How To Overcome Feelings of Envy & Jealousy

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So how do you overcome feelings of jealousy and envy? You're watching hashtag.

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jealousy and envy is basically when you see that someone has something and you want it for yourself islamically there's a concept known as hasit. And hazard is similar to jealousy and envy, except that it has said, you not only want something that someone else has, but you also want that they don't have it. So for example, let's say, you know, somebody who has more friends than you on Facebook or more followers on Twitter or something like that has said this, when you want the followers that they have, or you want more numbers, and they have, and you want that they have less so that they whatever they're blessed with, or whatever they have, that it gets taken away from

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them. Now, this is a normal thing. It's normal for people to feel jealous and envious of others when they see that Allah has blessed them with certain things. The best possible tip inshallah tada I have for you is that when you're feeling jealous and envious, make a very simple and that is Allah humma Zayed wa barik. Basically, what you're saying is, Oh Allah, increase them in what you have given them, and put Baraka and put blessings in it. And you may think that's counterintuitive. You may say, Well, if I'm jealous of them, why would I ask a lot to give them even more and to put Baraka in it? Well, there's benefit in that and the benefit is this. First and foremost, when you

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make the offer somebody else we know that the angels make the same to offer you so when you say Oh Allah, increase them in what they have, you're actually making the offer yourself as well. That's the first thing. Second thing when you make do I offer someone else, you actually release the negative feelings you have towards that person. And one of the things you'll realize about jealousy and envy is that it's a very poisonous thing has said is very poisonous to the soul and it makes a person very uneasy. So when you make this you will feel this release from your soul You will feel this positivity and inshallah tada you're on a road to get closer to Allah subhana wa tada and Allah

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subhana wa tada knows best. Until next time, I said I'm what Aiko what happened to law here.