Children are a Blessing

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The speaker discusses the concept of "comeing out of poverty" and how it can lead to "come out of poverty." They also mention a woman who used to use the word "come out of poverty" to describe her child and how they would not take what is rightfully apportioned to her. The speaker warns that "come out of poverty" can lead to "come out of poverty" and promises to provide for children in the future.

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Then Allah says, Well ah taco to know Allah de comin in LA, and don't kill your children out of poverty, you're poor, you fearing that your child will share the morsel of food with you. So you kill the child. Allah says, that is a major sin. Don't worry, each child comes with his or her own sustenance, you might find it a little bit difficult initially, but when the child grows up, that child will look after you, the child has its own sustenance, a portion from Allah, they're not going to take what is rightfully apportioned to you at all. So, trust Allah, and you will achieve comfort, no problem. Sometimes people fall pregnant and they say, I can't afford it. Allah says, Have the

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child, don't worry, the child will bring about great blessings that you cannot imagine. If it is for financial reasons, you're never allowed to terminate a pregnancy. No, don't so hon Allah. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us understanding. Similarly when the child is born, some of the pagan Arabs used to kill the children because they used to fear them sharing the morsel of food literally. Allah says that is a major sin. It is part of this list. Immediately after that Allah says national narco poco was in your home. We will sustain you we will provide for you and we will provide for those little kids as well. There will come a time when those kids will earn way more than you had imagined

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and perhaps take care of you. Subhana Allah