided to change, you know, the direction of his life from businessman to student of knowledge. Now, what are some of the lessons that you derive over

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here? lesson number one, is that a number of honey formula growing up was still just an average young man, there wasn't something spectacular about him like you need email poker is life. You know, from the age of seven, the guy's like memorizing hundreds and 1000s of ahaadeeth. But in order for him Hola, his life changed in his late teens in his early 20s. So it shows us that people have this conception that you know what the only way you can become a great scholar of Islam is if you memorize the Quran by the age of three. But that's not the case, in Abu hanifa, Himalaya shows us that you can learn Islam at any age, you can change the direction of your life at any time. And

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there's always hope, and there's always room for that. Number two, is never undermined the value of sincere and good advice, right? We live in a day and age where people don't want to give advice and they don't want to hear advice. But I want you to think about this, you know, imagine there's like, the twilight zone where you have alternate realities, if I shall be doesn't give this advice, the amount of money for an amount of money for him, Allah continues his line of business, imagine of the mother just got wiped off the earth. Right? What percentage of the Muslims attribute themselves to the Hanafi method, close to two thirds of the Muslim Ummah is Hanafi. Right? directly or indirectly,

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that means, you know, they're on some other method right now. So this is the impact of just one story, right? One piece of advice that was so solid, so sincere, that it changes the direction of humanity 1400 years later. And that's something we need to understand and appreciate that, number one, let us bring back the center of giving good advice. You see potential in someone, encourage them advise them to strive even better. You see someone doing something wrong, don't hesitate to tell them that you're doing something wrong. Right, I mentioned the story of something that happened to a friend of mine today. He's giving Juma football and in this Java and of course, reading the

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magazine, right in the magazine. So I asked him, you know, did you go and speak to the uncle after? And he's like I didn't get a chance to. And in my mind, so many thoughts were going through my head at that time. That what if people looked at this uncle, a young kid sees him? And he says, You know what, this uncle is reading a magazine? Why can't they just play a game on my phone? You know, why can't they text message? Why can't they do something else? And imagine like the negative legacy that's being left behind. So in these sort of things, so when we say advise the uncle privately take him to the side and tell them that he shouldn't be doing this. But in these sort of situations, you

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actually have to advise publicly because the impact is public. So if someone advises you even publicly when you're doing something public, don't take it personally. This is the deen of Allah subhana wa Tada. It's not about our egos. It's not about our reputations. In fact, we only all our egos our reputations, when someone advises us sincerely, but we refuse to listen. So if someone gives you sincere advice, put your ego aside. Put what people will think of you aside and judge it, analyze it? Is it good solid advice? If it is accepted? If it isn't, ask them and propose to them? How about x, y and Zed? But we should not live in a culture of you can't judge me or only God can

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judge me. You know, Tupac made this statement so famous and it's such a funny statement. People would not say only God can judge me. They only say that when they know they're doing something wrong. Right? Hashtag only God can judge me. You do that while you're doing something silly. No one says only God can judge me when you're doing something good. So

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Internally, we never do something wrong. When we're saying only God can judge me, like you will know that inside. So this culture of donor advised me, only God can advise me and God can judge me get rid of it. We're brothers and sisters at the end of the day. And in order for me to get to Jana, I have to want you to get to Jenna as well. And you are a reflection of me and I am a reflection of you. And this is what our community is. So someone advises you accept it. And you do not know the impact it will have, like the story of a shabby on Imam Abu hanifa him Oh, Tada. The second phase of his seeking knowledge. So he's told go and seek, you know, the scholars go and study with them. So

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in under law, he goes, and he looks at the different halaqaat that are going on. And he's provided with three options. Option number one is element column, which is the equivalent of al Qaeda at that time. So when will column is philosophy and it's the approach to Akila through philosophical means, number two is Hadith. And number three is filk. The first signs that amount of money for Rahim Allah falls in love with right away is emerald color. Now, let us understand the context of this, him living in Kufa at that time. Kufa used to be, you know, a Christian central at that time, they were the Christian missionaries that used to come so before his time, so not in this time, but before his

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time, it was Christian missionary land, so lots of Christians used to come there. Likewise, Greek philosophers came as well, and they propagated there as well. Then Islam finally comes. And with that, various denominations and sects come as well. It is like the capital of the cottage, it is the capital of the Martha's ILA, it is soon to become the capital of the Shia. All of these things are happening at that time. So in my column, a philosophical approach to aqeedah is like the main hot topic. And you'll notice that even on social media, when someone shares like a, quote, how many people you know, like it and share it, not too many. Someone shares like a spiritual quote, you'll

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get more people that like it. But as soon as one scholar starts debating, and other, everyone's talking about it, everyone's commenting, everyone has an opinion. And that's what in one column was like, it was one scholar, debating, and other egos are there, you know, intelligent arguments are brought back and forth, very appealing, very interesting. So this is what the man behind you, for him Allah was attracted to right away. But pretty soon he realizes that this isn't bringing me closer to Allah subhanaw taala. But this foundation was so important for him. This is what made him intelligent. And as I mentioned yesterday, one of the unique qualities of remember, Allah was his

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ability to hypothesize fick, right 30 to 60,000 issues he hypothesized in his life that didn't take place yet, just so that when the time came, the owner would have an answer to those questions. It came from his studying of animal Calabria eventually abandoned it, because he realized that there was no benefit in it as well. He tried the science of Hadith. But in that, too, he found it was a very meticulous science, meaning very detailed, and didn't appeal to his heart. So we didn't criticize it, like he criticized animal color. But with Hadith, it just didn't appeal to him. And then he finally finds the scholars of filk. And there's one particular scholar hammered even obese

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or the man hammered, even episode a man. And he was perhaps the greatest influencer of the moment. For him Allah. He says, As soon as I saw Hamad, I fell in love with his character before I fell in love with his flock, that he was such an easygoing guy, very supportive guy, any problems I had, he would always love and care for me. And this is what attracted me to Facebook. And this shows us that in order to become a good teacher, in order to become a good leader, people will always be attracted to your character first, before they are attracted to what you have to say. And that is how you win the hearts of the people. And I reflect on my own journey of the teachers in Medina that I'm still

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in touch with. It wasn't because they were the most knowledgeable, there were scholars that were much, much more knowledgeable than them. But what made my heart attached to them until this day, I still stay in touch with them was the care, the genuine care that they showed me? That anytime I had a problem, anytime I didn't understand something, they will take me by the hand and help me understand. In fact, one of my teachers, you know, he teaches hundreds of students every day. If I was ever absent from class, he would send another student to find out why I was upset. And it was like one of those situations where, you know, imagine you don't show up to class, the teacher

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actually announces, you know, really so and so you're embarrassed next session that the teacher called you out and you weren't there, right. That's how it was. But that was one of them. him wanting to embarrass me or any of the other students, but it was from the genuine care that he had, and is what you see with her mother as well. That amount of money for him. Well, I fell in love with her mother.

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For a genuine Claire and his character, now amount of honey for him Hola. He studies with Hamad for 10 years just studying film, and inside the amount of honey vada Hema holla he starts developing a complex insight that I've been studying for 10 years. When is my opportunity to become a teacher? I'm going to come right for 10 years. He's in his 30s right now, if not, you know, late 20s. He's like, I'm an old man. Now, what am I going to start teaching? When is my opportunity going to come? So inside of himself, he makes the intention that tonight, I'm going to go and tell him that I want to start up my own Hanukkah, and I'm no longer going to study with him. And as soon as he arrives in

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the Holocaust, I want you to think about this is does he have great intentions? Should we make intentions to become teachers? Should we crave leadership to want to become in the public eye? Think about that for a second. At that night when he goes to approach Hamad. Hamad tells him that one of his relatives passed away in bussola. And that he left behind and inheritance and hammered is the only inheritor. So Hammad has to travel to busted off, and there's no one to teach the halaqa can you teach the Holika for me on that very night? What are the chances of Allah? Right? So a man running for him Allah, He taught the Holocaust. For the next couple of months Hammad is nowhere to

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be seen. But what is he Manwani for him? Hola. Do? Does he just get on the chair? And you know, okay, folks, I'm taking over this is my halaqa. Now, we're going to completely shuffle things up completely change it over? You know, I'm the man now. Any questions you have come to me. That's not how it worked. He Manwani for him. Haha. He was asked 60 questions during that time. And every time someone asked him a question, he would write down the question and write down the answer. Waiting For what? That when her mother would come back, he would check with his teacher was my answer, right? Or was it wrong? And he says when Hammad came back, I showed him my 60 answers, which he

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agreed with me on 40. And he disagreed with me on 20. And at that time, I realized I still had so much more to learn.

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So I continued to stay with him and I made the intention to stay with him till he died. And he stayed with him for another eight years. So altogether, he was with him for 18 years. Now, just from that component, what are the lessons you derive? Number one, is the importance of, you know, having aspirations in life, right? We were talking about DD man, before him Allah make the right decision of wanting to become the teacher? And the answer is we're generally taught that Muslims shouldn't claim leadership, right? You shouldn't strive to become the leader. When is that the case? as Muslims, we shouldn't strive for leadership. When there's someone more qualified than us. We should

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strive for leadership, when our intention is purely for ourselves, and not for the sake of the deen of Allah subhana wa Tada. Remember, honey for him Allah when he's wanting the chair to teach. It's about his opportunity to teach the people. It's not about him being recognized as a scholar. And we see that by him checking his answers with his teacher, it was really about him. He could have said, you know, forget how much I'm the teacher now, who cares what Ahmed says, I don't need to check my answers. There is about his opportunity to teach and his opportunity also to learn. So people have to be given opportunity, right? When there's potential you need to give opportunity. And we noticed

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that subpanel Ah, sometimes when your intention is right, and you don't know how to approach that subject, unless Allah makes it work for you, but he would imagine what difficult conversation that would be with a man behind you and his teacher is like, I'm really sorry, but I want to start up my own Holic I hope you don't mind. It's going to be an awkward conversation. But when Allah subhanaw taala sees sincerity and recognizes sincerity, he makes a way out why am I talking to john doe Maharajah, and all of us a llama will make a word for him, saving him from that awkward conversation. then number three, is the importance of always checking your knowledge, right? We live

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in such a dangerous age. And I'm gonna come back to this. I mentioned it last week, the Hello food group that I'm on in on Facebook in Vancouver. Even this like two or three days ago, a sister posted Hey, by the way her doodles and Cheetos are hot off. What do you guys think? And again, I wanted to just go in like guns blazing. What's wrong with you people why you see for the layman on Facebook in a food group, right? This is not the place to ask you for questions. But I don't want to start with now and one and two. I've learned my lesson. There's no such thing as a productive debate on Facebook. People chime in, and it's like a full fledged war where their allegiances and the fear is

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made at the beers made and no one wins and shape boxing Shakedown was at the end of the day, but again, the point being

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understanding that

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There's a place in a time to learn. And the place in time to learn is from the scholars from your teachers, not just from any job law. Number two, is that even as an old man, not as an automatic, but as not as a young man anymore, don't feel so confident that you know everything, right, there's always opportunity to learn, there's always room for growth. So any opportunity you have to learn and grow, take advantage of that. And this is something that, you know, I loved about the culture in Medina, that when you look at the Koran halaqaat, the teacher could be like, some 1820 year old guy, and then you have like a 67 year old man come in, really caught on to him, just not for the sake of,

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you know, wanting to show off. But for the sake of, hey, maybe you know, something that I don't know, maybe you can collect my memorization, or maybe you can collect my tissue that you can collect something on my behalf. And this is something I want us all to develop, that you're never too old to learn, and always adopt that mentality. No opportunity should go by except that I'm learning from it right? Your whole life is an opportunity to learn, either from the lessons that Allah teaches you through life, or through you taking advantage by reading and studying and sitting with scholars and teachers. All of life should be focused on learning and studying. And this is what emammal honey for

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whom Allah teaches us. So that was the amount of money for him Allah as a student. Now we learn later on that as he was a student, and as he becomes a great teacher himself, Emmanuel hanifa Rahim Allah continues to do business. And how did that work? Exactly? He had a business partner by the name of Huff's bin Abdullah Herman Huff's when

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he was older than in Abu hanifa Rahim Allah. But he recognized that he was no more as intelligent, nowhere as clever as the amount of 100 follow him Allah. So we told the number 100 for him, Allah, look, we've been doing business for a very long time. And clearly, you're very good at knowledge, right? you accelerate this? And I don't. So why don't you leave the business aspirations to me, and you go and study full time, and I will support you. Now this story of support and brotherhood is so remarkable. SubhanAllah I want you to think that if your business partners with someone, and your business partner says, Hey, by the way, and when did we study the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala,

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can you please look after the business, the natural reaction we would have you or me to do all the work while you go and chill and play? Right? That's the reaction you would have. Like that's this normal. But this is like a reminiscence shows us that the title of the setup is completely different from our times where this business partner, he's trustworthy. He's telling him that look, let me handle the business, I have this under control, you have the knowledge under the control. And this is my opportunity to seek a job like this.

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Even though he claims he's not a scholar, but he just did his a scholarly act, because number one, he's taking care of his dunya his businesses under control. Number two is that he's giving him

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the opportunity to study so he's getting a job from that. Number three is that he's financially supporting Mr. Rouhani for a while as well. This is like a jet upon a jet upon success upon success upon success. However, number one couldn't have asked for anything more. Now people

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don't even know the name of HubSpot number one. But everything that amount of money for rahimullah wants to put forward. He was only able to do because of spin up Dorfman.

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And this shows us that each and every one of us has our roles in this room today. It is not possible that everyone in this room will be a scholar, it is not possible that everyone will be a doctor. It's not possible. Everyone wanted to be an engineer. Each and every one of us has our roles. And we have to be supportive of one another. But that support in particular has to become has to come towards our people of knowledge and those people have potential. So I was telling you last week about how many young people grew up with the aspirations of becoming an Imam or a student of knowledge. Hardly anyone because they know the reality and the know the lack of support. Right? That

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is the reality of the situation. But imagine if someone has the zeal to go and study, and they're afraid, how will they support myself, I really support my family. And we actually have like a trust fund for those people. We have individuals in the company that say, you know what, Allah has blessed me with so much money, why don't you go and study and any financial concerns you have, I'll take care of them while you're studying. That would be such a smart business decision. Not only would Allah subhanaw taala definitely put back in that business. But everything that this young man or young woman learns that you're supporting, you're getting the pleasure for and this will help some

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man showing us know your role and support knowledge and the people of knowledge in any way that you can. If you can't become a person of knowledge, love the people of knowledge and support them. This is what our predecessors used to say.

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Right and this what we see from House has been up now Why did have spin up the ramen love amount of money for him or lost so much like where did this passion particularly towards the nominee for him a lot calm I want to share with you three particular stories of him doing business. The first of them is the amount of money for a hematoma as a buyer when he's buying something. So I want you to imagine, you know, the iPhone eight is going to be coming out soon. And you have this individual that just came back from like, let's just say Malaysia, they come from Malaysia, and they're standing outside the mustard after Juma and they like said I want to come everyone I'm selling the

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iPhone eight for $150 right $450 What is your natural reaction? What are you gonna do?

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Your bite for sure.

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Don't buy it. Why are you not gonna buy it? You think it's a scam? Excellent. That's what I want to hear. What else do you have anyone else? Do you have someone who says buy it for sure. And everyone says don't buy it because it's a scam. What are you going to do? What else buy it and then sell it for more right there we have a businessman Mashallah fantastic. By the way that g please go onto Kijiji sell it for something higher. And the other opinions anyone's just a bite and use it. Right? I'm sure that we even though we're not seeing it, a lot of us would buy the phone see if it's real first. If it's real, buy it and use it that's what we would end up doing. $150 is too good of a deal

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to give up.

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Remember honey for himolla came across a woman that was selling a particular type of silk very expensive. So he asks her How much is this? She says it is 100 Durham's, he says that's too little, that it's worth much, much more. So she says fine, you know, I'll increase it by a bit and amount of money for the whole bar. He says that's still too little. Like you're you're undervaluing your commodity so much. The one becomes very offended. She's like, Are you making fun of me? Like, do you think I'm not the hard one business? And he tells me Look, I'm not making fun of you. But this is my concern for you as a as a merchant and as a as a Muslim, that I don't want you to get ripped off. So

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if you don't if you don't believe me, why don't we get someone else to come and assess the value of this silk and let them suggest a price. So a person comes to values the silk and he says this is at least worth 400 that helps. Remember honey for him Allah He says, Are you satisfied? And she says, You know, I am shocked. I'm surprised I didn't know this amount of honey for him. Allah gave her 500 their humps took the silk and he walked away. And this shows his honesty and buying. Like unit story super flexing. Like if you look at the race answers we had was like okay, maybe she's scamming him the Secret Service fake, and I was like, okay, buy it right away and sell it for something higher.

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But he might have a honey for him or her raw. He's like, I want to give you a fair market price for this. I don't want you to be ripped off. Now, what does this remind me of? When I was very young, like perhaps not very young, but like 1314 years old. I was attending a holocaust brotherhood. And the person that was presenting, he was reading from the telescope in Colorado outside the muckety muck.

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And in this mocha Dima info, don't start talking about the breakdown of undos. That why did this great Muslim Empire and the collapsing and he says, what I noticed the drastic, the most drastic difference in was in the market, there in the success of the Muslim Ummah, if you went to the marketplace, and people were telling you that going buy from someone else, his prices are better, and his quality is better, you'll find a better deal over there. That is how when the people are stuck when the oma was thriving. And towards the end, when the oma was about to collapse, the Empire is about to collapse. People would get to the rest of the products, maximize their profits, hide the

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defects and lie about the qualities. And they will say don't buy from anyone else. I have the best products and I have the best prices. And it was at that time that the Empire collapsed. So in Kaduna, hemolyzed during this contrast, and when you look at this, that when you have the likes of the Mama, Mama, showing what it was like to be alive during the time of the setup, you understand what that time was like, like who in our age would remind someone Hey, you know, charge a fair price for this. You're charging too little. Number two, Elon Musk. He once came to him and said, I am weak. And I put myself in your hands, meaning that I have no clothes, or I have just barely enough

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and I need to buy some clothes. So I'm putting all of my trust in you. Send me this garment for what it costs you to send me this garment for cost price. That's what she's asking. Remember hanifa he says take it for four Durham's. She retorted do not mock me I'm an old woman that meaning Have some shame Have some respect and older than you

00:30:00 --> 00:30:12

While you're making fun of me, he said I bought two garments and sold one of them for the cost of both less for their humps, and thus I'm selling it for four dirhams. Meanwhile, at that time,

00:30:14 --> 00:30:56

he had two garments, right? One of them he had already sold, and he had one left. So the price that he saw the first garment floor was the price of both of them combined when he made a lot of profit on the first garment, so much so that all he had to do was sell the second garment for for the Rams, and he breaks even. And in order for him. He could have said five perhaps could have said tender humps. But in Abu hanifa and overhead mercy He on this elderly woman she needed the garment he didn't see to take advantage over and at that time, he showed it to her for four of their homes. This is the second story. The third story is a very particular story. In under the honey father in

00:30:56 --> 00:31:18

law, he had three students that excelled he had Abu Yusuf Mohammed Hasina Shivani and Zaha Hadid. These are his three top students. I will use it for him her law. He was actually you know, the one that ends up becoming, you know, Cadell, co taught that the judge of judges in his time, so he was just amazing, Mashallah.

00:31:19 --> 00:31:42

our use of he was similar to number one for him ally in the sense that he ended up finding Islam later on through the benevolence and kindness of Emmanuel hanifa. But whenever used to wanting to study Islam, our use of spirits were not happy, right? They're like, we're poor people, we don't have enough money, and you want to go and study Islam, you want to make us even more poor.

00:31:43 --> 00:32:04

So what did he want it for him Allah, Allah blessed him with money. He says terrible use of that as long as you continue to study, I will continue to support you and your family. So we paid not only for the expenses of abuse of but for the expensive, abusive household household, and offense of abuse of they fell in love with him. And

00:32:05 --> 00:32:43

they were like, you know, who knew that Islam would bring so much honor and dignity to our household. And this is something again, that a lot of parents they have this fear that if my son or daughter seeks a path of religiosity and they end up becoming a student of knowledge, or becoming the man becoming a chef, they're destined to be poor, and is like something that you know, when I was deciding to become eat, go to Medina. This is like a concern my parents had as well what do you want to do after and this is where we often forget. This is the deen of Allah. And when you sacrifice anything for the sake of Allah, Allah will always take care of you. There has never been

00:32:43 --> 00:33:21

an instance in the history of humanity, that a person sincerely sacrifices something for the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala except that Allah subhanaw taala replaces it with something better. And that is the reality. So we are used to when we made that decision, but I'm going to dedicate myself to studying the deen Allah subhanho wa Taala centromere Abu hanifa, a great teacher, as well as someone benevolent who wish to support him and his family. And he did this for 10 years, for 10 years just continued to support him. And I think to myself Subhanallah Firstly, we're thinking about finding someone to help the students have knowledge how to trust one, find rich people to support the

00:33:21 --> 00:33:45

students of knowledge. But imagine, if we had this amazing opportunity, where our moms, our scholars, were financially literate, where our last minute Allah bless them with money, so that they could support their own students. Because this story without the use of you find out what's much later on after the death of remember hanifa. They didn't just have the abuse of In fact, the vast majority of students are in

00:33:46 --> 00:33:59

law, he is financially supporting them that don't work. Don't worry about being distracted, I will take care of you. And this again, like you know how to do it. Number one, then you have a law that

00:34:00 --> 00:34:00


00:34:01 --> 00:34:44

you know, every great other NFA item that came after is indebted to this, that Mr. Mahoney for not only taught them, but financially supported them as well. And what they want to emphasize over here is broadening your scope of agile. When we think about agile, let's fast Let's read Koran, let's pray, have intelligent faith based investments, intelligent faith based investments, investing in human beings that show potential, and just take them as far as you can mentor them as much as you can financially support them as much as you can fulfill their potential when they achieve it. Not only are you getting the idea, but you get to see the fruits of it. Right he gets to see the fruits

00:34:44 --> 00:35:00

of his labor with his students. So now let's move on to the third stage of remember hanifa is life. And that was his interaction with political parties interaction with political parties. So for the vast majority of anonymous

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

Honey for his life. It was during the Umayyad dynasty, it was mentioned around 52 years of the mighty dynasty he lived. As for the ambassador dynasty, if we take and this is I want to see how many of you are paying attention. If we take the opinion that he died in 86, actually, there's gonna be too difficult. I want to send you guys after a shot. I won't quiz you. But I'll just give you the answer. So if you take the opinion that he was born in 86, then he lives 12 years under the busted rule. If you take the opinion, I was born in 80, then he lived 18 years under the ambassador rule. So this is how his political time this is broken down my eggs and the baskets, later phases of the

00:35:39 --> 00:36:21

millions he saw the collapse, the rise of their buses, he got to witness that as well. Now, as is the case of every gate item, as I mentioned, they never supported or went against any political party, but rather they will create their own advice, their own structure, telling people what is right and wrong without supporting any political party because they didn't want their religion to be tainted, nor their, you know, legacy to be tainted. So now the first scholar that he has a conflict with was even availa from the homemade dynasty. And I want to show you this man's intelligence. Honestly, this man is so intelligent like mahalo Tada. It was hubiera. He comes and he says, invite

00:36:21 --> 00:37:07

all the scores of Kufa so all the scores of Kufa and two other huge scores are there even below that, enable sugar Mama, these are two big scholars, contemporaries that remember hanifa but only the people knows will know who they are. But a man again, contemporaries, big scholars, he says all of you are now officially hired by the state. And I want you all to become judges and to issue fatawa. And before any judgement is decreed in Abu hanifa Rahim Allah is going to put the seal of approval in Abu hanifa Rahim Allah, He says, No, I'm not doing this. Because again, he didn't want to be directly tied to politics, it will taint his legacy. So what do you think he malvani follow

00:37:07 --> 00:37:38

him Allah did to get out of it. He says, I am not qualified. He says I am not qualified. What is the halifa response? The governor of Cooper respond. He says You are a liar. He says I have one. Because either I'm a liar. And that would disqualify disqualify you from being a judge, or what I've said is the truth. And then you would agree that I'm not qualified, therefore I can become the judge. What is the governor do straight to jail?

00:37:40 --> 00:38:08

I'll probably go straight to jail. You're not coming out. And as what ended up happening and remember honey for him, Allah spent a long period of time in prison until someone finally came and interceded and said, Look, he mumble honey for him. Allah is a very nice man, we know nothing but code for him. Why don't you let him out of prison? on the condition that he doesn't stay in Kufa? He thinks about it for a bit. And he says, fine, we'll do that. In Abu hanifa him Allah has to leave.

00:38:10 --> 00:38:38

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? or a bad thing? It's a good thing. Well, let's look at what happened. And remember the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He says everything that before as a believer is good. If bad befalls him, he is patient, and this is good for him. And it's good because he says Alhamdulillah. And this is good for him. And for him a lot when he's in prison. He's giving power to the people and the like the process of becoming a law. That's what's happening in prison.

00:38:40 --> 00:39:05

He gets out of prison, but he's exiled from his community. He gets sent in all the way to where does he decide to go he decides to go to Mecca. And when he goes to Makkah, he ends up spending six years there. And in this six years, he ends up in his own words, he said, I learned the School of Art the origin of one, I love the School of Americana one, I learned the school bus, and I loved the School of it. And

00:39:06 --> 00:39:50

so when he decided to go to Makkah, now he's much, much older in age, right, he still continued to learn, but had he stayed in Kufa, he wouldn't have been able to develop his filter even further, to learn from the look of these great forces have obviously didn't meet these four Sahaba themselves, but from your students, he got to learn of what their opinions were. And that is why a lot of the times when you see the flicker of email handy for a mama, which to grade sahabas is it based upon the click of a mouse and the fifth of April muscled, and occasionally, you'll get even a bastard occasionally, but a lot of it in myself and other other mohandro that was a result of him going to

00:39:50 --> 00:39:54

Makkah. Now, suddenly I want to comment over here.

00:39:55 --> 00:39:59

When we talk about the setup, you have three main stages. You have the Sahaba

00:40:00 --> 00:40:45

You have a Tabby and you have the Acrobat today. So first generation is this haba. contemporaries of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu. It was to them, the tabea. He were the students of the Sahaba and the Tabby, they are the students of the tabulate. Okay. Mr. Mohan follow him Allah. He was alive during the time of several Sahaba under symptomatic or Dr. Mohan, who was still alive at that time, right, Abu tofail Ahmed of the vasila dosi, the last Sahabi to die, he was alive during that time. But the amount of money for him Allah while he lived in their age, he didn't actually get to meet them. And that is why he's considered from the backstabbing. That is why he's considered from the

00:40:45 --> 00:40:55

Advanced tab in a second point I forgot to mention over here, his father fabrinet, he actually met earlier of the Allahu anhu. And

00:40:56 --> 00:41:41

his grandson, he mentioned the story that Sabbath made earlier of the Allahu anhu and earlier no one who made dua, he said, may Allah bless you and your progeny. And he presumed that the dollar value of the Maharaja was answered with Mr. Rouhani. For him Allah did Rafa Baraka came through with the drama of inaudible hanifa Rahim Allah Tada. So that is his first incident. Now, things finally sort of calm down. Do Maya dynasty is out of power. Mm hmm. Honey for him, Allah decides to come back to Kufa. This becomes huge news. This great exiled Imam is now back. The closest thing that I can think of is think of Nelson Mandela. The man is in prison, political strife is over. He is now released,

00:41:41 --> 00:41:45

he ends up becoming, you know, president of his country. That's what it was similar to that he now

00:41:46 --> 00:42:08

comes back to Kufa. Okay, this gritty man is back. Everything's gonna change for the better, but who's gonna ruin it for him? The new governor of Kufa almanzora, who is having strife with his wife? What is his wife complaining about? You have too many women in your life. So he calls the man

00:42:10 --> 00:42:27

and he tells them, sorry, rather, armature asks his wife, who he wants to judge between us. And she says, I've heard of this great knowledgeable for Korea. And if I let him come and judge between us, so almost sure, he thinks he's a very clever guy is everybody.

00:42:29 --> 00:43:18

He's like, you know, I'm a clever guy. I'm the Khalifa. I can easily play. And please excuse my language, this fool. That's how he's thinking in talking about him Abu hanifa. So another honeypot to him Allah comes. And he says, I'm here to, you know, solve this dispute. Please, Governor, go ahead and present your case. So the governor presents his case, by questioning he says Yes, Mr. miasha. How many women is a man allowed to marry? Man whenever he says four? He says yes. Yes. How many slave grows? is a man allowed to have the same response? There's no this the the texts haven't specified a particular number. The governor then goes Yes, yes. Can anyone change this ruling? Can

00:43:18 --> 00:43:58

anyone change the number of words can anyone change the number of saves? He says no one can do that. The kind of returns to his wife this dispute is over. You know the mom is judged in my favor. Right. That's how he played the situation. Emmanuel hanifa Rahim Allah and it sounds a lot more beautiful. In Arabic, he ends up quoting the verse from Sorrento, Nisa, wellness panna cotta Allah, He says, we're in Manila, right. And if you fear that you will not be able to do justice or you know, you're not going to be able to do justice, then you have to do one, that you can only marry one wife and only have one woman in your life. And I have without a shadow of a doubt, just seen from this

00:43:58 --> 00:44:04

discussion, that you're not someone that does justice. And my ruling is that you can only have one wife and only one woman.

00:44:05 --> 00:44:08

This is just like, what happened, right?

00:44:09 --> 00:44:11

I'm the unscrew the guy and he just screwed me.

00:44:14 --> 00:44:22

So let's say that Monica walks out the door before anything else can happen, right? He's learned from his last incident before the Caribbean say imprison him. He's like me take off.

00:44:23 --> 00:45:00

Now, how does this story end? Well, the wife of almanzora she sends a large tray of gold. She sends him you know, writing beast, and she sent him something like I can't remember what the third thing was. But she sends me these three things. He tells the messenger that please convey my Salaam to her and let her know that it cannot accept this gift. For her. It would tarnish my Deen it would tarnish my reputation is after he's already issued the verdict meaning it's not that he issued the vote because he knew he was gonna get this. After he's issued it. He realizes that look, there's only a certain type of gift from whom you can accept

00:45:00 --> 00:45:46

And when you can accept, and I can't accept this and this teaches us so much Fuck, that people need to be smart if someone is giving you a gift, particularly in political power question that why is this person giving me a gift? How is this going to affect my reputation, and not every gift is worth accepting, right? So always be cautious of that. Now, this is how the story with a woman sort of starts off. So very bad beginning to this relationship. And the ending was actually much much worse than later on again, armature, the way he politically portrays himself. He claims to be a leader of the people. He claims to be a leader of Allah subhanho wa Taala and his Sunnah and His Prophet

00:45:46 --> 00:46:27

Muhammad Sallallahu I knew something abiding by the Quran and the Sunnah. So again, now it comes time to appoint you know, the chief judge. There's no one more qualified any member Have you found him online? So again, he summons the amount of money for him Hola. And he tells him Look, you know, whether you like it or not, I'm going to make you the judge that like there's nothing you can do about it. Like no discussion. You know, honey for him, no law, he refused. He's like, Look, there's nothing that you can do. That will make me want to become judge. And he says, One law he will not become the Judge almanzora spawns voila, he you will become the judge. A clash of egos will not he

00:46:27 --> 00:47:08

was before on suicide, it became an ego. And for real if I'm appointed for a side Akash of piety, because he didn't want us to do this. So the Khalifa, he imprisons him, and he orders him lashes 10 lashes every day. And after the 11 days are over, like for 11 days of continuous lashing the person that's ripping him He's like, I felt ashamed that this is the mom, this is the ship that I'm hoping and you know what type of human being am I? So he doesn't believe I can't do this anymore. You have to find someone else to do this. And at that time, the cliff was like, You know what, let him be. And I want to pause over here just for a moment. I want to read something to you from Mr. Muhammad

00:47:08 --> 00:47:09

Rahim Allah tala.

00:47:14 --> 00:47:51

Okay, so the fact that I made up the humble Rahim Allah cried when he spoke about Abu hanifa is flogging and prayed for almost mercy on him, and did so after he himself was beaten by the state for other reasons, shows the affection regard that Ahmed had for his predecessor, which shows that he had gotten past the old rivalry that existed between the School of Hadith that his school was one example of and a school of opinion that he had the first legal school exemplified. So there's lessons over here as well, just to quickly mention that Mr. McNamara laws will study later on, he himself was abused. And he recognized that pain, right that he was literally you will get so abusing

00:47:51 --> 00:48:22

a passed out from the torture, and then he would have been abused again. So when he heard about the novel hanifa and every time he would mention, you know the story, he would cry and he would weep and you will make the offer amount of money for Rahim Allah, and issues that even though there was a rivalry between the School of Hadith and the school of God School of opinion, that he got past that and he understood that this Deen is much bigger than our own individual opinions. That's Mr. Mohammed. Now I want to share something with you that shifts of monologue that I am Allah mentions. He says the fact that one of our great scholars and jurists will be publicly flogged for refusing a

00:48:22 --> 00:49:00

judicial a judicial post is a black moment in our history. It undermines the freedom and dignity of the scholar. Moreover, how can a legal scholar be detained in the street and beaten before the eyes of the very people he is being asked to judge between them? I want you to understand this shift, though they say that is a very good point in our history, because people don't understand the ramifications. You want this person to become the leader or say the the judge in your community, but you want to publicly flog him, do you think people would respect his opinion or, you know, show any sort of reverence to his opinion when he's been publicly flogged, you're humiliating him, you want

00:49:00 --> 00:49:28

people to recognize his success, it doesn't work like that. So you know, I thought this is a very nice quote from six of men and older. So eventually, his story concludes that he might go hunting for him Allah spends the rest of his life in prison, and he's teaching the people in prison. And there's three different versions as to how he passes away. Number one, that he just passes away in prison naturally. Number two, that

00:49:29 --> 00:49:59

he realized that amount of money for him wasn't passing away anytime soon. And in the presence of remember honey find him constantly getting down on the prisons. This is tarnishing the public opinion of our monsoon. So what is he decided to do? Let me poison Mr. Rouhani for him Hola, hola. Tada, and just kill them off quickly so that the damage can be under control, or opinion number three, is that amount of money for him Allah was eventually released and he ends up dying at home. All three

00:50:00 --> 00:50:09

These opinions have merit and clout in terms of their change of duration. And Allah subhanaw taala knows best in terms of what happened. But clearly he died

00:50:10 --> 00:50:55

as a result of one of these three things in the time of almanzora in the year 150 in the year 150. How are you guys feeling right now? Are you guys tired? Can you guys handle another 10 minutes? Does that mean okay with 10 more minutes in Charlotte 10 more minutes we'll conclude because I just have two sections to discuss with you. Number one, the qualities of amount of money for him Hello, Tada. Like some of the qualities I quickly want to actually know what let's do the other one. First. The disclaimer and the disclaimer is the extreme praise and criticism that we find about Eman rowhani, follow him Allah Tada. Right. So in terms of the criticism, you find, you know, many criticisms that

00:50:55 --> 00:51:37

remember honey follow him on lahat. Number one is his overuse of Korea's we discussed this yesterday in class, but this has no merit to it. It's just that the amount of money for the HIPAA law he relied upon the Quran and the Sunnah, but his will his, you know, conditions were accepted the sooner was so strict in terms of wanting to protect his religion, he had to resort to a lot of use of Korea's number two is his limited knowledge of Hadith. And in fact, what was the station that Hadith? Al Bukhari and Muslim considering Manwani for him Allah to be a weak Narrator In Hadeeth, but understand that this does not mean much. This does not mean much. Why? Because even most of the

00:51:37 --> 00:52:14

major reciters like the different camera at the moment of this camera are considered a weak according to Bukhari and Muslim so just because someone is considered weak, it doesn't mean it tarnishes your reputation. But in defense of this I live in Medina Yeah, here. We used to consider the mama But honey follow him Allah and authentic narrator number three, in terms of the number of a hadith that the Mambo hanifa Rahim Allah will put it, you'll find some reports that say he only narrated or he only knew 17, a hadith. This is preposterous, absolutely preposterous. How could a person be an email of Islam and only know 17 Hadith. Like I said, when we studied this yesterday, he

00:52:14 --> 00:52:51

had a Muslim that roughly has about 250, a hadith. Later on it had 300, or even more than that, but he knew at least 200, a hadith that he used as evidence, what was beyond that Allah subhanaw taala knows best, but as evidence we have roughly around 215. So the fact that he only knew, like a limited amount is not something he disagrees with. We discussed this yesterday. Number one, he lived before the time of evolution of Hadith. What are we by by didn't happen, so because it didn't happen? They weren't compiled anywhere. He lived before that time. So he couldn't be responsible. Number two, his specialization is in Fuck, it's not in the Hadith, right? So no matter Have you ever

00:52:51 --> 00:53:34

heard Malachi four defends him against this, say that a man who's not specialized in this while you criticizing him for it, you can't criticize someone just because not specialized in the field that you want him to be specialized in. Number three, they accused him of Elijah. Elijah is a theological deviance where its most basic understanding his actions are not a part of a man. I'm not going to go into the details of it. This is something that he's accused of, you know, even after the Great Maliki scholar comes, you know, 200 and some odd years after inaudible hanifa He says, this is something that Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah may have had, in his early stages when he studied a

00:53:34 --> 00:54:03

little column. But it is something that he was attracted later on in his life. And his protagonists only mentioned it as a way of discharging him, meaning that they tried to make it as if it's something that is something that he died upon. But in reality, there's something that he repented from and did he had left, and this is something that he is free from. These are his criticisms. Now, he also has extreme praises. He also has extreme cases, which I want to share with you. There's two incidents over here.

00:54:04 --> 00:54:49

Number one, and I'll just read from the statements of shifts of metadata. He says I'm a bit hesitant about another claim made by lllt. When he said it is no that amount of money for him Allah for 40 straight years, offered the fudger Salah in the morning, with the same video that he made for each at night. For the consecutive years. He prayed further with the revenue that he made Isha. This is the first part he would recite the Quran completely in a single Raka and is weeping at night will be heard by his neighbors who used to feel sorry for what they thought was his distress. It is also known that in in the place where he passed away, he had read the Koran 70,000 times. So this is the

00:54:49 --> 00:54:59

statement of a bulky again, perspective and bulky is weak, right we don't accept it as narrations. And she has another little bit of humor by saying that this narration of remember honey for a human life

00:55:00 --> 00:55:36

Playing with the widow have a shot to the ledger. It still exists at this time, right? I don't know if I should mention this. But there's a very famous book that people from the subcontinent use that heavily advocates this that, you know, he prayed, you know, with the widow of a child with a fortune. And they even exaggerate even more that when you make when people should make wudu and the water used to fall off them in order. For him Allah was able to tell which of their sins were being forgiven, like complete ridiculous exaggeration, right stupidity. So that is the first part. The second narration, he says, and I feel the same about the following claim made by one of our four

00:55:36 --> 00:56:15

sons. When my father died, we asked the house in America to undertake the washing of his body. He agreed. And while he was washing him, he said, Well, I have mercy on you. I mean, he forgive you. You fasted for 30 years straight, and you did not lay down at night to sleep for the past 40 years, you have set a difficult example for those who came after you and have put the Koran reciters to shame. So six or nine he comments on this now saying these two claims contain a good bit of exaggeration. Islam does not teach us to stay up throughout the night. Alone structure departments have a lot of seven stake standard prayer at night, except for a little bit half of it or a little

00:56:15 --> 00:56:59

more or a little less, and recite to the court. In clear measured tones. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would observe for part of the night and he would sleep for another portion of it. This is what his companions said about him, including him in a bus. Are they fair? And Ayesha? many comments that if someone wanted to read the Quran 70,000 times, and he continued to do this, how long would he need to do this just in a continuous state roughly around 200 years. So it's not physically possible that amount of money for him Allah could have done this. But he says there are other narrations that mentioned that he recited the Quran 7000 times. And from the stories that we

00:56:59 --> 00:57:42

know about Imam Abu hanifa this is something that was very doable due to him loving the Koran even before he became a student of knowledge. So 7000 times more realistic, and this is a huge achievement. Now, two things that I want to conclude with after we've given that disclaimer that you know, obviously was exaggeration on both sides. And what both parties say about the nominee for him for law does not affect him. He marble it for him realizes reach such a great stage yet of EMA that any form of criticism or exaggerated praise does not affect his station as an Imam. Now what I want to conclude with was one beautiful statement of two other great times about him. And this is about

00:57:42 --> 00:57:47

how everybody follow him or use his tongue. So we mentioned that he mumble honey for him, I came under constant criticism.

00:57:48 --> 00:58:40

So who's making the statement of de la Even though robotiq who is also known as a little more meaningful Hadeeth like he's such a high level caliber of a scholar. He's telling Sofia the story and other Amira meaningful Hadith major, huge scholar of his own rank and title. Abu hanifa Rahim Allah never back bites anyone. I never once heard him say something bad about any of his opponents. soufiane replied, he is far too sensible to subject his virtuous deeds to that which would cancel them out. So what is amazing about this narration is the way two other amazing imaams are speaking about him Abu hanifa. Now I want you to understand this title of Amina and what we need from Hadith

00:58:41 --> 00:59:25

has roughly been given four or five times throughout history. Three of those individuals have denovo biography and authority are having a discussion. Who are they speaking about? This speaking about email with honey for Ebola, when both Sofia and Abdullah Mubarak benefited from directly the directly learned from email? So his legacy was the production of great scholars of Hadith from them, Abdullah Baraka Sufi, and authority. What are we speaking about? They're speaking about that the true character of an item is in the way that he uses his tongue. That when someone criticizes you, when someone despises you, when someone says something bad about you, how do you respond? And a

00:59:25 --> 01:00:00

robotic he says, I've never heard him back, but anyone, and the suffering authority says, obviously, he wouldn't do that. Because he's too sensible. He's too smart. To know that when someone does something bad to you, it's stupid to seek revenge. It's stupid to say something bad about them. Because the very good deeds you're striving so hard to earn. You're giving them away for free without changing the reality that when you vibe with someone, is that going to make that person love you? Is that going to make them retract their feelings towards you? Is that going to retract their statements about you? It won't. So why would you give them your deeds for

01:00:00 --> 01:00:33

Free. Why would you do that? Right? So this was real fuckin real, you know, character. And let's find out what he tells us in the Koran, that the true scholars are those that have the Kashi of Allah subhana wa Tada. And you see that in an amount of honey for Ebola? And if you want to see the level of your piety, one of the best ways to do that to see how you use your tongue. How many times do you curse? How many times do you back Wait, how many times you say bad things about other people. You want to see your level of knowledge, look at the actions of your tongue. And that is a great judge. Now I want to end off with a funny story in a story.

01:00:34 --> 01:01:20

In Abu hanifa Rahim Allah when he passes away, he posted his wuxia I do not want to be buried in the land where the governor is corrupt. Now why is this troubling? Because everyone soon as soon as he passes away, he puts on this huge show. Oh, I'm so sad that email hanifa died. May Allah have mercy upon him. And to honor him, Oh, honey for him. Hola. I want to be brave next to him. So this is what he says. So that when he hears that we'll see right out and that is what he did to a corrupt ruler. Who says, Yeah, you ruined me while you were alive. And you've ruined me after you died. So I thought I was a nice story to share from the great email. So I mean, I don't even know what to

01:01:20 --> 01:01:39

conclude. Like, there's so much more that can be said I wanted to make this as beneficial in terms of lessons and you'd like to share as many of the facts as I could. But again, as I mentioned, our two resources for this class, and the company emails by shixin. Amanda and a resource for the Thursday night classes. They used a bit of it tonight as well. The Fall emails by Sheikh Mohammed Zahra.

01:01:41 --> 01:02:14

great resources to continue learning. And there's many other people that have done, you know, biographies of the mobs. So please seek those out, continue to learn. But for me personally, this was an amazing journey. Because it's a constant reminder of how we should be striving to lead our lives, right. We live in the dunya it's very easy to get distracted by the dunya. And we need something to remind us of how there are people that lived in this dunya but still prioritize the Acura and the amount of money for Mama was one of them and will continue to see this reoccurring theme within the next great imams. So I pray that Allah subhana wa tada forgives him Abu hanifa him

01:02:14 --> 01:02:48

Allah and grants him with great amount of pleasure for all the service that he's done to this Deen that Allah subhanho wa Taala does not prevent us from the idea that he will be giving up hanifa and his followers and those that follow his way. And I'm always fighting with Allah grant says the taqwa the likes of email, honey for the clock, the likes of Emmanuel hanifa. And greater than that, and that Allah subhanho wa Taala instills in us the love of ourself the loves of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and all the prophets a lot of the companions and he allows us to follow their way in righteousness along I mean, Allahu ta da da Silva who Selma Baraka, Mohammed Abu Salah.

In part 2 of the series Sheikh Navaid discusses the life of Imam Abu Hanifa.

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