Saad Tasleem – Faith – Starting Over

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the impact of physical fitness on one's faith, citing examples such as losing progress and committing to prayer. They also mention the amazing effect of faith on one's ability to be back at work and achieve success in their life.
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So I'm what a cool. So a few times I'm going to talk about the parallels between fitness, nutrition and eemaan. Because a lot of the principles that apply to physical fitness apply to our faith as well. However, I've been thinking about a difference between the two and major difference. And that is how when it comes to fitness and nutrition, sometimes when you let it go for a while, it can be really hard to start back up because you've lost all the progress that you have made. And you have to start all the way from zero. However, when it comes to our Eman, even if we let it go, and even if we're suffering, we're committing a lot of sins and we're just not focused on our faith. All it

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takes is one prayer, one prayer one sense that one there are one act of seeking forgiveness from Allah to be back at 100% and that is the amazing thing about our faith. We can renew it at any time and be back on top and law knows best

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