Haitham al-Haddad – Can we give Zakat to build water wells and hospitals

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of Zika as a means of giving money to poor people and highlights the need for organizations to provide assistance. They also mention the need for people to approve the organization's work and provide necessary information. The speaker emphasizes the need for audits and auditors to ensure proper use of the money.
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Do you want to follow a protocol when it comes to live on a cat? How are you Alhamdulillah vegan? Just to follow on from your previous videos here, can we give the cat or to build water wells in hospital? Yeah Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah I have spoken about this in the previous video or in a video that was recorded and so, many people have responded to this and asked further questions because they were shocked that we cannot give the car to project project

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projects are not legible for Zika okay projects such as orphanage water wells and schools, I cataract and others okay.

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The car as we have said has to be given as you have taken aid from the givers. So, you have taken from the giver what you have taken from the giver money. So, you as an organization who authorized you to change it and to give the poor person something else. Okay. So this is number one. The other thing is that

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you as an organization as a charity, you are not illegible to take Zika because Allah Allah Allah listed that who are legible to take in the Masada trillion for Quran, even Messiah Kinyua Emmeline coloboma, Federico, we were it mean or PCB, we live in a city and as the scholar said that Allah then Allah Allah did not want people to have HD heard in terms of the recipients of Zika. Now, I have mentioned this, my dear brothers and sisters and by the way, if a scholar has an HD heart, he

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should apply this on his Zika he should not want to a change what is the norm of the Muslim ummah domain is studying Islam, according to his own wish they should just do it for his own sake, he should do it for his own zakat not to ask the Ummah to change what was the norm for them for 1000s 1000s For hundreds of years, okay. Now, so many people are asking, if that is the case? Where are we going to give our speaker give it to the people themselves? Yeah, why don't you put an effort

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and go and and visit the poor people, if you can, and there are so many poor people around the world, if you cannot visit certain hot countries, then you can visit other countries and they have very devastated people. And Wallah here, it will soften your heart and you will feel the meanings of Zika when you give it as cash to them, and this will preserve their dignity as well. Now, if someone said, Well, I can't do that I have a big amount. In England, for example, there are some

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organizations, I don't want to name certain organizations, otherwise they have approved us and we came to you before I don't want to mention this, but go to the especially the small organizations. Yeah. Not those

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big organizations that have you know, have a modeling approach. This is number one, go to the organizations that are also looks and they are not trying to be modernized. Yeah. In terms of their understanding of this is number one. Number two,

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say to them, This is my Zika I want it to be given to the poor people as cash.

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Okay, it's a specific details at a specific date. Don't delay it. We have heard the stories of people delaying organizations delaying the Zika of people for one year, one and a half years, two years. Haram, haram. Okay. So on a specific date, I want my, my Zika to be given to individuals. Now, if

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if they say yes, we can do that, then hamdulillah ask them for documentation.

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Yeah, ask them for documentation. If they say we cannot deliver money, for example, to Syria or to certain other places, then ask them that. Do you have a committee there? To investigate what

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All people need. And those committee this committee, do they have a list of those needs? And do people accept to be given

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from their car money? Yeah, to fulfill those particular needs. And people have to approve that this organization is working as the word keel for them. Yeah. And logistically, I know that it is difficult, but it is possible because most of the organizations in the UK, they have local partners, whether in Syria, in Burma in many other countries, so tell them that, we're asking them, What do you need. So some people might need food, some people might need clothes, some people might need

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shelter, basic shelter. Some people might need medication, say to them, we have the car money, we cannot give it to you as money, we will buy food, we will buy clothes for you. Now, are you authorizing us to use the car money to buy food or to buy clothes? Or to have a shelter for you or not? This is how it should be done as an organization shift. So if I do that, what do I need from that committee? Just a list? How do I know that they have gone to the poor people? And I've asked

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this, yeah, so the organization you have partners in those countries, so they are working with them? And then those partners they should have list of people, etc, etc. And you documentation? Yeah. And you as an organization, you should audit the people there. Okay to make sure that they are doing the right job. Brothers and sisters don't say that this is too much. If you are doing the job. For someone you will do it properly. You are doing it for Allah first. Because as we said, the Zika is

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the right of Allah first and the right of people. May Allah accept data from you

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