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Tawfique Chowdhury
AI: Summary © The man discusses his daily struggles with chronic hunger and the World Bank's report that over the past few years, 1 billion people are hungry and eating the wrong food. He mentions his brother's loss and his own struggles with chronic hunger. The segment also touches on negative reactions to lack of positive thinking and negative emotions, such as reciting a book to his father's father. The importance of fulfilling promises and showing one's love for Islam is emphasized, as well as the potential for success in achieving goals.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad Ali.

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My dearest brothers and sisters Islam.

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Is there any one of you at all in the audience? Any one of you listening to me at all in the audience that has ever been chronically hungry? Listen to what I'm saying. chronic hunger? Do you know what that means? It means every single day, you've actually being hungry. Not just Ramadan. Because Ramadan is part of our worship, we all get hungry Ramadan, but any other time, every single day that you've gone without breakfast, and lunch, perhaps dinner as well. And you only had one morsel of food to eat. Anyone amongst you here at all? Anyone with a hand?

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I can't see a single hand.

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But the World Bank, they published a report that in 2011 1 billion people, 1 billion people are chronically hungry every day they go to sleep without lunch. Without breakfast, perhaps only dinner.

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Perhaps only a little bit of food to eat. And that dinner also is not a proper food. 1 billion people, 1 billion people brothers and sisters Islam, one in six people on this earth are going to sleep without food.

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Now my brothers Islam, is there anyone in the audience over here? Who's lost their father and their mother?

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When they were a little baby,

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a little child lost their father and mother and had no one to look after them. No one taught to look after them. anyone in the audience?

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anyone at all?

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No one. I can't see any hands.

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part of the world, part of the UN. They published a report that in 2011 in this year that we are in

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no less than 220 million orphans exist

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220 million orphans now in this year, up from 140 million a few years ago.

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The question I have for you, my brothers and sisters in Islam. Is this what have you done? To prove your love for Allah subhanho wa Taala? What have you done to prove your love for Allah subhanho wa Taala to prove your humanity and your association with other human beings? Have you at the very least spread Islam? Have you at the very least fed a poor person? Have you at the very least rubbed your hands on the hair of an orphan? My brothers is Islam. How much does Allah subhanho wa Taala do for us? He created us. He gave us life. He gave us good health. He gave us wealth. He gave us children. He gave us gave us wives and spouses. He gives us beautiful homes to live in. He promises

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for us an eternal paradise. He will elevate our status and let us look at his face on the Day of Judgment. How does Allah subhanho wa Taala love us so much. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said voila, he Indeed Allah loves us and loves loves people. Far more than a mother who has lost her child when she finds her child back. Imagine when a mother was lost a child finds the child for the first time How much does she love the child so Pamela, it is for this reason why Sue Fianna thodi Rahim Allah used to say well law he I would rather have Allah as my judge on the Day of Judgment rather than my own parents. Why? Because I know Allah loves me more than my own parents. Allahu

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My brothers, my sister in Islam. How much does Allah azza wa jal love us is shown by the fact that even when we disobey Him, He still feeds us. He still clothes us. He still lets us breathe but Allah He still provides for us and nourishes us and sustains us, even whilst we're disobeying him but love even when we're committing that sin, Allah still letting us breathe a lesson letting us eat our food. Yes. How great and how noble and how merciful is Allah subhanho wa Taala indeed is because of this the one of his most beautiful things

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Allah azza wa jal is revealed to us, told us about from the 99 names and we should memorize to go the agenda. One of the names is Allah dude, do you know what Allah dude means? He is the loving God. Allah do. The one who loves the one who has mercy with his creation, the one who loves to love his creation, the one who loves his creation, so much so that the love that he has sent on this earth is only one part of 99 paths that he has prepared for the believers in the Day of Judgment. So my brothers and my sisters in Islam,

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what have you done to prove to Allah subhanho wa Taala that you love him? What is it that you have done to prove to Allah subhanho wa Taala that you love him? What actions can you identify with? That you have done? To prove to Allah subhanho wa Taala when he asks you on the day of judgment? Yeah, buddy. Yeah, buddy. Oh, my slave, how have you proven that you love me so that I may love you back on this day? My slave? What have you done to prove that you love me? My brothers and my sisters in Islam, but Allah There is not a single person, the one who is speaking and the one being spoken to except that he will find a level of hypocrisy in his heart in this question, but Allah will law he

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we say we love Allah, but we are not true in Allah for Allah subhanho wa Taala. We say we love Allah, but Allah our actions are lacking. There are a number of reasons why we are so no one amongst us does not want to live a law, every single Muslim in this audience and out there the billions of Muslim a, everyone will say I love Allah or I want to love Allah. However, certain things prevent them from proving their love for Allah azza wa jal. The first thing that prevents them is this negativity. I can't be that great. I can't prove my love to Allah. I've done too much since I'm not someone special. I don't have Islamic knowledge. I only know so little. I'm not from a great family.

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I'm not a great speaker. How can I truly do so many things? How can I prove my actions? How can I increase my actions in order to prove my love to Allah azza wa jal I'm no one special. But But Allah, you are special. You are special. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when a slave stands in a sauna, and he says al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen Allah answers the slave back and says my slave has has praised me. So every time you speak to Allah, Allah speaks to you back. You are not a person in 6 billion. You are the person in 6 billion at that moment, because Allah bless that he will. Despite looking after the affairs of creation has time for you. All my brothers and my

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sisters Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala pays attention to you. He created you and you're more valuable to Allah subhanho wa Taala than the Kaaba will lie. The scholars Islam say the tears of a believer are more precious than the caravans hacker the color show Gani, a show Connie rahimullah says the tears of a believer are more precious to Allah azza wa jal than indeed the Kaaba itself. Have you not heard sure Kenny says the Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that indeed seven people will be given shade on the day of judgment and one of those people to be given shade and the day of judgment will be a man who remembers Allah and out of fear and love for Allah His

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eyes tear will light and so he says will light the tears are more beloved to Allah than the car Baba Allah. So my beloved brothers and sisters Islam, do not be of those people who are negative about your love for Allah azza wa jal be of those people who are positive about it. Every single time you feel negative, every single time you feel you can't prove your love to Allah azza wa jal, every single time you think of doing something to show unless there was an era you are more important to me than the Horn of this dunya Allah, every single time you feel like this, remember, but Allah the prophets, so that was a very positive person, be very positive about yourself, be very positive that

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you can make a change be very positive that you will have an effect in changing the oma every single time. Every single time. The believers in the Quran and the Sunnah of the prophet SAW Selim were being negative, the prophet was positive every single time when Yusuf alayhi salatu salam was in the bottom of the well, in his greatest moment of despair, they came upon him an angel by the name of jabril, who told him that Allah subhanho wa Taala told him the following thing, lead to not be unknown, be angry him has a

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very early use of a day will come when you will tell them about what they have done. And by Allah they will not even know that it is you telling them and this is the positivity of Islam when the mother moves on

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Allah salatu salam was despairing. What did Allah subhana wa Taala tell her, Allah subhanho wa Taala told her throw Moosa into the river, indeed my enemy will grab him. And then by Allah of Allah's mercy in some way or the other, Allah will return moose back to his mother so that she does not despair, positivity in the eyes of negativity, when the people stood there and said, we're gonna throw this little boy by the name of Abraham into this huge fire. What did Abraham say as Punahou near Milwaukee? said, this was said by three people, the first person who said it was Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, when the people all gathered together built a huge fire to throw Ibrahim in there.

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What did he say positivity in the eyes of tremendous negativity, husband Allah who will never imagined Joaquin, Allah is a protector and enough Is he a protector over us? My brother and sister in Islam? When Ibrahim wanted to kill his son, what did his son say in the eyes of negativity? His son said what? He said yeah, Betty if Alma tumor strategy dooney insha Allah who mina swaby all my father, do as you've been commanded, indeed, you will find you indeed you will find me in sha Allah by Allah as well from the patient ones in the eyes of negativity, but Allah remember how the Prophet was when

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Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu was moving in front and moving in the back at the time of hijra when he was in the cave, when he was despairing when the police came, what did the prophets have some say? In the eyes of negativity? The prophets Allah Salim said, law son in law Hamada, do not despair. Allah subhanho wa Taala is with us, my brothers and my sisters in Islam. If Allah didn't want good for you, why did he give you the opportunity to listen to this talk? If Allah didn't want good for you? Why did Allah give you the opportunity to come today the wealth by which you paid for your petrol by the car that you came here, the time and the health and the goodly opportunity to come

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here and listen to the talks and the knowledge that was given by the scholars over here? Why my brothers and sisters in Islam if Allah doesn't like you, and doesn't want good for you? Why did Allah subhanho wa Taala give you the opportunity to give him his claws? But Allah Allah loves you all. And but Allah Allah wants care for you. And by Allah Allah wants to see you in Jenna, the question is, do you want to see Allah subhanho wa Taala in general? Indeed, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in the authentic hadith man had balika Allah, a habibollah, who Nipa woman curry, Haleakala Cuddy, hello Libra. Whoever loves to meet Allah. Allah loves to meet him and

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whoever hates to meet Allah. Allah hates to meet him. Ask yourself are you from those people? My brothers and my sisters in Islam? My brothers, my sisters in Islam. One day the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stood up in the depths of the night. It is authentically reporting Buhari that he raised his hands up to the heavens. And he said, Oh Allah, my own my alma, Allah, my alma, my alma, Allah, my alma mater, Alma. He couldn't say more than that. He couldn't finish his sentences because he was so emotional until the night passed. And the last third of the night came until fudger. Time came. And at that point, gibreel Allahu Salatu was Salam came down and said, Yeah, Mohammed,

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Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah has sent me and said, Yeah, Mohammed, your Lord will not disappoint you regarding your Ummah, your Lord will not disappoint you regarding your own man. The question is brothers and sisters, Islam, are we going to disappoint our professors? Are we going to disappoint our prophets? Excellent. Allah has promised our Prophet he will not disappoint him regarding our own. The question is us, are we going to otherwise not fulfill the promise of Allah and be a disappointment for a professor Silla? b you have those people who fulfill his vision? b you have those people who fulfill your love for Allah azza wa jal by pursuing the vision of Rasulullah

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sallallahu wasallam on this earth.

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I asked him about this in Islam, if you're feeling negative, because you're constantly criticized in this world. Remember what even taymiyah Rahim Allah said, he said, Well, Allah loves Abu Bakr and Omar so much that he created a nation of millions of people known as the Shia, who would curse Abu Bakar day and night, so that but Allah boubakeur can take their good deeds, and they can take the bad deeds aboubaker Allahu Akbar. This is the positivity in the eyes of negativity. And this is why a chef a Rahim Allah used to say measly, measly is the situation of the

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person who is not criticized. So do not be afraid of criticism. Do not be afraid of those people who talk too much. Get on and get doing your good deeds. Do not worry about people who criticize and tell you otherwise, for those people who are going through great difficulty in their life, remember the story for me to not be a great poet. in Arabia, he used to say, whenever I used to have disease, and had difficulty in my body, I used to write the best of poetry, the most emotional poetry. And indeed, I'll wait for those times of difficulty because my poetry will be the best. So if you're of those people who are afflicted by difficulty, remember the story for muthana be for those people who

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are significantly trying to do Dawa, to your families. People come to me and say, I've been trying to change my family. I've been trying to change them, telling my mom that she has to pray my dad to pray, what message do I have for you? I have the message of the great scholar Abdullah Abdullah no Barak used to have a Jewish neighbor, and used to give him down for 20 years, until a decade when the halifa came to a beloved Mubarak and came to the neighbor of Abdullah Al Bara, the Jewish neighbor, and said, I have to demolish your house, because we have to build a road on this path. And what did the Jewish neighbor say? He said, Okay, I'll send you my house for 2000 dinars 2000 gold

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coins. So, the halifa said, Why 2000 when the house is only 1000 Gold dinars, he said 1000 Gold dinars for the house and 1004 being the neighbor of the loving Barack, that he went to have the lab Mubarak and accepted Islam, my brothers, my sister in Islam, those who are despairing that your parents don't listen to you. Your wife doesn't pray, your husband doesn't listen. Your uncle Auntie's your brothers and sisters not listening to you Be patient, but Allah, just like Abu Abdullah Mubarak was because when they lose you by Allah, they will surely surely understand the value that you have come to them. For those people who have lost hope, think that they cannot do any

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good at all. Remember the story of a sassy ribolla Amanda syrup See, the great scholar of the Hanafi madhhab was imprisoned in the well for 10 years. But by law, this does not stop him. He used to recite at the bottom of the well, he's reciting his book until his students would come at the top of the world and write down everything he used to say until they filled up a volume of 27 volumes of a book by the name pharmaceut 27. volumes from what a surrogacy would say from the bottom of the well, never despair, you can always prove your love to Allah azza wa jal, wherever you are in whatever situation you are, for those people who are being harmed who are being hurt by your families and by

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your situation now, but Allah remember the situation Imam Ahmed Rahim Allah and remember that he was also harmed and hurt for years and years. He was lashed until his until his arms were out of his sockets, yet he never gave up being upon the truth for those people who are looking at the situation the muslimeen around us and so there is no hope for this oma, this oma is destroyed there is no hope for it. Those who look at the situation of Islam and Muslims and the countries of the of Islam and Muslims being eaten up by other people. But Allah never despair. Let me tell you what even caffeine says in his bedava the higher Anna recite to you the following he says a million Crusaders entered

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into battle muck this and they did with it what animals do in the forest and they perpetrated that what that which even the shade plans do not do in one week. They kill 60,000 people from them the scholars, the worshipers, the Imams of massage, and aesthetics, they put up the cross over battle muchness they brought into battle, not this the pigs and replace the other end with the colleagues of disbelief and ship, and people cried and cried, and they cried the thought that battle madness would never ever returned to the control of Islam and Muslims, and that there will never be an end to this trial and tribulation of the people in Islam. So the disgrace upon the believers continued

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until Allah raised from this oma a hero who planted the love for the blood of struggling in the path of Allah flows through the veins and he planted the spirit of struggle and valor in the souls and he destroyed the pessimism that had unseated the hearts. So there's to the man by the name of sala de, and he called that from our mark and Jana, he said, Oh, woe to Islam. On that cry the heroes from the army of Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stood up until they met the Crusaders, and they killed 30,000 of them, and they open up all ports and they purify the sacred lands from the evil ones. Their victory continued until the Crusaders had no option but to pay the jizya from a lowly

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hand after the Crusaders had been the commanders in authority in power for 91 years. My brothers, my sister, Islam, those were despairing about the situation.

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The oma by Allied could be we are on that 19th year, we could be on the 19th year the year before Allah gives this oma victory. You know what it could be Allah laughing that this oma because his mercy is just about to come, never despair of the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala never despair and prove your love to Allah subhana wa Tada, be positive, go out there, do every work of good deeds that you can, me Allah subhanho wa Taala make your deeds acceptable to him. For those who think that they don't have the skills and the knowledge and the ability, but Allah will tell you, every single person that has made an effect in this dunya was not a really great man before they became became

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great. They were not particularly talented, not particularly educated, not particularly eloquent. They didn't need the permission, everybody of everybody, they didn't have the help of everyone as well. But Allah had one thing and one thing only, and that was a deep burning desire to achieve something. Gandhi, when he thought that he was going to throw the people out of India. When was that time he was the most unique of times when he was being thrown out of the carriage, the first class carriage in South Africa, that is the moment as his cheeks hit the ground as was thrown out of the train. He said I made up my mind at that point, that I am going to free India from the British, yes

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alarm. This is the nature of visionaries. This is the nature of people who want to do good, that by Allah their visions are completely completely illogical, sometimes completely incomprehensible, completely. You know imbecilic, sometimes to people, and sometimes quite, quite silly, but but Allah This is the nature of visions. This is the this is the power of vision. This is the power of passion, my brother's Islam. It's completely illogical, but by Allah by some heavenly logic, Allah subhanho wa Taala makes it possible. So my brothers and my sisters Islam, as we come to a close for this beautiful conference, and but Allah was made beautiful by Allah subhanho wa Taala as butter can

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your presence, may Allah subhana wa Taala Let every single person who leave this conference, go away with a tremendous desire in his heart to prove his love to Allah subhana wa Tada. Let this be the call that you all have. Let this be the promise that you all make as you walk out of this conference. So my brothers and my sister in Islam, make an oath and a promise to Allah subhanho wa Taala that you're going to do something to prove your love to Allah azza wa jal, right, you're going to prove your love to Allah subhana wa Tada. And but Allah be of those people who fulfill your promise. And I remind you all Lastly, of the ayah and the verse in the Quran, where Allah subhana wa

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Taala says about the people and the men who have promised Allah subhanho wa Taala verily from the believers are those who have fulfilled what they have promised Allah subhanho wa Taala men whom man Katana bow from them are those people who have already passed away. One mean who might be untethered from them, or those people that are still waiting to fulfill their promise wama but De Luca de la, they have not changed but Allah in their promise. The scholars have the same say, this verse was revealed regarding a Sahabi by the name of Anna's been another, and has been another rhodiola who was the Sahaba who accepted Islam just right after bother just before and but Allah when he accepted

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Islam after butter, but before he felt sad, he felt sad. Why did he feel sad because he had missed the greatest of battles, the Battle of butter, so he made a promise to Allah, raising his hands. They haven't said Yara. If you give me another chance, I will prove to you my promise to you. So Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him a chance and gave him the Battle of butter and Bala he fought in the Battle of Adam sorry. And he fought in the Battle of OSHA, until they said that he was wounded 36 times all in the front. And they could not recognize him except by the tip of his fingers that his sister you would would recognize him for? Why? Because but Allah He proved his promise to Allah,

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that if Allah gives him another battle, he will truly prove to Allah how much value he has, how much love he has for this deed, how much he wants to defend this deed and by Allah. This is the verse that was revealed for him, verily from believers are those who are truthful to the covenant from Allah from them or those that have passed away and from them or those that still await their death about Allah, they have not changed in their promise to Allah. Ask yourself this question. Are you going to change in your promise to Allah azza wa jal? Or are you going to be of the believers that are from the men and the women that are true believers that hold on to your promise and be in the

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law make a true change in this oma zachman lahir My brothers Islam for attending this conference, I hope to be the law. You all benefited

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What's up

A motivating talk by Sheikh Tawfique Chaudhary emphasizing on getting closer to Allah SWT and proving our love for our Creator. This talk also gives the boost for those who think they cannot good anymore, for those who are inflicted with disease, for those who are trying to give dawah to their families and are being hurt and for those who think that there is no hope for the ummah.

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