How To Forgive Someone

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses three ways in which forgiveness and mercy can occur when one is in a position where they can't bring themselves to forgive someone. They suggest three things that one can consider when they are in that position: firstly, remember that forgiveness and mercy are not a single person. Secondly, remember that forgiveness and mercy are not a person. And finally, remember that forgiveness and mercy are not a person.
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How do you bring yourself to forgive someone you're watching hashtag sad asleep

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if you're in that position or if you've ever been in the position where you just can't bring yourself to forgive someone, here are three things that you can think about inshallah data. Number one, remember that we all need the forgiveness of a loss panna cotta Allah. There is not a single person out there who will enter Paradise without the forgiveness and mercy of Allah Spano. Tiana, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was even asked about himself, even you need the mercy of Allah and he said, yes, even I need the mercy of Allah, meaning we all need the mercy and forgiveness of Allah if we want to enter Paradise. And one of the ways in which we attain that forgiveness and mercy of

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Allah is when we forgive other people. Secondly, think about how you would feel if this person were to die tomorrow, if this person wasn't around anymore, would you still be holding this grudge? Will you still not be able to forgive them? Because the reality is, this person may actually die tomorrow. And I hate to sound morbid, but that's the reality we don't know when someone is going to die better forgive them while you can tell them and let them know that you have forgiven them. Lastly, think about this. Can you guarantee that one day you will not be in that position? Allahu Allah, Allah only knows it may be us in that position where we need the forgiveness of someone else.

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And wouldn't we want that that person forgives us so those are just three things in Java Java that you can think about when you're having trouble forgiving someone I asked a lot of data to gratis all his forgiveness and alas penalty I don't know his best until next time inshallah data set I'm on a come to LA hate what I got there.