Forgotten Sunnahs – Episode 05

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Episode Notes

Do This When You’re Super Happy!


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of happiness and how it is earned through actions. They explain that Islam has taught us to express happiness and reward ourselves for doing so, even when we receive good news. The speaker also mentions a study on how people feel elated and happy when they receive good news.
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AsSalamu Alaikum and welcome to another episode of forgotten Sooners. Today's episode deals with the Sunnah related to receiving good news.

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In the hadith of Abu Bakr ah he tells us that when something good came to the prophets I send them or you received good news, glad tidings that he would fall into touch that to Allah, out of gratitude to Allah. So from this, we learned that it is from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu, I do send them that when something good comes to us we receive some good news or even when a calamity has been averted, that we express our gratitude to Allah by falling into such that now it's part of human nature, to want to express one's happiness. And that's why sometimes when someone gets some good news, and they feel extremely happy, they may express it in different ways they'll jump around

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or give high fives or whatever it may be. Islam has taught us a way through which not only can we express our happiness, but we're also being rewarded by Allah for expressing that happiness. It's very simple as well we fall into says that some scholars say we say somehow not a bill Allah as we normally do and says that, but after that, it's for us to thank Allah to make the law and sometimes people ask, When do we make this such that what is called this to do the sugar? When do we do it? Well, it's whenever you feel elated, happy and you want to express that happiness. Make that such though and Allah Subhana Allah knows best until next time, I said I'm on a cul de la he will work

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