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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Most Merciful, we welcome you, their viewers, to another in our series on understanding the Quran

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in which we are in looking at the interpretation of the 67th chapter of the Quran Surah Al Mulk, the Dominion.

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And in this segment, we are completing the fifth verse, and following it, we will go on to the sixth

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in the previous verse, the fifth verse, we are already looking at the the phenomena which Allah described with regards to the heavens, and that there are some stars out there what appeared to us to be like stars, what you may call shooting stars, the meteors in the comments, etc. At some among them, are used by a lot to drive away some elements from among the jinn from the world of the jinn to drive them away from the lower heavens, where they do gather pieces of information and take them back to individuals on the earth, who are involved in fortune telling, and magic.

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And we said that this topic needed a little more detail because of the fact that it does have a great

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area of influence in our lives.

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We mentioned as a process element said that the Gen who carries this information brings along with each piece of information 100 lies meaning that if we are to listen to the fortune tellers, to the, to the

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predictions that they make, and in places like America, etc, at the beginning of every year, the New Year's Day, they will gather the predictions of all the famous fortune tellers and

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publish it in the newspapers. I mean, what they say, much of it doesn't happen, it's nonsense, but you will find elements among them who will give very detailed predictions that come true. And of course, when such predictions come true, then those individual fortune tellers, you know, gain a lot of fame people tend to be, you know, enamored by them, go to them, trust them, you know, trust their affairs over to them.

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And this is very dangerous.

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What you find is that the human mind operates in such a way that if I were to tell you 100 things, and you left, if one of the things which I told you came through

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what I told you of the 100 things before didn't stay in the forefront of your mind. So you will remember everything, it went into your subconscious, when one thing came through, it reinforced something from the subconscious. And that's what you tend to remember that is it you know, this, you will now feel that this fortune teller really has this information, and you fulfill full confidence and of course, you will become, you know, a propagator iMedia promoter for this individual.

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And what the fortune telling

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practice does, is that it creates

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deficiencies or it creates, you know, error, it undermines religion, the true religion of God, because really, human beings don't know the future.

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Prophets were given revelation, which gave them accurate information about the future, or Prophet Muhammad may God's peace must be upon him informed us of the future events, you know, in the world, these we can trust, because it's based on Revelation, but for individuals making claims about the future, and we find them every year making claims. Their claims are, as the Prophet SAW, Selim said, mostly lies with little pieces of truth, we can trust them.

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But people become caught up. You had individual by the name of Andrew Casey, they call him the sleeping prophet. He used to, in his sleep, he had these dreams and he would relate the dreams and the dreams did contain some facts which came true. And people, you know, really started to believe in Him and, you know, read his works and you know, and became his followers became, you know, he created like, another religion and they have societies and people protecting his his tapes and translating and, you know, promoting it. It's such a became a religion that people are following.

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And of course it contains in it, you know, fallacy

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Is misconceptions, no promoting ideas of previous lives, promoting the ideas that fundamentally human beings are God, you know, these kinds of ideas have distorted ideas, which are, you know, against true religion, but because of the fact of the success, you know, in some of the predictions people become drawn into everything else. Similarly, Nostradamus, another individual, you know, who people were very much enamored with, because in his time and his own time, you know, many centuries back, he did make some very accurate predictions, and people were attracted to it, and he made predictions about the future. And in other times, you can find some of these predictions about the

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rise of Hitler use the term Hustler, instead, you know, very close, and describing certain events, etc, very similar, but much of what he spoke of, you know, in language was very symbolic, you could interpret it many, many different ways. And fact of the matter is, he claimed that the world was going to end this year, earlier this year, this particular data he gave, you know, earlier this year, when the world was supposed to end 1999. But it didn't, we're still around. So, so much for Nostradamus his prediction. But for people, you know,

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this one error that he made, or this major blunder that he made, you know, it's quickly overshadowed by other predictions that he made, which, which some of which came true, and things which are still yet to come, you know, so, you know, people will never give this up, they will make some kind of explanation why it really was 9099, it's rarely maybe, you know, 2999, so we'll put it you know, further in the future, at any rate, this is a common phenomenon amongst human beings.

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The danger, as I said, a fortune telling, is very grave.

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Islam prohibits it. And the next verse, we find a loss, addressing those who would seek this kind of information Allah says there.

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And for those who disbelieve in the Lord, Allah is the torment of Hell. And worst indeed, is that destination.

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Allah warns that those who involve themselves in fortune telling, taking this information, you know, seeking it, going after it, that ultimately and it is disbelief

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and hellfire and torment is the consequence.

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This is very important because problems Salam had warned, even those who would seek out fortune tellers out of curiosity,

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to be aware, stay away from them. He said, The Salah of whoever approaches the fortune teller and asked him about anything will not be accepted for 40 days and nights. Prayers are not accepted for 40 days and nights for personal just goes to a fortune teller out of curiosity, not really believing in them, but they're just going after them. Just to hear what they're going to say

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is a very serious consequence. When a person prays, there are two benefits that come from prayer. One, they removed from themselves the obligation of prayer, and two they earn for themselves reward depending on the level of concentration that they had in their prayers. What Allah is informing us here is that if one goes to a fortune teller, then that reward that area of reward

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is canceled. There is no reward for the prayers. The obligation still remains. So one cannot just say, Okay, I want to fortuneteller today so I don't need to pray for the next 40 days. No, it's not the case. The obligation of prayer remains when you pray, you remove that obligation. So the person still has to go ahead and pray but

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know that there is no reward for it. It is a major sin.

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And the Prophet may God's peace industry or Parliament said that whoever approaches the fortune teller and believes what he says has this belief in what was revealed to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that is he has become a disbelievers. This believed in Islam is an act of disbelief. It is so serious.

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And what we should be aware of, is that fortune tellers of the past, you know, they were they used to be in caves like the oracle at Delphi. And you know, people would come to them would make pilgrimage to their areas and get that information and this way, later on as cities grew at said,

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choice, you know, fortune tellers would have little spots in the city. Or they may be gypsies traveling through with caravans from town to town and you'd have people with a little crystal balls, etc, explaining things. In modern times,

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the fortune teller has found a new means of propagating his or her trade. And that is the newspaper and the magazines. And it is found in the columns of the astrological science, zodiac signs of the zodiac. So when people want to know, you know, what are their, their signs, and they go looking up? What is the what is the fortune teller telling us about today? Because that's what it is. Yes, the astrologer is a fortune teller.

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Astrology is a part of fortune telling,

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they will tell you, today is a good day to do this, and not to do that, and these kind of things, or they'll tell you about your personality. You know, they'll say, because you're born in the states on so you have this kind of personality, and what are they telling you that this personality doesn't get along with another personality. So they're telling you that if, for example, you want to marry somebody, and they belong to this other

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sign, then

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your marriage will not succeed, they're telling you the future, they're telling you what's going to take place. And of course, that knowledge is only known to Allah.

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So we have to be very much aware that, you know, fortune telling,

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in this form, the form of astrology, you know, is very much amongst us, and it is prohibited as Muslims, we have to be very careful. So, I mean, if you open the newspaper, and you come across, you just keep on, you know, you don't, you just keep on you don't look, I mean, I mean, you've seen it, your eyes seen it, but and you're not held accountable for that. But when you go, you know, go back, you're curious, you want to go and see this is when you become accountable, you know, and in the same way, if one opens the newspaper, and there's anything objectionable in it, no, you are obliged to look away from it and carry on reading in other parts of the newspaper. So it is very important

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for us to be aware of the danger that exists with fortune telling, because it creates in the individual ultimately doubts about Allah.

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When Allah has told us, that knowledge of the hours left to him alone, and he knows what the soul earns tomorrow, and no one knows it, which land they will die, no one knows it. But then these people are claiming, what about tomorrow, they're telling you what will happen tomorrow, maybe they'll tell you where you're gonna die, or you know, whatever. This this kind of information is challenging the information which Allah has provided to us. And as such, we have to stay away from it, you know, Muslims are enjoined to avoid any

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aspect of fortune telling.

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And furthermore, we should be aware that fortune tellers may operate with some information about the present, you know, as opposed to the future, fortune teller, for example, those who are involved with the Djinn, you may meet them for the first time and they're able to tell you what your name is, what your father's name is, you know, where you live information about yourself, which, you know, your question, how could they have this information, or the point is that with each individual, there is a jinn there was a party and everyone has one. And evil agenda is there with us whispering evil, you know, in,

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in a struggle with the angel that is assigned to each and every one of us whispering good.

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The point is that when a person comes

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the one dealing with the jinn, they were able to get the information from the guardian of that individual and feed it to the fortune teller. So they will be able to give you very accurate information about, you know, your day to day life, maybe what you're planning to do tomorrow, they already know, they tell you, because you made plans, the body knows it is able to feed that information across to the fortune teller. So in the present day information, you know, immediate future information, they're usually much more accurate. But for things of the far distant future, you know, it's only as I said, One Truth mixed with hundreds of lies, why we should not allow

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this, these practices to trick us into fool us into believing that these people really have powers. They don't. By working with the jinn, they have destroyed their own future. You know, this is this is Cofer. This belief, the gender evil among the jinn, they don't mean any good for us in our world. What

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Ever influenced they have in our world is evil, that the mischievous, or it's drawing people into different aspects of shirk, worshipping others besides Allah. So as Muslims, we should stay as far away as possible from fortune telling, even if it comes in the form of a computer program. Like they have a program called Bio rhythms, where supposedly in the human body, there are different rhythms, different cycles that the body has, you know, functioning. And these, they are able to plot they say, Well, you give your name, your date of birth, and with that information, able to plot now, your rhythms, by rhythms into charts, and where the charts intersect, they will tell you, this is a good

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day to do things that you plan to do, where they're far apart. It's not a good day. So what are they doing? They're telling you also the future? And what is it based on? It's really science? No, it's not. It's just a modern version of 14, fortune telling.

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So, we should be very much aware of those who are offering this

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false information, distorted, misguided information in this world, you know, on the various headings, we should be very much aware of them and stay far away from it. Allah subhanaw taala

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informed us about the world of the jinn, because of the fact that they do interfere and play havoc in our world. We need to know about that, not that we become so superstitious, that everything that happens around us, we're going to assign to the jinn, you know, you miss your pen today. And then you're saying, oh, Jen must have taken it, you know, every little thing that goes missing or you can find it, you want to blame it on the jinn. And you become very frightful and scared about No, we don't treat the world of the jinn in this manner. But at the same time, we don't go to the other extreme, it's our this is all folk stories, you know, it's just like the goblins, and you know, the,

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the witches and you know, this is all nonsense, no.

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If it were not serious and important, God would not have assigned that chapter of the Quran, which is known as well, Jin,

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the chapter of the Quran, Allah addresses the world of the jinn, because of the fact that they do have a detrimental influence in our life by its permission,

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their good among the jinn, as they're evil, it's not all Jinns are evil, they're good among them, and they're evil. But those that come into our world, come into our world interfere with our world, they are the evil amongst them. And do not be fooled with into thinking that actually any human beings can control the jinn. This was a miracle given only to Prophet Solomon, Prophet Solomon, it was a miracle given to him as he was given knowledge of the language of the birds and the bees and things like this. And ants, you know, he was also given power over the jinn, no other prophet has given that power that was special to him, and no other human being is going to have that power. So a

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person who might tell you Well listen, you know, I have this genuine good Jen doing this, for me doing that for me, you have to realize that this is only a step by which the jinn may draw people into evil. Because those who are involved in evil will not necessarily expose the evil from the very beginning, they may come to the individual as intending good, wanting good in this type of thing. And when they've gained the confidence, then they take them into evil. So we should be very much aware of the world of the jinn, protect ourselves from it, and

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avoid fortune telling as much as possible. And Allah in this verse, you know, by saying that the consequences hell is telling us really how serious this is, this whole affair is very, very serious. And we should not take it lightly. You know, it's very common for us to allow our children for example, to to play around with these things, you know, astrology, to keep their signs whether wearing things on necklaces or rings or whatever you know, and looking these things up. We need to take this very seriously at a serious in the Quran is serious in the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Salah might even prescribe death for those caught practicing fortune telling for this Islam takes it

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very serious as a major crime against society is not something very small. So with that, your viewers

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I hope that you will reflect on this issue the issue of fortune telling and protect yourselves from it in all the ways that you can sell I'm on a coma rahmatullahi wa barakato