“Go Home! You Don’t Belong Here!

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There are there are people who there's people who accepted Islam after 911. There are people who like I said, their their their Eman was weak. They were suffering. And then when 911 happened, and when they once again, when they were challenged, that's when their emotion was strengthened. And that often baffles the mind. And oftentimes when people think of that, it doesn't like logically, it doesn't make sense. Like, why would you become Muslim when things get harder? Right? So just surface level surface level, logically, you'd say, if it's harder to become a Muslim, then there's going to be less Muslims. Throughout the history of Islam. That has never been the case.

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The history of Islam tells us that as things get more difficult, as things get harder, more people come to Islam. That is how Islam started. Islam started with difficulty. Islam started with hardship. Islam started with people alienated, alienating people from their own community. Right. We know what the prophet slicin went through. We know what the companions went through their living in their home and then the parallel between By the way, the Muslims in Mecca and the Muslims of today, Muslims in America is amazing. Because for Muslims in Mecca, the only home that they knew the only home that they had was Mecca. They loved Mecca. And Mecca was a disbelieving society. Mecca was a

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society that tortured them and and oppress them and rejected them and push them out of their homeland. I mean, even the Prophet Mohammed said the longer I didn't send him, we know that it affected him on an emotion, a deep emotional level. When he had to leave,

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and he didn't want to leave. He was forced out of Mecca. And we know the story that finally when he saw I said that when he's leaving Mecca, he takes a last look at Mecca. And His love, His heart is filled with love. And then he looks to Medina, a foreign place for him a place that he's not familiar with, that's not his home. And he says a llama had been in a nun Medina garganelli Mecca, he says, Oh Allah make Medina, beloved to us, just as we have love for my meeting these strong feelings that I have, or that we have for Mecca, Oh Allah allow us to have those feelings for Medina as well. Why? Because he loved my cat, because his heart yearned for Mecca. And that is why not only

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partially sent him but all the companions who made hinges on all of them who left Mecca, that was a very difficult thing because they're being kicked out of their home. They're being they're being told that you don't belong here. And the exact same thing is happening today. Unfortunately, a lot protectors. But a lot of Muslims are being told you don't belong here, especially like this generation that I'm looking at here. With those of you who were born here and raised here. You know how it feels? Right? I think to myself, like I don't I don't know what society a community of people other than the American people. I mean, yeah, I've lived in other places for periods of time, but

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the way I know and understand America, the way I the way I can relate to American culture, I can't relate to any other culture in that way. Right? So when someone comes and tells me like, you don't belong here, or you're not American, that just blows my mind. Right as it does for a lot, a lot of you. But in that difficulty, what happens? Well, people as I said, in those hard times, and those difficult times, people come back to Islam or they reach for reach for Islam.