How to Get Someone to Start Praying

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How do you get someone to start praying? You're watching hashtag sad asleep.

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This is a question that I get quite often. Someone says my brother, my sister, my sibling, my parents, my aunt, uncle, son, a friend, someone I know. They don't pray their prayers, and I've told them to pray so many times that I told them that the prayer is wajib. It's fuddled. It's obligatory upon them to pray, and they don't pray their prayers. So what do I do? What can I do to make them start praying? First and foremost, you cannot make someone pray. Why? Because prayer stems from all the acts of worship. They stem from a person's email on your email is your submissiveness a wattpad data is acting upon the faith in Allah subhanaw taala. And until and unless that faith is strong,

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this act of worship, the prayer and the other acts of worship will be very difficult as well. So the answer to that how to make someone pray, or how to get someone to start praying is to work on their email is to strengthen their email. And people don't like to hear this answer because this answer is not a quick fix. He man can take time to strengthen. And it can be days, months, years before the month before a person's email becomes firm enough to sustain these regular acts of worship. You know, when the law talks about the Salah, for example. So that buckler Allah talks about the Salah, and the law says in Allah Kabira Illa Allah hace are in that this prayer, it is difficult, it is

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hard upon the upon everyone except those who have who sure this horseshoe and was talking about those were humbly submissive. This means that the heart is present. And how does a heart become present in the prayer when a person's emotion goes up? When they're able to connect with that prayer and they know why they're praying and they understand that this is out of submission to a Lost Planet out of that they're praying. Once that mindset is establish it is at that point, the heart becomes president. And at that point, you know what, you don't really have to tell the person to pray. You don't have to be on their case telling them to pray their father that prayers, it will

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come naturally it will come organically, they will start praying on their own because at that point, the heart has submitted. So our goal should be to do things to strengthen the person's Eman and a Lost Planet Allah knows best. Until next time, inshallah Giada Sierra Madre de la heat