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Al-Qasas 68-88 Translation 68-88

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said I'm already on what I had to lie here but I got through.

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Earlier a lot of sodium Kadeem a my birth feroza Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish luckily you saw that he was certainly MD ruler of that a melissani of kabale probenecid and Arima

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lesson number 203 pseudo casas is number 68 to 88. Translation. What are buka and your rub your local he creates ma whatever he or she will He wills, we are sterile and he chooses he selects man not Ghana, it was the home for them. I'll hear the choice. So but Hana glory, Allah is of Allah. What are Allah and he is exalted. A man above what you shikun they associate

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What are Booker and your rub your lm? He knows ma what to kinu it concealed. So do rowhome their chests warmer and what your linoone they reveal wahoo and he Allahu Allah lair not Ilaha any god Illa except who were he? La who for him Alhamdulillah praise fi in la una the first one and the last one who and for him and hook move the judgment what LA and to him to Jerome you all will be returned to say item Have you considered in if jarana he made Allahu Allah are they come upon you a Laila the night Selma then continue continues Illa till yone de la Yama the standing man who Allah who God lay you other than Allah Allah yet decom He will come to you believe with light a fella do they're not

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this Maroon you all here all say or item Have you considered in if Darla humaid Allahu Allah, La come upon you inherit the day Selma then continuous Illa to yo de la Yama the standing man who Allahu god vairo other than Allah, Allah decom He will come to you belay with night, the schooner you will rest fi in it. If Allah do that not too soon, you will see a woman and from proximity, His mercy Giada he made lacunae for you. And Layla the night when the Hara and the de Lita schooner, so you all rest fi in it. When he Tabitha who and so you all seek Maine from fugly? He His bounty while Allah calm and so that you touch guru, you all are grateful. We're Yeoman and on the Unity Him He

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will call them fire kulu so he will say I know where should I carry my partner's alladhina those who come to you were does remove you all assert

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what is there now? And we drew out men from Cali every omoton Nation shahidan a witness for cola so we said her to you all bring berghahn acoem your proof for early move. So they came to know

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that indeed I'll help the truth. lilla is for Allah one and it was lost on home from them. Man. What can I know? They were the afternoon they fabricate in indeed. Aruna qarun Khanna he was main from our own people Moosa of Musashi, Salah

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feber Hall, but he rebelled, but he oppressed or lay him against them.

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What are they know who and we gave him men from El canoes, the treasures, man that in indeed, my father who it skis letter knew? Surely it weighs heavy.

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Bella Rosa, with the group with the band, only possessors alcova of the strength is when Allah He said, The who for him, oma who is people, let do not fly you exalt in Indeed, Allah Allah lair, not you hibou he loves alfre hain, those who exalt

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wobbly and seek FEMA in what attacker. He has given you. A love

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Allah Adel, the home hero, the last of the hereafter.

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While and do not tensor you forget Nestle back your portion Mina dunya from the dunya from the world what accent and do good karma just as a center he did good Allahu Allah alayka to you why Allah and do not w usyk Alpha sada the corruption fill up in the earth in the Lucha Indeed Allah lair not you have boo he loves aloof sit in the mischief makers.

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Allah He said in nama indeed not but Hootie hoo hoo, I have been given it. Allah upon elmen knowledge in the with me.

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Do what and lamb not yet Allah He knows that Indeed, Allah Allah, but in fact, he destroyed men from poverty he before him, men from Tarun the generations man who who get a shot do more severe stronger men who then him who were then in strength will actor and more jamara in accumulation in collection whether and not use Alou he will be questioned on about the newbie him there since almajiri Moon the criminals for hot Roger, so he went out Allah upon Omi he has people fi Xena t in his adornment. Allah He said, a Latina those who you read una they want their desire, I'll hire the life of dunya of the world. Yeah or later, if only would that learner for us mithila like similar man what butea

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he was given Karunakaran in the who indeed he led to surely possessor helping us share our lien Great.

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Well Karla and he said alladhina those who who do they were given the knowledge way they come to you? So Abu reward Allah of Allah hi Ron is better livan for Who am Anna he believed what are Mila and he did sila Han righteous wala and not EULA for her. He will be granted it will call her, he will be granted it Illa except a saw balloon, the patient ones

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for her Seffner. So we cause to swallow, we cause to sink, be he with him will be daddy he and with his home of the earth. Family. So not Ghana, it was Lahu for him, men from fit attain any group. The answer una who they help him. Men do nilla from other than Allah, woman and nor Ghana he was main from a winter Sweetie, those who help themselves those who defend

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what else about her and he became a Levine of those who don't know, they wished they desired McKenna who his place his position. Bill amps by the yesterday yaku Luna they were saying wake up or Indeed Allah Allah Yabba Soto, he extends a risk of the provision. Lehman for whom he or she who he wills men from revathi he his servants were called there and he restricts he ordains Lola If not, on that Monday, he favored Allahu Allah arlena upon us law suffer, surely he calls to swallow beaner with us waker and know who? Oh, indeed he laughs not you fish. He succeeds. alkaff yourown the disbelievers

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Dinka that Adele the home

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of the hereafter Niger Aloo her, we assign it

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lilla Vina for those who learn not Uri dooner they want riilu one exaltation, fee in

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the earth, Wallah and nor faceva corruption while Arqiva to end the consequence limit again, for those who fear Allah. For those who adopt the

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man whoever he came bill has

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With the good fellow who then for him higher on is better men her than it. Woman and who? He came bisaya with the evil fella so not you deserve, he will be recompensed. alladhina those who are milou they did say the evils in there except man what can oh they were Dr. Malone they do indeed a lady The one who fought over he has imposed he has made incumbent alayka upon you earn the Quran loduca surely one who returns you ILA to Mara then destination, place or return.

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All say Rob be my rub. Our lamb is most knowing man of who he came bill who there with the guidance woman and who who he fee in Berlin in error moving in clear,

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warmer and not contact you Where do you hope you expect and that you will call it is given Elijah? Do you alkie taboo, the book Illa except Ramadan and mercy. Moravec from Europe fella so do not the coonan you definitely be the hero and a helper little caffeine for the disbelievers. Whether or not yes I don't know. They definitely prevent you on from IIT versus Allah of Allah. bar the after is when on zero it was revealed alayka to you whether and invite Illa to rob beaker, your rub, Walla and do not the coonan you definitely be men from a machine. Those who do shake those who associate partners with Allah.

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Allah and do not deter you invoke Mara with Allah He Allah, Allah and a God have another lair not Ilaha any god Illa except who he kulu every che in thing. Harley can one that is destroyed. Illa except wedge Who? His face the who for him. I'll help move the decision where he lay he and to him to Jerome you all will be returned

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with this

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wha hoo. Alona

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la todo en

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de la

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Deus una de

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la toma

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watermill wash Maddy Giada

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de tous movie.

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Juanita Vito me

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Wyoming una de Valle

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see the

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the world

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me ob

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