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Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The emotional struggles and loss of loved ones from Muslims are recognized, and the importance of learning to handle emotions and acceptance of the physical loss is emphasized. The removal of painful and evil things from the heart is emphasized, along with trusting the Lord. The importance of being a believer in old hangers and the need to be a believer in the old hangers is also emphasized. The speakers encourage listeners to be proud of their accomplishments and support their neighbors, while also emphasizing the importance of listening to people and not highlighting one's successes. The main course, Jana, is linked to the removal of painful and evil things from the heart and the importance of trusting old people.
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In Alhamdulillah Nash medical One A Star you know one stop federal. When are all the biller even surely and fusina women say T Ara Marlena May if the local firm will bleed out a warming you'll blame her her DLL. Why shadow Annette EULA you love wash the devil will OSHA de cada wash shadow under Mohammed Abdullah water Sulu sallallahu alayhi wa Tada Eddie he was Herbie woman sold either energy or Mr. B So Nettie heat yo yo Medina Amma buried for top Allahu Akbar Papa and more on our sub Hannover words are either theta and z li yeah you're Latina and then it topple la her half political party here while Tamil tune in one and two Muslim on film buried. Brothers and sisters.

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Let's begin by asking Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for his forgiveness and mercy on this blessing a day an hour of yoga Jorah Allah Allah Amin for our brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering for our brothers and sisters around the world who are in pain and struggle May Allah subhanho wa Taala give them patience, strength and ease their pain and ours love them. I mean, are you and Bob as we all know, there is a lot happening around the world particularly with our brothers and sisters in fell asleep first and foremost May Allah azza wa jal give them victory. Allahumma Amin mela is so it shall give them strengths. May Allah azza wa jal give them patience. All those

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who have passed away May Allah subhanho wa Taala count him from amongst the shahada, reunite all of us with them in China to be fair, docile Allah, Allah Hoonah mean, one of the things that we rarely think about many Muslims take for granted is the emotional pain and struggle. When you're listening, and you're hearing and you're going through online, and you're seeing all of those images, all of those videos, it takes a toll on a human being. We're all humans. It takes a toll not everyone can handle seeing those images, watching those videos. And it's if you push that aside, you know, sometimes when you're watching the news, and you'll hear individuals justify the loss of innocent

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children, people who have nothing to do with any conflict that had nothing to do with the political situation. They're not involved. They're just innocent people like you and I and But somehow when their lives are taken, it's justified and it can cause a bit of anger, frustration. And a lot of Muslims don't know how to cope with that frustration. Don't to know what to do, like, do I go to bed angry? Do I start questioning Oh Allah, why are you doing this? Why are you allowing this? So today, what I'd like to do in this short reminder is share with you a verse from soda till out of

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listen to the verse.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us

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when designer Matthew soldati him mineral to g min takhti Himal and *,

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we'll call Hamdulillah He loves he had done and he had the one could Nandina Teddy or Lola one could Nalina Teddy A Lola and her Donnell La La Khadija to Rusu Rabina Bill help when you do en t como Jana 202 Mu Hobbema Quinton Jana alone. Listen to the verse. One is Matthew so Doherty him in the Vale we stripped out and surgically removed from their chest. It'll really balloon. You know what the Linden is? Because the loan is everything that is bitter, unplugged unpleasant. So, all of us as human beings carry a little bit of light alone in us. Why do I say that? This is not to make you feel like okay, well I'm never going to win this battle of removing hatred and paid and animosity

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and all of these things that I may carry for someone else. There is a certain extent a certain point this area is teaching us there is always going to be a little bit of a little balloon that remains that only Allah can remove what is the evidence, one as Erina Allah says that he will remove it. Before we get to Jana bathe, Nila heater Allah before we get there. Our chests and our hearts will have to remove this thing called a loan. The unknown has a quality to it. The quality is is that normally this hatred is attached to someone. You can't just say

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While I just hate something or an object, it's always linked to a person. So somebody may have said something to you in an offensive way, I've rubbed you the wrong way. And they've done something a transaction than they were they were they weren't honest through that transaction, all of these examples, so you carry a little bit of mana shouldn't have done that with them. Man, if next time I see that brother or sister, I'm just gonna go pray over there, they're gonna go over there we don't have to meet and say said to one another. That's called Hidden. Allah says, that has to be removed.

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And Allah does that for us. May Allah give a strength? When is that an MF you so Dodi him in the field. Now when the loan is removed?

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Listen to the AYA tragedy min T human and how beneath them there will be rivers flowing. Now pause. What is this sound like? You start off by reminding us of all of the emotional effects of watching pain and tragedy unfold and you can't do anything about it. Then we come to this area about the real Lord. Now we're going to talk about the blessings of Jannah. What's the connection sounds like three different bids already.

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Follow the area,

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Allah after removing a little balloon from the heart, from the chest.

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Now the believer can see something and appreciate that beauty that blessing.

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The believer can now see tragedy

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not to understand why it's happening. Why Allah allows her.

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But trust allies ease on hacking.

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Trust the old powerful in the old Weiss? Yeah, it'll be.

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I don't know why this is happening to my brothers and sisters. I don't know why the innocent suffer. I know. And this is how you're able to say this. I know that your audio, you are the one that is in control of all affairs. Nothing happens except by your permission. I trust you all. Some good will come out of this. You get to talk like this. And you get to believe your words, when you first Subhanallah remove the loan from the heart.

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So the first way to make sense of things and to be able to have control ownership over your emotions is number one. It starts right here. There's a lot going on in here. So this is says Listen, start off with the Lord. You got anything for anybody in your heart, start working on that and see what other blessings start to find its way and it's hard you know, they're Illuma they say as Indian is one of those things that become like a barrier. If somebody harbors hatred, jealousy, evil all of these things in the heart and they do nothing about it.

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This is one of the barriers that when poor and tries to come in the heart it doesn't it just goes through the ears when the reminders tried to get in the heart and settle they don't they just kind of go through the years when you see something good is something that can encourage something that can influence you. It only it is only with the eyes the heart doesn't see it. And a lot of us experience something similar even in prayer you know how sometimes when you're praying

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it's just your body praying

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nothing else

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why does that happen? One reason the poor and gives us is real low May Allah purify all of us. Hola Hola. me then.

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So we see these beautiful rivers does it even talk to him or not? Now you can start to appreciate Allah's blessings while calling to Hamdulillah. What is the believer say when they enter agenda and they see all of this Al Hamdulillah

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Allah He had done and the other the one who guided me to this. Listen to it.

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Jana, lots of you here speak Arabic right. Jana has a tam or buta at the end. Shouldn't it be well calling or hamdulillah in Lizzie her Donna Lee has a he?

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They're really mad. They say Heather is used because it's describing something else.

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Not necessarily Jana, the believer after a loon be removed from art saw something

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We don't know what that is until we get there in sha Allah. Some of the remaining men will pull it to be Rahim Allah says perhaps they saw Allah.

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Others they say everything that we know of Jana is just the appetizer has a is referring to the main course. Can you imagine every area and Hadith you and I have ever read about the description of Jana is only an introduction or an appetizer to Jana. When somebody settles in Jana, that's when you start to see wow, this is really what Jenna is. So the shade that is so wide it takes 500 years for a horse to circle. All of the dirt on the floor is made out of saffron flowers. The bricks in Jannah that are built that are used to build the homes are made out of gold and silver. The cement in between is Musk perfume, all of these things. That's just your appetizer wait till you actually

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settle in Demna then you'll say what color Hamdulillah he left he had done and he has one that could not lead to the Lola and her dental life. It wasn't for the one

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Allah we would have never been guided to such a thing. Then the area concludes Allah Khadija to Russolo Rabina. They help. Indeed all of the prophets and messengers came with the truth. You know why the believer says this. Here's another tool to help us cope with life. Here's another tool. You know, sometimes when you read about what Prophets and Messengers taught us, it's hard to see that truth in reality.

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It is hard to see that Islam isn't the one and only path because of how we're portrayed how we're talked about how Muslims are treated and and the list goes on. It's hard to see that reality. This is the time when the believer will say Alhamdulillah you know what all those prophets and messengers brought. It was the truth. I'm so glad I held on. And that's what we have to continue to do. Brothers and sisters, hold on.

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No matter how difficult it is to hold on.

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We want to be in this area. That one day, we will stand before we enter agenda in sha Allah and saying every time the Imam asked me to donate towards this cause and that cause I donated I don't know where my money went. I don't know who was helping. I don't know how it got there. But I trusted that I'm going to do this for the sake of Allah. Then you stand there and you see all of your slides I'll call the core and call this calls this mortal bottle more Dada is when the scale is brought in front of us. You see every single deed you've ever done. It's there and the believer looks at their scale and say subhanallah every penny every cent I've donated it's here on the scale that every

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salaam I responded to it counted every evil bought okay gave

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it's on my scale of good deeds.

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Every sadaqa it's here.

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Then the I concludes if you think it's remarkable already wait to see how this area concludes Subhan Allah may Allah azza wa jal give us strength, increase our faith and may Allah subhanho wa Taala preserve the message of the Quran and Sunnah in our hearts and you know, in our lives that human EBITDA always and forever a loved one. I mean, a poodle Mata Samaritan was a stock that Allah had he welcomed but he certainly didn't Muslimeen him in quality them for stock food or dinner who will have food or Rahim.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah He often of Salah a woman wala and mothered

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whenever we do n t o como Jana to o these two more Hobbema Quinton thermolon

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then it is called out try to imagine this.

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Take a second try to visualize what this looks like.

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Then Allah calls out to all of us in sha Allah

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when you do until como Jana to already thermo hat there it is

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the Jenner that you inherit and you have worked so hard for

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you held on when everyone else was letting go you held on

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there's the agenda and then on luck includes on says be mapped onto into maloom because

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The deeds and the work that you put in, you know, when the boss says to his workers and his employees, he says to them, you earned it. And you all get a raise because of being punctual on time fulfilling your duties. In other words, what is the boss really saying to his employees? You saying to them,

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I'm proud of you. Well done.

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The support ends way. And Allah Subhana Allah tie this way to say, I'm proud of you Muslims, believers, my servants, I'm proud of you, well done.

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Your mum, your dad that passed away that you yearned to see again and touch again. Look, they're waiting for you under that tree go, you earned it. Your friends and family from the community that all passed away years. Look, they're all celebrating waiting for your arrival. And in addition to that, all the blessings and the gender and the the honor that you've known and you've hoped for and wanted,

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there it awaits, because why you held on So in conclusion, putting all of this together brothers and sisters,

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I know that there is a lot to see and to listen to.

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But hold on.

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So that one day in sha Allah, who Tada we will all be together like this under a tree, talking about we were here at this masjid. And every time they came here, for Salah and for thought all we had for all of those programs, it counted and that's why I get to sit under the shade. That's why I get to sit under all this blessing with my loved ones, and enjoy eternal bliss and happiness. Not only with those who I've known, but those brothers and sisters who have died, those brothers and sisters that we donated towards to help them to give them food and nourishment. One day that child may come and meet us and say thank you, you know the sadaqa you gave it came to me. That's why we're here

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together. So brothers and sisters, I pray Allah hope Allah gives us the strength to hold on. May Allah preserve the message of Islam, in our hearts in our lives always and forever. May Allah bring us closer to him in a way that He is pleased with before we are pleased with May Allah subhanho wa Taala erase any form and level of leading lune from our hearts that at the end of the day, we love each other and we support each other in a way that He is pleased with May Allah subhanho wa Taala reunite all of us with our loved ones in Jannah to fit or docile era Allah may Allah azza wa jal accept from us our efforts yellow but beyond this bliss a day an hour of your new JIRA we ask you

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and we play to you yeah it'll be if this is our last to Joomla yeah it'll be accepted from us accept from us our dua accept from us our rule core and sujood and our slow it out to be you know, my weaknesses before anyone else you are a be forgive me for my weaknesses, my shortcomings and my mistakes. You ought to be preserved me my family and my friends and my community upon the path of la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu it was seldom and finally Rob less me with a history we call it a blessing and righteous ending allow the last words that I utter before I meet you Yeah, Rob eyeshadow Allah ilaha illa la wa shadow no Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah Hoonah Amin, my brothers

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and sisters. We present Peace and blessings to all Rasul Salah Toby was salam aleikum I'm not gonna paddle with either feet and xili in Hola Hola. Hola. Iike tabel we also do an island Novi you will Latina M and also Laura Lee was suddenly able to sliema Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad while earning Muhammad Kemmel Selita either Ibrahim Warren Addy Ibrahima indica, Homido Majeed Allahu Akbar and Muslim men and women mostly men are the most meaning you know what I mean? Here even when, when and what inequality was semiology but Dharwad Allahu mazzocchi One animal slaughter Athena if he fell asleep, Allah monster if one animal stopped it and if he fell asleep? Well, if equally McCann Yara

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Beloved, I mean Allahumma Inanna. And this political agenda will not corroborate you lay him in polling alignment. What are who is the becoming and now I will not call Robert E. Lee Hellman polling alignment or bene attina Dunya Hassan will fill our field right here Hassan Joaquina

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Subhan Allah OB Cairo Billerica Tiana you'll see funa was Salam on island we're studying. Welcome to Lilla hero Pilani meanwhile, tips

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