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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the restrictions on eating sea animals, including sharks and shrimp, and how they affect people's behavior. They also touch on the topic of amphibians and their lifespans, with some speakers suggesting they are not allowed to eat them.
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So are all sea animals halaal to consume?

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people they asked questions about, for example, sharks because they say, well shark can prey on humans. They ask about shrimp because shrimp is more like a scavengers, you know? And so are we allowed to eat these animals? Allah subhanaw

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taala for us to consume the sea animal saying,

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welcome Seidel,

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Madam huruma means and halaal for you to consume the animal of the sea. Now, what animal it was left completely, completely general. So for the generally speaking, the majority of the folks, they say all animals, all animals, or the car crew said hello to consume, regardless, but other folks are like in the Hanafi school, for example, they have to consume animals that has shells such as shrimp in this case, but it's a matter of karahan as a matter of haram means a dislike, but it's not prohibited. It's a it's an opinion in the Hanafi. But obviously, again, there are multiple opinions in the majority, they say it's okay, all animals of the sea are permissible to consume. And that

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includes, by the way, and the ayah. And so to me, that speaks about the dead animals of the sea. Which means if you see an animal that is floating on the sea animal that is floating actually on the sea, like fish, for example, are you allowed to eat it? Well, you look at first of all, if it was actually was okay, which means it was not, it didn't die because of a disease, or it's not spoiled. In this case, you are allowed to eat it, meaning you don't need to have the visa for the animal or debit for the animal of the sea, you can eat it without a proper sacrifice in this case.

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So that's in regards to the animal the sea. What about amphibians, meaning animals that have two phases? They they grow in the water, they go in the land, or vice versa. So during this case, they argue about amphibians if they're allowed to consume or not. And they say, Well, it depends on how much of their life span they spend in the water. To be considered a sea animal versus inland depends on how much they spend of their lifespan on Earth, on land or in the sea. They'll be classified in that category and as a result, if it's required to have sacrificed or not, or to be considered under the sea or not. So we look at the animals based on that. Voila.

Shaykh Yaser Birjas clarifies and answers

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