How to Grow a Manly Beard

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Just growing your beard out make you a man. No, it doesn't. You're watching hashtag sad asleep.

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So I know the new thing these days is that you know, if you grow your beard out, you're more manly, you're more of a man. And I know on Instagram and Twitter hashtag beard gang is like the popular thing these days. And what you see now is that there's a current rise in the trend that you know, having a beard makes you more manly. And the reality is, it's it's more of a hipster thing to do, right? Like the hipsters have their beards out. we've embraced that culture and to say, you know what, growing a beard out makes you a man. And I've had a lot I know a lot of people have actually grown their beards, a lot of Muslims have grown their beards out because it's in style now and it's

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in fashion. Look, is there anything wrong with that? It depends. As long as you have the correct intention. There's nothing wrong with it. So I would say growing your beard out, makes you a man if you're doing it for the right intention, meaning we as Muslims, we grow our beards out not because it's in style, not because it's not it's in fashion. We do it because it is a commandment from the prophets of Allah it was send them the Sunnah of the Prophet send them and the prophets who came before the prophets that Allahu Allah, he was sending them. And by doing so, we make sure that when we grow our beards out, that we are rewarded for that action, meaning we're not just growing your

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beard out, because it's the hipster thing to do. We're doing it to fulfill the commandment of the profits that a lot is setting them and in obedience to Allah subhana wa Tada. And look, I'm not saying that if you've grown your beard out for the wrong reasons for style or fashion, or to be a hipster or whatever. I'm not saying go shave your beard. What I'm saying is it's it's time for us to change our intention and renew our intention. So you know what, I'm growing my beard out out of obedience to Allah Spano. Tada. So if tomorrow, the newest style, the newest fashion was that shaved faces were in style that you have to have your your face as smooth as a baby's behind. If that would

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happen. We wouldn't change we would still grow out of beards, we would still be special and we would still be men because we have implemented the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa send them and with that we can make sure that we are rewarded for growing out our beards. It's not just a fashion thing or a style thing and hamdulillah that is the beauty of Islam and we will find beauty in the Sunnah of the Prophet said ally send them until next time set on why they come to light