Allah Is Kind & Merciful – Recite & Reflect #13

Ahmed Hamed


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Speaker 1 discusses the gentle nature of Allah and his compassion to people, which is evidenced by his "monster by the name of Jesus." They also mention his struggles with drugs and alcohol but express their best expectations from Allah subhanho wa.

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Bucha. Ana again and again, invites our attention to look at who Allah is, and a lot of talks about himself in this particular is that he is extremely gentle and he is absolutely compassionate to the people, which means that we have to take advantage on the reflection on the names and the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala is absolutely gentle, and is absolutely compassionate, especially merciful to the believers. So my beloved brothers and sisters, never, ever lose hope in Allah subhanaw taala and in fact have the best expectations from Allah subhanho wa Taala