Akram Nadwi – Independent Accommodation for Wives

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the complicated relationship between the couple's appearance and the culture of marriage. They mention that the couple may not live in the same house as their father, but they do have a private property called Fatima. They also discuss the importance of providing independence for women and the need for privacy in the couple's privacy practices.
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So Father, I was about 15 years older than I, I so was the wife of the person was bottler was the daughter of the person and like, how did they reconcile that relationship? I mean, obviously, they don't live in the same house. Sometimes they meet here and there in a problem. Our problem is because you know, this Asian system where everybody's in the same house, that unnecessary problem, the way it used to be that people get married there somewhere else, they don't live in the same house. Yes, I'm talking

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to journalists, that's really good. But sometime Could it be some problem little prom because when you live together then more crime happens, but very, very far away, no problem there except when you meet sometimes something can happen. But generally relation the Asha father was very good, given a talk that needs to meet, you know, sometime could be some little bit here or there, but not very much.

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Like you know, for women wives, the private company to Fatima that your your father, you know, he I know he can't come to a house of Ayesha than all the gifts come to the prophet in that heart time to we don't get anything to talk to your father to he can ask people to give gifts when he's out in our house to Fatima came and talked with the prophets I'm set to follow him Aren't you happy with what I'm happy? system? Did she become quiet? You know if something like that happened. But generally, these more prompts are not allowed anywhere from really to live in the same house that I always say, if you marry then provide your wife independent accommodation. If you make her to live with your

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parent or your sisters and brothers, anybody, you create a problem for everybody, then nobody will happy. There's no right way Islamic ways to provide independent accommodation for the wives. It obligates on every man anybody who married even humble small whatever you can afford by should be independent and independent means where nobody can turn in the house without her permission. That we're independent means we are her permission nobody can enter missing where we meant that what people say well women can take off their clothes when they don't need to be syllabub and we had this car inside the house. I think this punishment for the women. If they live with everybody else, they

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go outside inside the house you know about all the time you know covering that not right up people are headed to you know when they're alone. They can do whatever they like when they go outside then they put on tilba headscarf

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to when you bring your wife with other people all the time. She's definitely have to be double headscarf, all the time.

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