The Angels Will Descend Upon You

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of staying on the course of steadfastness, as it is a promise for a particular condition. They stress the need to consider the conditions of one's life and consider if they are true or false. The speaker also emphasizes the need to continue working to fulfill the promises of Islam.
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Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, chapter 41 Verse 30, in the Lydian aka Lu or a boon, Allah who missed the AMO, indeed those who have set our Lord is Allah, and then remained steadfast remained firm remained on the course, that unnecessarily human melodica The angels will descend upon them saying, I let Hafele Wella has no so in their moment of death, the angels will come to them, and they will say, Do Not Fear and Do not grieve, wherever she will be Jana, and have glad tidings of Paradise which you are promised. And so, right here in this verse, we have so much to unravel. Indeed, those who have said, our Lord is Allah and then remained on a right course remember, first

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principle that we talked about, is that every address is for you. The entire Quran is there to address you, and you alone. Where am I with regards to this verse? Am I someone who steadfast? What does steadfastness look like? We see how we are.

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Am I better than I was last year? Am I better than I was two years ago? Am I continuing to ascend closer to Allah subhanaw taala, even as time brings me closer to Allah and closer to my demise? The angels will descend upon them saying, Do not grieve and do not fear. What do you fear? We fear regarding what time period, the past present or the future, we fear the future. And so these people as they are dying, these believers as they are dying, the angels are saying to them, there's no fear for you don't fear the future, and do not grieve, what do we grieve about, we grieve about the past. And so do not grieve about the past, and do not have fear over the future. But this promise is for a

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particular condition. And that condition is for those who live their lives with this concept of steadfastness, those who were firm in their journey to ALLAH SubhanA data, those who do not waver here are there, those who continued to seek guidance and to continue to see closeness to Allah subhanaw taala. And so it's important that we think about these conditions and that we really look at ourselves in the mirror, because it is delusion, for a person to think

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that they simply can do nothing of what Allah Subhana Allah has obligated, not fulfill the conditions that Allah subhanaw taala has required, and that they are somewhat deserving of, of the promises of Allah, the greatest promises of Allah. And this is something that is really scary, especially at the time that we live in where we have, you know, religion, we've made religion, something that is in service of us. And so anything that we're uncomfortable with, we challenge anything that is aspirational that demands of us to be better. We say no, I need to be accepted as who I am. I don't like this message. I don't like this community. I like this. Mmm, I don't like

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whoever it is. That is telling me that the way that I am is not okay, I need to actually be better. We live in the modern world where religion is made to serve us. We are not servants of God. And so these verses are a wake up call for us.

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The set of you know, the Sahaba Of course, even before them, they used to fear incredibly, it hasn't imbecility, he said, and he would weep. And just after a lifetime of worship, he would say I fear that Allah subhanaw taala throws me in the hellfire and he will not mind. That's what I fear. I fear that on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala causes all of these actions that I do to just count for nothing. I fear that on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhana data says, I gave you these blessings and gave me these blessings and gave you these blessings. And you're lying, you didn't do anything because of me, you did it so that the people could say, as a hadith of Abu Huraira, the

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first people that the file will be kindled with Allah as though he owes us nothing, he gives us everything. But Allah has promised us that if we do what ALLAH SubhanA, Allah has made conditions that He will fulfill those conditions. And so number one, those who establish or number one, those who remain steadfast. Number two, Allah subhanho wa Taala will support those who support him. So Allah Subhana Allah data, he says, verse number two, what can happen Elena and meaning? Chapter 30, verse 47, and it is binding upon Us to support the believers, it is binding upon Us to support the believers. Now people may ask the question and say, Where is Allah Subhana Allah support whereas

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Allah Allah has promised that he will support the believers. But what is the elephant in the room here? The part that has not Allah's promises true? What's the part that we're not sure of? The question is, are we believers? Are we true believers?

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Are we fulfilling the requirements of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah look at our lives. And so it is incredibly important that we look towards ourselves and we look internally and we look at our, the way that we are living, both as individuals, as families as communities, and we ask ourselves the question, if Allah subhana data has promised victory and support to the believers, and if it is delayed, then it is because of our actions. We need to continue to fix things. We need to continue to repent from things we need to continue to challenge. We need to, you know, just I mean, there's so much that can be said about this one of the greatest pillars of Islam, that is almost non

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existent in modern society is commanded good and forbidding evil, right and Allah and there's so much that the Prophet saw the light is added and warned about if this this commandment were to be neglected, and if this commandment to be suspended by a community and so, again, to look internally to understand that Allah subhana wa dadas promises true. What we have to do is we have to work tirelessly to fulfill the conditions of those promises of that promise.