My Parents Want Me to Get Married. What Should I Do

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Answered by Ustadha Taimiyyah Zubair

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If someone's parents want them to get married, but they don't feel ready, what should they do?

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A lot of the times parents know their children, and they also want the best for them. And sometimes they encourage their children to do what is best for them. However, parents should never force their children to do what the children are not ready for. Now, the question is that if someone doesn't feel ready for marriage, they need to ask themselves that, is it really the idea of marriage that they're not ready for? Or is it about the particular person that the parents are suggesting they marry, that they're not ready to marry? So this is something that needs to be clear. And if someone doesn't feel ready about the idea of marriage, then I would suggest them that they speak to their

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parents about it. Talk to them about your apprehensions, your concerns, why you're hesitant, perhaps they will explain certain things that will help you make a better decision. And if it is not your parents that you can speak to then speak to somebody else that you can trust whose advice is helpful, so that you can identify what those real reasons are, why you're not ready for marriage. And remember, that only get married when you are ready for marriage, because it is not fair to the other person, that they're marrying someone who's not even ready to marry them, who doesn't even want to be in that marriage with them. So make this decision carefully and only make this decision

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when you are ready for it and I said I want to live on a Carter, thank you so much for watching this video, and I'm so happy that you were able to watch it and Charla to benefit from it. If you have not subscribed to faith IQ yet, please do. Click on the link make sure that you open the notification. So you will always be notified when a new video comes these questions that we answer our questions that submitted by you so please leave us a comment. Send a question that you think it will benefit the general public so we can give you the answer if we know it in shall love to Ana, thank you very much. Your participation means a lot to us a set Amati come on to light a lot of

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