Between a Rock and a Heart Place #2

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Causes of a Hard Heart

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Now, those are some of the signs that our heart has become hard. I also wanted to give you what we could call the leading causes of a heart heart. Right, some of the leading causes those things that actually make our hearts heart, right. So obviously, it goes without saying that these are the things that we want to avoid. And these are the things you want to stay away from. So number one, I mentioned this before, the fortune of being consumed by the dunya. Right, if our main purpose in life is the hernia, and that's all that's the only reason we're living our life will find that it will lead to a heart becoming heart. And this is one of the early scholars he said that Georgia has

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given every human being two sets of eyes. One is their physical eyes and their physical eyesight. And then he said, Allah has also given the human beings, eyes for their heart, right, and he says, the person who opens up the eyes of their hearts, they will look at the realities of life, not just like the physical things that you have here, but look deeper, and they'll start to think about like the purpose of their life, that will get the creation, let's start thinking about the Creator. Right, they'll start pondering and thinking, and they'll have a low given detail feel, to understand the purpose of their life, right. And then this call you said when a person when they're when

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they're the eyes of their heart, when they become open, this person begins to realize all the pleasures Allah has for them from this dunya. And from the

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what, there's two main problems with being consumed by the dunya. Two ways in which it needs our hearts to become our number one.

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It blinds the heart, right, and this is what I was talking about with the statement of the scholar where he said that we have eyes in our hearts, right, meaning our hearts need to feel the need to see. But once we become consumed by the dunya, we begin to cover up our spiritual needs we can become, we start to cover up the needs of our heart, because the reality is that all of us as human beings, like we have the need to eat and drink and sleep, etc. We also have the need to be spiritual. We have the need to connect to our Lord and our Creator. And this is why the prophets a lot of them said couldn't move. Oh, who did you know?

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He said, every single newborn child is born upon their fifth Ah, what is the fifth, the fifth is Islam. The fifth row is our natural desire, our natural inclination to worship Allah azza wa jal alone, right. And that is our spiritual need that we have. And the President told us, this is their parents. This is person parents that either makes them a Judeo Christian or whatever, they change their religion. But if this child was left on their own, without other influences, they would automatically be Muslim, because they would worship allies alone. This is our fifth our natural desire or spiritual desire to worship Allah as well. So that's the first thing in blind, our, our,

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the the boys out of the eyesight of our hearts, secondly, being consumed by the dunya, right, we're seeking the dunya only wanting things in this dunya. It actually fools us. It fools us into thinking, for example, that we're going to live forever, right? And this is a concept that nobody actually believes, right? Whether you're Muslim or not, whether you're Christian, or Jew or atheist, everyone understands that at some point, we're going to die.

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But when we become consumed by the dunya, right, I mean, our main goal in life just becomes having more in the dunya. Right, how to have more fun in the dunya, attain more things, get a car, get a house, and all that kind of stuff, we begin to fool ourselves into thinking that we're going to live forever, that we're going to last forever. And we forget that a lot of zocdoc can take our life away at any moment. It also fools us into thinking that somehow we're going to attain perfection in this life. Right? So we try this a lot of us we tweet and all we're doing like we're trying to attain some type of perfection, the perfect car, right? Or the perfect house, the perfect wife, the perfect

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children, the perfect career, the perfect is the perfect Batman, that becomes the purpose, our love our lives. And we forget that perfection doesn't exist here in this dunya. Perfection is for the parent, for parents for gender. And for Africa. It's only an hour, we're gonna get these things that are like, this is perfect. Right? And this is an exercise I usually do in my class, the children class that I teach and exercise I do with the students is I tell them, think about something that you're desiring right now. So So think about something that you want to buy one day, so maybe it's like a car like there's a car looking for to buy or house or something that you're really looking

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forward to right now.

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After you think about this thing,

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realize that whatever this thing is, once you bought it once you've attained it once you actually have it, how are you going to feel about it? Two months after that, or a year after that, or two years after that? Are you going to be like, this is perfect? Or are you going to be like, you know what, I need something better. I need something cooler, I need something which is more perfect. And it doesn't exist, right? So being consumer dunya fools us into thinking that it's in this life that we're going to attain that perfection, when that is not actually the reality. Secondly, the second thing that leads to a heart heart is what is known as hoffler. And as heedlessness, that's

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basically, when we stop caring. Right, we're like I said, we see sins happening around us, we see people reminding us of a lot. So we may go into like a hotel, or we may come to a lecture and we hear somebody reminding us but it doesn't make a difference because we're careless, were heedless, right? meaning all the all the reminders that we get about the realities of life and the ASPCA and paradise, and hell and all this kind of stuff, and this and this and this and this, and we hear it and it just like bounces off of our chest, right? So either lecture, there's no difference in our email, right? It's to say, this is what is known as,

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right a state of people this is when we stop caring, stop thinking about the realities of life and the property a lot. So to call the people like this, these are the people who will be in the Hellfire

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level life.

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These are the people that was talking to people, they have no clue.

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They have hearts that they don't use to understand. No. Now you will see they have eyes that then by which they do not see right now.

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They have ears, but they don't use these ears to hear right and then allies notices

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that these people are like cattle, right like animals, right? Why a lot described to people as like animal. Why?

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What is this thing? It was? What is it? What is the what is what do we avoid that type of state? Where are we seeing all these things around us? Like I said, we see the signs of a lock, we realize that death is certain we see all that stuff, but still where he lists. What is that doing?

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Anyone know? Yeah.

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Exactly. So like an animal, right? Where your only concerns in life are your base desires, right? Eating, sleeping, drinking, having sex, etc, etc. That's it. That's your that's your only goal in life. That's all you're concerned about. This is why I said that these people are like an they're like cattle. And then this is been home out buddy.

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So once we have a picture was we can we can picture cattle and we say okay, I don't want to be in that state. Allah says that the people who are like this bundle of one that they are more misguided, they're further Australian cattle.

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So when we are in that type of states, when we stopped paying attention to the world around us, we start paying attention to the cries of our soul, and the cries of our spirituality. When we become hedonist, Allah says we become more misguided than the cattle.

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Right? And then Eliza says,

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that is those people who are the author, you knew that people weren't heedless. And this is a beautiful idea, because you're walking into such a vivid picture of the type of life that we're living. And then it says

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that rather than they are more misguided than even counting, number three,

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being around the wrong people, so this is an this is another thing which can lead our hearts to become hard. Right? So being around the the wrong people has told us that and love

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that a person is a part of the religion of their close friend, fun young, but I hadn't given you Harlan. So you should be careful to who you take as your close friend. So my son is telling us here that listen, sooner or later, you're gonna adopt the characteristics of the people around you. So be careful who you take as your close friend. Because if they are heedless, if their hearts are hard, if they're sinful, whatever, eventually is going to have an effect on you that eventually you're going to become in that state as well. And this is what

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tells us of the person who shows up on the day of judgment and he bites his hands you'll know your body will honor your day, the day on which the volume bites his head. And what does he say? He says I wish I had taken a path with the process in the past.

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Cuz I wish I followed the guidance of the press seven. And then he says, we'll be on to me. I wish that I had not taken so and so as a honey as a close friend. Right? Why not abandon the victory?

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That he misguided me from the thicker from the remembrance right after it came to me. Right after I had become listening after I had the proofs and evidences in front of me after I already had my religion after that he misguided and then dispersed and then the Watchtower says, what kind of shape

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that will certainly ship on is the desert of mankind. The fourth reason or the fourth, the fourth thing, the fourth leading cause of a hard heart is indulging in sins without repenting, right, it's when we commit a sin, but we don't repent is what the prophets have sent him. He told us that when a person commits a sin, a god is placed on their heart, right, and if this person if they make Toba, they asked Allah for forgiveness, than Allah removes that dot and actually, the heart gets polished. Right, and this actually shows us that Toba polishes our heart, right? And then the President have said that this person doesn't make Toba, they commit another sin, another Donna's place and then

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another another until the heart becomes covered. Right? And this is why when we commit a sin, and we don't repent, this leads to a hard heart or a sealed heart. Right. And the issue isn't really how the issue isn't the fact that we committed a sin, right, obviously is wrong commit a sin. The bigger issue here is that we didn't repent. Right, everyone makes mistakes, everyone convinced since that's, that's not the issue, and doesn't expect us to be perfect, and we're never going to commit a sin. But the question is, or the issue is, did we make Toba after the sin or not? Right? And this is why the prophets a lot of them said, he said couldn't move. But he

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said, all of the children of the late mistakes

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will hail in October. And the best of those make mistakes and those who sin or those who make Toba.

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There's only a difference of opinion about it, whether it's authentic or not. The scholars said that the meaning is at least authentic. Right that a lot of listeners Expect us never to medicine, but all a lot wants from us is that if we sit we make Toba and we returned to allies, when we stop making Toba. Right, that is when our hearts start to become hard. And that's what happens when you leave October, you commit sin after sin after sin. And there's no Toba involved mental process. This is where the heart starts to become hard. Number five, is ignoring death. Right? This is like I mentioned before, as well, when we start ignoring the fact ignore these realities that like I said,

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we all understand the fact that we're gonna die, right? But we become heedless, we get involved in the dunya. And we just stop caring about death, we start ignoring death.

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At that point, our heart starts to become hard. And the further away a person is, by the way, the further somebody is from the reality of death, the harder the harder it's going to become. Right? So a lot of I know, like a lot of young people, they will nobody says this, but deep in their mind, like they actually believe that nothing will happen to them, they'll live forever, and they're somehow going to live forever. And this is why you see like, it's it's very common for young people to start smoking. Usually, when people get old, they will all sudden start smoking usually, right usually happens at a young age because you feel invincible. Like how was some cigarettes gonna do to

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me? Right? And this is this is this thing in your heart starts to go hard when you when you stop thinking about the fact that a lot could take your life at any moment. Right. So those are some of the leading causes of becoming harder. Now the final issue that I want to talk about and I would say this is the takeaway from this lecture tonight, right is anything that you can take away, this is what I want you to take away and these are the cure the cure to a hard part, or the things that we can do to soften our heart.