Omar Suleiman – Meeting Muhammad PBUH #15 – When He Saw Oppression

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The profit slice on Islam is given to individuals for their own benefit, including emotional support and help. A woman describes how she heard a man say Obama screwed up ADAMUS and shouted his name. She describes a woman who came to plead to the Prophet sallahu wafer and said she was shouting her name. She describes how she faced a beast that impacted her and her husband's health, including the use of tools and the use of animals. She also mentions a woman who was approached by a creature who claimed she had a child, but she did not realize it was a bird.
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When you become indifferent to injustice, that's a problem of EMA. And that's a problem of faith. And you look at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, and the way that he would react when he saw someone being wronged, and he had such a hatred for oppression sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that was because the prophets lie some loved what Allah loved and the Prophet slicin hated what Allah hated and Allah azza wa jal hates oppression and has made it forbidden between us. So what would it be like when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam saw you being wronged or saw you wronging someone else in his presence?

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There Hadeeth in this regard, are actually too many to count for. And this was, of course, how could easily be allowed to add on to describe the profit slice on one of the descriptions to our you know, I don't know I will help you support everyone that has a righteous cause you're there for people in every way that they need you to be there. So if that means money, then you give them money. If that means help, then you give them help. If that means emotional support, you give them emotional support. And if that means when they are being wronged, and they find no one to advocate on their behalf, you are the one sallallahu wasallam that will stand up for them. And that was the profit

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slice on them before Islam. So how about after he came into the divine realization of a Masaru that bedri he reports a narration about himself and it's not a pleasant narration about himself. And I want to preface this with that for the reason that sometimes these people would share these things about themselves to teach a lesson to the oma and to share with you what your messenger sallallahu it was going on was like, and the lessons that they learned from him. So I will Mr. root, is actually the wrongdoer. In this narration that he himself narrates, he says that I had a slave of mine that I was beating and I was in a fit of rage as I was beating him. And as I was whipping him

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and whipping him and whipping him, I heard a man say Obama screwed up ADAMUS rude ADAMUS rude. He was shouting my name. And he said, lamb f hummus, salt, mineral hottap I could not recognize the voice because of the rage that I was in there. And Obama's rude No, Obama said rude. No, I will miss rude until I realized that was the voice of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and I wasn't used to hearing his voice that way. So of the mustard roots that I looked at the Prophet slice them and I saw his anger. When he was calling out to me, no album is rude. And he said I dropped the whip. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to me in a strong voice, he says Allahu Akbar, Radhika min katha

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Hidalgo lamp, Allah is more powerful, Allah has more authority over you than you have over this young man, Allah could do to you in a far more capable manner than what you could do to this man. And of all Massoud was shocked by the anger of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam and the way that the Prophet slicin was standing up for that young men Subhanallah you find this in almost every situation and things that are very, very close to us, a woman who comes to the Prophet sly sentiment, a narration from it, even though we thought about it a lot harder and who, and she came to the Prophet sly some to plead about the way that she was being mistreated now. And mujaddid,

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Allah revealed the whole surah about a woman who came to plead to the Prophet slice of them about being in a difficult state. This was a woman that came to the Prophet slice of them, and she was concealing her identity. And she says to the prophets lie, some that my husband is beating me, the prophet sly Salaam says, tell him you are under the protection of the Messenger of Allah. I mean, what a guarantee right? Go back to him and tell him you are under my protection. She came back and she says that he hit me again, he also Lola. And again, she doesn't want to reveal her identity. That's the implication of the Hadith, the prophet slice and I'm taking a piece of his shirt, and he

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gives her a piece of his shirt, as proof. Go back to him and tell him that you are under the protection of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. You are under the protection of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and she goes back to her husband with a piece of the shirt of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and she comes back and she says yada Silla, he hit me again. And the Prophet slicin them raises his hands to the sky, and he starts to make deer out he starts to pray against her husband, Subhana Allah I mean, the prophets lie. Selim took this so seriously, he didn't say well, I can't help you anymore. No, the prophet slice alum, took it so seriously that he

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actually started to make dua against the man because he continued to oppress her even after he sent his own garments, a piece of his own garment with her sallallahu alayhi wasallam and by the way, this was amazing that the Prophet slice alum would even hear the complaints of animals things

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that you did not know what speak, there was a time that you had a bird that was flapping its wings, and that was hovering over this hub. And this was in a time of an expedition. So there are more serious things at hand, right? There are things that you have to cater to as the leader of an army right now there is so much that's going on. And this bird is hovering over the Prophet slicin. And the companions and the prophets lie, some looks to the bird and then he looks to the Sahaba. And he says, men feather I heard the Hebrew what to do, who has heard this one in regards to her child who has heard this one in regards to a child? It's Paula, if you didn't know that it was a bird, you

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would think he's talking about a human being settled. lahardee was alum. But that's how outraged the Prophet slicin was. That's how he felt who hurt this one in regards to her child. And one of the Sahaba mentioned that he took her baby from the nest and the profit slice and insisted that you return the eggs back to her nest so that she doesn't feel that distress anymore. You find another narration Subhan Allah also with an animal so I didn't know what the alongside I know he says that the Prophet slicin and passed by a camel and that camel stomach touched its back meaning it had such little food that you could see its stomach touching its back there was no weight on the profit slice

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them went to the camel on the profit slice them started to comfort the camel and he said fear Allah in regards to these animals that don't speak you ride them other in good health. You eat them while they're in good health you should feed them while they're in good health take care of these animals. Right The Prophet sys alum said that this camel is complaining to me. So you find that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam does not ignore the call of the oppressed, even if no one else hears that call, but him sallallahu wasallam and even if others hear the call, but they don't think that the call is significant enough to answer no call of the one that was wrong was ever insignificant to the profit

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slice of them, even if everybody else ignored it. So I

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lay up

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