Hope Shaytan’s Greatest Fear

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ICNA Symposium 2020

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Mr. Miller well Hamdulillah he was salat wa salam ala Rasulillah. Well, Ali was the one manga rubbish. Shahe Sabri was it was really angry while Mila Sania calling a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. My name is Yvonne Siddiqui. I'm from one New Jersey, specifically why in South Jersey, and I'll be serving as the moderator today. I hope and pray that everyone is doing well staying at home safe and healthy and has enjoyed and taken a lot out of the sessions thus far. On behalf of young Muslims and Akena. I'd like to welcome you all to this online symposium and to the third session of today. She sought this Lean shift sought this Lean Startup Islamic education at AI as a

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in Fairfax, Virginia. He then went on to study at Islamic University of Medina where he dedicated himself to the study of Islamic sciences. He graduated with a bachelor's from the Faculty of Islamic law at the University of Medina. And the you will be talking to us about hope Shakedowns, greatest fear.

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Bismillah Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah early he will be here, Manuela a ceremony come walking with Allahu Akbar, Catherine. So our topic is the shield bond. You know, I actually and some of you may know this, I teach a seminar that takes it takes an in depth look at the shield bond. And it's very interesting to Pamela because as I've taught this seminar, and even people who have attended this seminar, one of the things that often gets brought up is that as we go through events in life, you know, the ups and downs of life is very interesting to see how the shield fun, uses his his tricks, his methods of deception, to take advantage of those moments, and

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especially moments in which we are a little bit we you know, our emotions may be heightened. So while there may be happy moments, joyous moments where our emotions get heightened, or moments that are typical for us, and you know, our emotions get heightened in that sense. So obviously, you know, this time that we're going through is a time of pain and difficulty for a lot of people and, and I know everyone is dealing with their own issues, everyone's dealing with their own difficulties. But without a doubt, the sheer plan will try his best to take advantage of the time that we're going through. And so I really today wanted to speak about one of the ship Don's main methods of deception

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and how as a matter of fact, if we learn and understand that method of deception, we can actually be victorious against the shift button. You see, the shift button has been mentioned to us in great detail in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallaahu send them and when you look at the statements of the chiffon and in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah actually tells us of the speech of of Shri upon how Shere Khan speaks and what he said and you know what, he's what he what he said, when he disobeyed, Allah has tried to Allah and so on and so forth. And it's amazing how the Shaban is makes these sweeping statements, these very arrogant and pompous statements and it's it's as if

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he has so much faith in himself. It's as if he is so sure of himself and he is so sure that he will be able to mislead human beings. So for example, looks kind of odd tells us that the chiffon says definitely then I mean everybody kind of sleep on the Florida he tells Allah subhanaw taala he says, I will surely meaning I will definitely take from Your servants a specified portion meaning a certain amount of your servants speaking to Allah here the Shere Khan says I will definitely take for myself a specified portion. Also, if Lee said Carla phobia is a tick low, we are no edge Marine. He says I swear by your honors speaking to Allah subhanaw taala And subhanAllah swearing by Allah's

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honors and show us how arrogant and pompous the Shabbat and really is. He says Fabio is a thick

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Marine, he said I swear by honor, that I will mislead all of them once again a a sweeping statement. Also, the Chapin believes he said Karna are at the cabin to Allah He tells Allah has plenty of dialogue. He says Do you see this one who you have honored above me and actualities panel on the statement?

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If you really if you understand the Arabic of it, and if you know when you speak Arabic, you get a very clear impression of how it pleases being very dismissive of them Allah has sent out and how he's viewing himself above the Malla histogram. So he says Do you see this one and you putting him dismissing him? Not even calling him by his name calling him this one. Alright, take a ha Do you see this one? Has anybody cut one Dahlia, do you see this one who you have honored above me? And then he makes his

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threat Have you threatens the Children of Adam Allah has said, he says in a huntin in a Yeoman cuyama. He tells Allah, if you delay me until the Day of Resurrection, meaning if you allow me to live until the Day of Resurrection resurrection, then you can never read enough Medina, he says, I will end this word Subhanallah, then you can now is actually a very powerful word. And, you know, in my seminar, we go, we take a deep dive into this word, but this, the word the meaning of this word, really here is that he's saying, he's swearing, he's saying, I swear, that if you allow me if you allow me to live, then then you can never reata who elaborate I will, I will grab and seize and

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control the offspring, the children of Adam, as I said, I'm except for a few. And now Subhanallah, hopefully with these few if you get an understanding of how threatening Iblees the Shere Khan is, and you've had a lot, one of the questions that I that I often get is why, why did Allahu Subhan, Allah to Allah, allow the Shia thorn to live? You know, if he's so arrogant, he disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala. He refused to obey Allah. And he became arrogant with it. And then he threatened them Allah He said, he threatened the Children of Adam, as we, as we saw, as we heard, why would Allah allow him to live? Because the reality is Iblees, after all of that, what did you say? God?

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Allah tells us a rugby for uncertainty in a yummy, you bet. I thought, he says, My Lord, give me respite, meaning, delay me, allow me to live until the day on which they are resurrected. And what Allah has to Allah say, Allah said, are in Nicomachean, monitoring, you are amongst those who have been given respite, there you go. You want your life to be extended. You want to live until the Day of Resurrection. There you go. And so people often ask me, they say Why Why would Allah? If he's so threatening with you so arrogant? Why would Allah allow him to live, let alone if we learn and understand the methods of deception? How the shaytaan the tricks he uses? It's really Subhanallah a

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question that can trouble us. So the methods of deception that the ship one has, in my seminars in Panama, we don't go we go through over a dozen methods of deception. For example, how does this she upon trying to deceive us, one of his methods of deception? Is the distortion of reality. Well, how does the ship on trying to get us to disobey Allah subhanaw taala by distorting the reality of matters in one of two ways, or both ways, either making evil look enticing and good. And IBLEES actually even said this to us, he said, and he informed us of this as Allah kind of data tells us, Cara, Robbie Bhima avoid attorney, that was the IANA Allah hung out. He said, My Lord, by the, by

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the error that you have put me in, let Jose Yeah, and I know hopefully, I will beautify that which is upon Earth for them. And what do you see beautifying here, he beautifies our sins, He beautifies our disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala and that was a yen Allah hung up, I will beautify for them, meaning these matters that our sins are they're evil, or they're bad, or they cause harm, all this negative stuff. The chiffon will beautify it for us. And that's how he distorts the reality of matters. And the other way, is what the chef God does is He will take that which is good, that which is from the obedience of Allah, and it will, he will distort it to make it seem bad, or make it seem

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difficult, or make it seem like something that we just cannot do. So this is one method of deception, another method of deception, the chiffon uses our own desires against us. So the she upon knows we as human beings, we have certain natural desires and and certain desires from this world. And he will make sure that those desires are used, so that we disobey Allah subhanaw taala and as the Chapin said, If he says once again, Allah has informed us while older law now Allah woman, Nguyen, Nahum, he said, I swear I will surely mislead them, and I will woman need to know him and I will arouse in them, their sinful desires, their desires, those desires, that will take them away

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from Alaska to Allah. Why? Because he knows. He knows that our desires if we fall prey to our desires, if we begin to worship our desires, if we listen to every one of our desires, then surely we will end up in the disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala. The shaytaan knows that in order to attain Jannah in order to attain paradise

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We have to be able to control our desires as the prophet sighs. You said how fertile fertile Jana will Makara that Jana has been surrounded with, with hardships, those things that we find to be difficult, whatever for dinner and the Hellfire has been surrounded be showered with desires, meaning it's very easy. If you've had a lot to go to the hellfire, all we have to do is give in to our desires. So the chiffon knows this. And so yes, he uses our desires against us the ship on another breath of deception, he will cause us to have doubts and Subhanallah in this day and age specifically, I know a lot of young people and when it comes to their struggle with their faith,

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what I have observed and Allah Subhana Allah knows best that when someone is struggling with their Eman when they're struggling with Islam, their struggle falls in one of two categories. There's there's two main reasons why a lot of young people or some young people may be struggling with their faith, either it is Shabbat, right desires, meaning we desire something from this world or worldly desires are keeping us away from Islam, right desires of this dunya or it is doubt Shiva. It's either Shabbat or should we had doubts doubts that we may be having in our deen. And that takes us away from Allah who is penalized to Anna? Right? And yes, this she Athan causes us he encourages us

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to have doubts. As the person gave us one example. If I said I'm said yet yesterday, I thought I had to come the Share Plan will come to you. And he will say who created this? And who created that until the shaytan says, Woman Hala para buck. He says and who created your Lord? What is this? This is a doubt. Right? And here's the question I'm saying that it is the chiffon who brings you to this line of questioning. And it's very interesting to panel up in 14 1500 years, nothing has changed till today. This is the same doubt that the SharePoint often brings that people often have like if God created everything than who created God, you know, a common common thing the person have

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informed us about this 1400 years ago, all of these methods of deception and these this is just this is just a small sampling. This is the tip of the iceberg of how the chiffon misleads us. So why, why people asked me, Why would Allah allow him to live? And the answer to that question, is very clear. Allah allows him to live because Allah has given us the ability to protect ourselves against the chiffon and Allah has panela to Allah has given us the greatest, most powerful weapon against the sheer fun that if we were to have an employee this weapon, then the chiffon cannot defeat us. What is this weapon? This weapon is hope. This weapon is hope in Allah who is panela to Anna, this is a

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weapon that involves is too far and Toba. It involves seeking Allah's forgiveness and repenting to Allah Who is penalized to Allah. You see, the moment we seek forgiveness from Allah, the moment we repent to Allah, all of what the chiffon has done against us, falls to the side, all of it becomes useless. The moment we say, I'd be my Lord, forgive me, my Lord, forgive my sins. With that forgiveness, the Shelton is defeated in everything that he has done so far. And in this because of this hope, that we have the ability to defeat the sheer plan, because look, if we don't have hope, then we won't repent. If we don't have hope. We won't return to Allah Subhana Allah and I have

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personally seen this happen with people where people have come up to me and said, You know, I'm just a sinful person. I've committed so many sins, you know, I've done so much better like this and that Allah one Forgive me, right? So because of a loss of hope. They don't even try to seek Allah's forgiveness. And I know for a fact that that is what the chiffon encourages. That's one of his most powerful tactics, to get us to lose hope. And that is our what he fears the most from us, is us having hope, in the forgiveness and the mercy of Allah who's Panhellenic and that is why Allah reminds us over and over again. In the Quran. For example, Allah says, Well, yeah, a buddy Alladhina

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Estrada Allah and precede him say, Oh My servants, those who have transgressed against themselves meaning those who have sinned and transgressed against themselves, law Tukana to Mirage, Medina, do not lose hope in the Mercy of Allah do not despair in the Mercy of Allah in

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La Plata, Groton.

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In Allaha, young little little by Jamia, it is Allah who forgives all sins in know who Oliver for Rahim certainly it is he who is all forgiving and all merciful. Here Allah is reminding us of how we can defeat the sheer fun as long as we have hope. The chiffon cannot win and that is why as believers, despair should not even be in in despair should not be anywhere near our life. Despair should not be a part of who we are, because as believers as long as we have emaan then we cannot despair and Allah has kind of went to Iraq. And that is why Yaqoob Allah has set out what did he tell his children, his sons? He said, Let what I think so what I say so, what I tell you so men

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Rohilla Do not despair in the relief of Allah in the hola Yeah, so mero hella ILL home with our caffeine. It is only the caffeine only the disbelieving people who despair because people have Iman, people who have faith, then we do not despair because our hope is tied into our in our hope is tied into our iman. And that is why Ibrahim alayhi salam said, well, mania can lead to morality rugby, in Lavon learn that it is only the Law No, and those who have gone astray, who lose hope who despair in the mercy of their Lord. Once again, the law alone those who do not have the guidance, if we have proper guidance, if we have emaan, that we always maintain our hope. And this is why this is one of

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the defining characteristics of believers. And that is why Allah Subhan Allah to Allah with all of the ways that she upon all the threats that the chiffon made all of the methods of deception of the chiffon, with all of that Allah who's kind of went to Allah reminded us in K the she upon and cannot bear ephah that the plot of this year Pong is so weak, it is ever weak, because we have this amazing ability, this amazing power to defeat defeat the sheer fun in having hope in Allah who has Panhellenic to Allah. And that is why especially in a time like this, where we see sadness, we see difficulty, we see pain, we see suffering, yes, we can fall into despair. Yes, we can begin to think

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that there is no good outcome that we will never recover, that we will never, we can never save ourselves from the situation. But as believers, we have to remind each other, and we have to be there for each other, to inspire hope in one another. In these times, and in all times, do not be the helpers of the chiffon. Meaning do not be those who inspire despair, whether it be on a macro level, life and faith in general, or even with individuals. How many people have we seen that help the ship fun? Bring despair to people? How many people look at someone and just write them off? This person has no hope this person, you know what? They're just a sinful person. They're just a bad

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person. What is this? This is despair. This is the job of the Shri Athan, we do not want to help the chiffon. In these times and in all times, we want to be agents of hope. We want to be those who inspire hope in others with with all the difficulties with everything we are dealing with whether it may be matters of this dunya whether it be matters of our health, whether whether it be matters of wellness, or it be the biggest matter, our faith. And we find this characteristic amongst all of the prophets of Allah whose panel at the Isla, that they would inspire hope in people they would never let people lose hope in the Mercy of Allah who's Penwith to Allah. So my message for you today this

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evening inshAllah hertziana that we don't know what we're going to go through. We don't know how long this difficulty is going to allow us. We don't know what difficulties we have ahead of us in these times and times to come. Life is full of difficulties. Life is full of hardships, but we have to be agents of hope. And we cannot be agents of despair. Because sometimes you've had Allah when we inspire others with hope. We ended up inspiring ourselves with hope as well. In any any person who is in a in a position of teaching and educating others, one of the things that they will tell you and I can say this for myself, we're not perfect, right? We don't we're not we're not free of sins,

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we're not free of faults. We all have our issues. We all have our own problems. We all have times where we feel overwhelmed, but we continue to invite others to good because we know Inshallah, how to add a number one inshallah to others.

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rewarding that, but also inspiring others inspires us as well. And when you see someone who is in despair, and you, you you, you encourage hope in them and you see them transform from a life of despair to a life of hope that will do nothing but inspire you with hope as well. So I asked Allah who is penalized to Allah to make us agents of hope in our life and in everything that we are going to face Allahumma Amin will love her to Allah Subhana Allah Huma will be handed a shadow in the island, a selfie rocker or Timberlake

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does this mean Mel subhanaw taala accept from you and reward you immensely for all your efforts.