Covering The Head For Men

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Covering the head for men. Okay, right. We don't have a narration of where he uncovered his head in public key. Tactical turpis recovering your head, right? Like, this is something I didn't realize until I came to Houston. If you're outside for a little while, it gets hot man. Yeah, okay. Yeah, exactly. So I may not be comfortable wearing, you know, 10 gallon cowboy hat or something a little bit like Fedora will do. I have my own thoughts and fedoras but i'm not i'm not gonna get in. I'm not gonna go there. I'm not trying to offend anybody who wears Fedora. He's talking about No, I'm just you know, anybody wears Fedora? I'm never, I'm not gonna try to. Those are Fedora.

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here's a here's a thing of Fedora.

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Well, I have an entire coat rack of Fedora is hanging out right over Look man, if you if you you know, as I always say, if you like it makes you feel good. If you're comfortable in it. You like it and be and be proud of it. You know, I think we will grab on right now. Please don't do

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