How To Be Steadfast After Ramadan

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What is the most important due to ever make? What is the most frequently said do out by any believer. It is none other Idina serrulata muster theme, or Allah Guide us to the straight path we say it's 17 times a day to show you how important it is for you and I to aim to be steadfast that for us to be tomorrow, at least the way we are today as Muslims, because today I'm delivering this session, and today you are hearing this session. But tomorrow, none of us can guarantee that we will be of the people of La ilaha illa Allah, you have to be terrified. Yes, terrified, because you never know how your heart will be brothers and sisters, you and I many of us know exactly certain people

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who perhaps were much better than us. And today, they're far away from the dean and vice versa. There were people who were so far away from the dean and today they are better than all of us. May Allah grant us all steadfastness. And only Allah knows who is righteous and who is not. But brothers and sisters, these examples from the past and from the present should make you really consider and beg Allah Yes, I said beg Allah and humble yourself to Allah to say what year Allah please keep me a Muslim. Yeah Allah please keep my heart upon this Deen and these are not my words. If that were most common drop in Salah is a dino Surat and Mr. Payne Allah guide us the straight path. Then do you

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know what the prophet sallallaahu it was at a most common drop, even perhaps outside Salah? His wife Omu salamati Allahu Allah she was asked what was the most common do at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ever said, she said it was yarmulke libelle kulu of flipper of the hearts fair bit kalbi, Allah denecke hold my heart steadfast upon your deen, Allah What about if the prophets of Prophet did you just see the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was concerned whether any about the heart, knowing that he insha Allah will make it agenda. He still was begging Allah for it. Then what about you and I think what about us? We should also humble ourselves to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and never feel full of ourselves. That Yes, and a movement I'm more Amina and I'm doing this and I'm doing that and be full of yourself will lie where nothing Allah were nothing if it was not for Allah, Allah and mercy. So go to Allah and beg Allah. And yes, yes, being perfect is impossible. But though that's what we're kind of being asked here in a way, right? He didn't keep us perfect. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us it's the chemo, go on the straight path as perfect as possible, right? Well, and so but know that no one is perfect. No one will be perfect. And also one lady sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, Coulibaly Adam hapa

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every one of us makes mistake and the best of those who make mistakes, a boon those who repent to Allah apologize to Allah brothers and sisters. And me Allah grant is all steadfast is amenable alanine and you hear the reward? Yeah, Allah check this out. Also la sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He says either the love will be apt in higher Ah, it's tamela. When Allah wants a good thing for the person, he uses them. What does it stem melamine? jasola What does that mean? called? Like eighth is damaged or how does he use them? He says you will fipple Julio on that inside the Hincapie lamonte soumaya.

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Allah subhanaw taala facilitates a good deed for that person to do. And then they die upon that good deed Allahu Akbar. May Allah grant it to you and I mean yeah, but Allah mean this. Allah loves a person. This is an example of someone it very likely to someone who was steadfast and was trying and whenever he falls, he stands up trying and begging Allah subhana wa Tada. And I'm like and give this reward to whoever he wants. Then you hear brothers and sisters will lie stories even from our time. A story that perhaps someone heard before of that wonderful sister. When she passed away. The one who washes the body called one of the Messiah chef Mohammed Hassan. Right. Then she called him said

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Sheikh Mohammed, something very strange. What is it? The sister I'm washing her body? She has a right hand over her left hand and it's pretty you know, very strongly put together it's not like simply I can just move the arms no she's she's like as if almost like it's glued. So she I'm hamady asked, What state did she die in? Like, what was your death case? She said that she died while she was praying Allahu Akbar. May Allah make our last words la isla Illa Allah May Allah make the moment we die in an action that is pleasing to Allah. So the chef told her you know what, keep her in that state.

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Gently cut the clothes around her, cut the clothes around her but keep the right hand over the left and the way she has as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam he said, You bathro Coolio. abdeen Allah natali every single one of us will be resurrected on the day of judgment in the state in which we died. Did you see that? For example, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about the people that perform Hajj they died in hajj, they will be resurrected. Tell BIA this Ella Baker lahoma Baker Baker lashley Kala Kala bake an honorable image on your milk Liam in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So he said liver in that state. But then the chef says I got another phone call

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from the same lady about the same one who passed away. What's the story here? That sister something very strange, abnormal. The shroud which the body is covered with, that's the clothing of a body we don't wear, you know, a suit when someone dies. And so I know, as Muslims, that person is shrouded with a certain shroud the material that typically the size for it is standard, it's known. So then the chef was told that the shroud of that sister was one and a half meters extra, which is about five feet. This is extremely abnormal. That's significantly extra. So this year, I was getting puzzled about this wonderful sister. She already died in the seat of Salah. She wants to learn more,

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investigate more and help out more. So he asked to speak to one of her family members who knows her very well so that she has asked, What's the story? Tell me something about the sister something you know, unique, anything special that you can connect? She said to the chef, it was the sister of those who passed away. She said my sister had a special diet it was unique. That's something she always asked Allah for. What did she say? She used to say Allah Houma, Storni Allah Hama Stoney Allah mustonen Allah conceal me. Oh Allah she's begging Allah that she does not want to die for example now that's wrong or how to die naked because let's say someone slipped in the bathroom

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right? We don't judge someone in a bad situation but she was begging Allah Allah homeless during the Allah consume the Ola Cover me. Then what JAL caffine Ziad and your Allah make my shrout extra that's the drugs upon Allah. So the sheikh said look at the simplicity and the genuineness and Allah knows best of the hearts of that respected old lady who passed away asking Allah for that and look how Allah honored her brothers and sisters steadfast is Allah has a sweetness to it. May Allah keep us all strong. I mean Robben Island, then you hear this beautiful I checked this beautiful if Allah says I will be loving shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in alladhina Paulo, buena Allahu

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Thawne master camo tenors

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aka to Allah.

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Allah says, Those who say Allah is our Lord, then they were steadfast the Master kamiyama keeper, steadfast, Allah, so master come, what happens to them? The angels descend upon them. When does that happen? Yes, the angels will come to you in sha Allah when two opinions one says at the time of death, the other one says at the time of resurrection, or the time of death brothers and sisters, the angels they come and what do they say? Because you can imagine that moment of death can be very scary brothers and sisters. So the Angel of Death comes and the rest of the angel they say a lot a half Don't be scared because one wonders Who are you who are these phases I've never seen before. A

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lot half Who? Well? No, don't be scared. Don't be concerned. What up shearable genetti lati Quantum two are doing and look forward to the agenda that you were promised. The Who are you know, only come feel hayati dunia Warfield,

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we were your allies. We were your supporters. We were your companions when in the dunya and in the ask Allah will accompany hermitage terhi Fuso como la comfy down and you will have engine Now let's go back to the topic of Jenna. You will get in Jenna that which you want and that was what you desire. newzoo lamb mineral food and Rahim all that is accommodation from Allah subhanho wa Taala the most forgiving, the Most Merciful. Look at the sweetness of steadfastness. We need to be steadfast But brother quick question before you end. What's the question? Tell us something. Tell us something we can do to hold tight to the rope of Allah to be steadfast on that path on the Islam the

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way it's pleasing to Allah. There's many that can be said number one is do as we mentioned, Oh Allah, the flipper of our hearts hold our hearts steadfast upon your deen. I mean your anatomy Allah make it possible for all of us. The second thing to share with you And last is friendship. This cannot be brothers and sisters emphasized enough. Your friends say a lot about you. When you have a friend that continuously curses that continuously talks about the opposite

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Gender in your presence and you don't do anything about it or defend the person that was who is being spoken against or anything of that sort. This affects your email and you need to understand that and realize that and your friendship and your companionship has an influence on you. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us what? Pay attention to whom you befriend Elmer Walla, Dini Halina, you're upon the religion of your friends, so pay attention who you hang out with me Allah grant this wisdom era. So you see this example I'll share with you a personal story are good and bad one and one one of each inshallah, and we and when you have the example, let's see with a

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bad one. I remember a brother that we used to carpool to fetch it. Every day, we are together to fetch and he actually used to wake me up, your brother imagined your look, are you awake? You'll get up in Charlotte. I used to have the car he didn't have a car. So I used to wake up, get my car, pick him up, and we used to go to the masjid. But then he stopped calling. So then I start calling sir American brother, sir, a burden. First time he answered, he would say, You know what? I'm having exams coming up. I'm a bit tired. Excuse one excuse to excuse three, like third day, fourth day that he stopped answering completely. But then one day I was driving by and my house and one of my CDs I

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used to live in. It used to be kind of close to a to a bar, may Allah protect us And forgive us? Yes, inshallah, we'll find a better place to be in the law to move then I moved away from that place. So when I was coming back, I noticed a card from another brother, not the one I'm referring to another brother, who was there. And he perhaps he was leaving, got into the car and he was reversing. So me knowing this brother and the owner of the car, I actually came and stopped right next to the car to go speak to him. Then I went to speak to him, you know, brothers, Solomonic, we used to advise one another. This is a number that will make us great is we help one another we

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advise one another. So as I was I had to lean down because he only had a coupe. Okay, a nice car sports car. So I wanted to speak to him, you know, Brother, you know, how was everything that he told me like he was there? Well, I try not to drink stuff for a lot.

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But the thing is, as I was talking to him is the guy next to him. It was the brother who used to come with me Avenger. He used to the brother used to quick be with me a fudger. Now he's at the nightclub, La hawla wala quwata illa Billah. When the brother when he looked at me I'll never forget it will lie. When he looked at me with eye contact with Allah with both hands, he did this. And he scratched his face entirely out of embarrassment, out of guilt out of where he was and where he is Mia lucky steadfast. And may Allah guide him and guide us all. I mean that I mean, friends play a huge role. We know the one who's driving I knew he was a troublemaker. I knew that from historically

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we normally on campus like that, but the other one la mia McGregor's, all set fast and righteous friendships. I mean, terrible. I mean, then you have another good story shell to share with you. That happened this year hamdulillah a brother was struggling, reached out to me He's like, I'm having this hard time. And then this and that. One of the things I have if people have different styles, you know, when I speak to that, brother, one of the things I focus on our friends, who are your friends open up, tell me what's the matter? What's the story? He told me about his friends. For example, He says, I would go to the park with my friends. And then one guy would Yes, honestly,

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brother magic, I'll be honest with ya, he would comment against you know, towards a girl that is passing by. So I asked him, What do you do? Do you comment to actually tell the brothers wrongs inappropriate? Would you like someone say that to your sister, what do you do is honestly stay silent, that we have to realize when you stay silent, this affects you even once you're done with your friends. Because now when you go and see something wrong, and there's online, where you were silent there, you might still be silent. And now you're watching me, Allah forgive us and guide us. And I know there's a lot more details to speak about. So telling the brother, advise these people,

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the ones you hang out with, I'm not telling you to let go of them, cut them off right away, no, advise them, tell them, tell them where you want to stand. Tell them the right from the wrong advice. Can you at least not do it in my presence, try to work things out. But they insist, well, I don't see another solution, but to minimize your exposure to them, or try to, for example, get a group of righteous people as much as possibly can to influence them and to stop these bad habits. So eventually, that brother realized that you know what, I need to kind of separate and pay attention separating from the very evil influential people. Okay, I gave you only one example. Give me others

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is not enough. You have to substitute that with righteous friends. It's not black and white. You got to move on from there and go and substitute that. And he did attended. And well I received a message with a brother says that was one of the greatest things I've done in my life and hamdulillah the brother left and now giving me good news. And hanging out with his brother. I'm looking to have a Quran teacher to memorize the Quran. Allah is just something's completely amazing. The formula given by the prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. You are with your friends in terms of their impact on your faith on your deen. Be aware of

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Then he says so watch out who you befriend. May Allah make us all steadfast. May Allah make our last words La ilaha illa Allah May Allah make you and I hear the angels tell us a lot halfword Don't be scared to Allah doesn't know don't be concerned and worried. What up Shirou and be hopeful that gender is coming your way in sha Allah. May Allah bless you all may Allah grant to Agenda me Robert alanine