Forgotten Sunnahs – Episode 08

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After a Blessing

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Salaam Alaikum and welcome to another episode of forgotten suddenness. In today's episode, we're going to be talking about what to do when something good happens to you.

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In a previous episode, we talked about the sides that are gratitude that when we hear some good news we fall into says that out of thankfulness and gratitude to a loss penalty, we're going to add to that so when we experience something good, something good happens to us when we are blessed with something. The Sunnah is that we give charity to thank loves penalty, Allah and you already may be aware of an example of this, what am I talking about? I'm talking about what we do. When we have a child, when we have a newborn the first time they started us that we give charity equal to the weight of a child's hair in silver. And basically, that just means a small amount of charity. So

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when we have a child, we have a newborn out of happiness, and then gratefulness and thankfulness the last kind of data, we give charity. And we also see this being done by a companion of the nomadic or the alota on this is mentioned inside Bahati that will allow us pedelec data, accepted his repentance, he said to the profits of I send them he said, O Messenger of Allah, I will give all of my possessions everything that I own, for the sake of Allah. And the person replied, and said, keep some of your wealth for deed that is better, meaning don't give all of it away. So here we see the percent of approving and encouraging of this practice that when we have something good, that's

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happening in our lives, that we don't just keep it to ourselves. Obviously, this is a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala. And we want to be a source of goodness and happiness for others as well. So helping out the poor, helping someone who is in need, giving charity, sharing our happiness, and also sharing our blessings with others as well. So the sooner today, go give charity when you receive a blessing from Allah who's Penwith to Allah and Allah knows best. Until next time, I said I want to go off with the light or what I got to