Mohammed Hijab – Gay Guy Catches Hijabi on Homophobia

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The homogenicity crisis is a need for strong definition, and the importance of finding a strong definition of gayity is emphasized. The speakers stress the need for adapting to one's religion and finding success in life, while also discussing the importance of finding a moral compass and not trying to be perfect. The homophobic culture in the West is also discussed, with one speaker suggesting it is time for people to stop being homophobic and apply the rule of "has been delivered" to their statement.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. How are you guys doing? I'm here joined with

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i'm joined with the man.

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The machine that dow machine, Ali dow. That's correct. How are you doing? I thank you for the praise you've given me. That's right, fully deserved.

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How's it going? Ya know, but you know what's different about this video? Both our glasses on? We have to.

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So we can have that clear vision 2020 that's what it's gonna be. And that's now it's 2021. Well, that's 2021 one. And that was a better way to start 2021 by reacting to this video. Okay, this video, let's see a very interesting video. Yeah, we're gonna get straight into it. Yeah, so we've got a homosexual guy is gay. And there's a Muslim who just sits opposite him. And we're talking about religion, atheism, and being gay. Let's go, you ready? Let's go. I've known people that have been completely abandoned by every single person in their family due to their religious beliefs. I've literally said we have to put the word of God first. And I definitely think it's not something

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that I can agree with. What if you happen to have a child that was part of the LGBT community? How would you feel about that? It'd be difficult. I'd be like, okay, cool is this situation. So what makes it difficult, though? It makes it difficult because of my upbringing. We do inherit certain thoughts from our parents who have inherited it from their parents, because that's how they've been brought up. So you have absorbed emotion and feeling that's negative towards the queer community. Not but yeah, like an awareness of it, not the feeling of being me. No, I mean, this is the one answer from you. That I'm finding difficult. Sure. This is a long winded answer to say that you're

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accepting. So what's possible? And is it homophobia that's inherently in you, deep within you, that you need to unlearn that, and unpick any valid point that maybe does exist in me is something that I champion every day. And you know what I mean, like, so it is a bit scary to me to think that, oh, even if it's even if it's a modicum of something, it's dead, you know, I mean, it's brave of you to say that as well, because people are so scared to say it and almost saying like,

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No, we all have to keep learning and learning and changing and adapting because

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the video carries on. Yeah.

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So the question is, how does one become homophobic? Where is the line that we draw hijab? So for example,

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as Muslims, we have a belief that this is not permissible. It's a major sin, that God has destroyed nations. Yeah. Does that make me an homophobic? Yeah, so here's the thing, it's very important to cite any of these discussions, which can be very complicated at times, and multilayered in terms of things on to juice religious aspects, you know, ideological aspects, whatever it may be, that can complicate this question, but it's very important to start discussions like these with robust definitions. And I think homophobia is one of the most important things to robustly define. Because in the dictionary definitions, like if you look at Cambridge, dictionary or webstart, Merriam

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Webster's dictionary or whatever, you'll you'll see something like that effect of a fear or dislike of gay people or an irrational fear or something to this effect. And the fact of the matter is, I don't think anywhere in the Quran and Sunnah tells us to fear homosexuals, okay, so I don't think we are homophobic I don't think we should be I don't think we should be fearful of being homophobic in any as much the same way, as we are fearful of anybody who's doing anything that is anti Islamic or anti normative from the Islamic perspective. For instance, a Hindu might believe in many gods, right? Or a pagan might believe in many gods or a Christian might believe in the Trinity. All of

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those things are outrageous from the Islamic perspective, because for us, we believe the most important thing is monotheism. Right? A Pristine monotheism was only one God worthy of worship a respectable monotheism. So anything that goes against the monotheism is polytheistic in nature is, by extension, outrageous from the same perspective. It doesn't mean though, that we're going to have a discriminatory or an angry attitude or a dismissive attitude towards Christian people. We disagree with what they do, but it doesn't mean that we have to hate or have irrational fears towards them. In fact, we should share our religion with them, tell them what we believe in and why we believe it.

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And if and if we don't agree at the end of it. The Quran says lacking dinoco Maria, do you have your way and we will have hours and we will carry on watching

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me what's so great about being an atheist. Oh, I think all day

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Well look at me, I get to be free, I'm homosexual, I

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would not be able to mocking my husband, although some people are saying your code. But for me, I would want to follow a religion down to it.

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Interesting, I want to stop. The reason why I'm stopped is because he says, I'm an atheist, I get to be free, meaning he is homosexual, he can marry his husband, his husband.

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And he says, He says something along the lines of, because I would want to follow the religion to the tee. This is very interesting. If there's people that are watching this that might have inclinations of homosexuality.

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feeling like you're a woman gender is for? Yeah, whatever it may be. So the thing is this. This is where the shaytan attacks you. And it's very clear from him. I don't know if he was a Muslim. But when he says, I want to follow the religion to the tee, what he's basically trying to say, in a nutshell, if I understood correctly, is he's realized that whichever religion you belong to, if he was a Muslim, whenever he realized being gay, was contradicting that. Now the shaitaan comes and attacks the believers in this kind of way. He will come and say, you've gone and committed Zina, you want to pray now, you've drunk alcohol, you want to do this now. And what what it makes us feel is

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that we feel like we have to be like, we have to be spotless, we have to be sinless in order to go into God's kingdom. And like, you know, for example, paradise. That's not the case, because there's going to be a lot of people's is it for the Prophet peace be upon him who said, The on the bedroom, there'll be people who will be smiling. Yeah, that smiling sinners in the context? Yeah. That they, they'll be asked, you know, what, like, people will say, you know, we're doomed, we're finished. With we've sent us the symbol you laughing, they would say, because we sinned, but repented, Allah wants you to understand that he has a law that's most forgiven. So with this attitude with the mind

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here is that because I can't relate for the for the region to the tee, because I have homosexual tendencies, therefore, I would follow it totally out. disregard it. Totally. That is wrong, guys, so if you have this inclination, whatever it may be, stick to your religion, you know, whatever it may be, even if it's 10, is your homosexuality, whatever it may be.

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We have trust in Allah and try to carry on, get religion, right? And you can't get life right? What's so good for you about the religious? It just provides me that extra layer of support that sometimes I feel like the world can't provide me, it gives me a bit more structure with my moral decisions. Why can't you be your own local? Why can't a person without fear, I don't think that faith is so much as a as a prerequisite for you to be a good person. It's more about how you adapt it into your day to day life. I see what you're saying. To me, that's sort of economics. You're going in there and you're picking and choosing what you want from the religion to someone was

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struggling with the LGBT thing. I've got to notice I didn't really, honestly, that moment was the moment I was like, Oh, my gosh, you've been so honest. And I respect that. I would rather be atheist, it brings me the freedom that I enjoy in life, I came to the realization that I might have a small seedling of homophobia, which was actually really quite upsetting because it's something that I don't want to embody at all. I don't think that that made me doubt how I feel about religion actually encourages me and motivates me to be an even bigger positive force for other people that it's great to meet and talk to someone that is religious has affair, but it's indefensible to you

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and you're completely accepting in the Venn diagram of things. We still both share, you know, ideals of like, wanting to, like push forward for generational change into foster conversation. Okay, let me get straight to you. Because I've been I've been waiting.

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He says, I'm free. Mm hmm. Okay, what do you mean by your free because I didn't need Let me ask a simple question. Yeah. Do you choose your name? Did you The Way You Look, let me ask you guys a question. All of us. Do we have the freedom to, like the desires that we have innate, like, like, I can see, why do I have a desire towards the opposite gender, I don't want to have it. I don't want to have it. Some people there was a rapper who went in, excuse me, he actually chopped off his own private pocket. He said, this is causing me problems. He literally went and did that. So when you say you're free, you're not free, because the fact that you claim that you have homosexual

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tendencies, you could maybe use had a problem within yourself so much so that you left your religion. Nobody is born free. Unless this is interesting, because Rousseau, very famous philosopher has a very famous quote, he says, man is born free but everywhere in chains, chains. And you know, the same view from the Quran, Allah Subhana. Allah says in Surah azumah chapter 39 of the Quran, it says Dada Aloha. methylene or Julian fee, Shura cap motorshow Kizuna Roger and Solomon rajouri * yes, de masala. Alhamdulillah. This verse is saying that Allah has brought forward a parable, a man who is basically enslaved to many different slave owners and one man who's enslaved to one slave

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owner, and are they the same

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In parable, and then Allah says, humble let Praise be to life. In other words, that's what's being said is this illusionary idea of freedom is something which doesn't exist in the real world, you're always going to be shackled to something just like Rousseau said. And in fact, the Quran says this even another verse, it says, a photo item and he Taha Ella, how have you seen the one who has taken his desires, as ill as his God? And you see, this is something which I remember reading when I was doing undergraduate work, from Jeremy Bentham, because Jeremy Bentham is the father of utilitarianism, which is almost like the seedbed, the intellectual seedbed of social liberalism,

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which is basically what this guy is espousing. Yeah, philosophy, philosophical liberalism, social liberalism. He said that Bentham said, you have to Gods pain and pleasure. And basically how he outlined living is you have to get the most pleasure for the most amount of people, the greatest pleasure for the greatest good for the greatest number, how he called. The idea here is that this is not freedom. This is not by any stretch of the imagination, freedom. And this is not any kind of moral anchorage at all, when he was asking the question, why don't you be your own moral compass, the reason why you can't be your own moral compass, it's pretty tough. To remind you to the reason

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why you can't be your own moral compass, is simply because morality can either be conceived as something which is out there as real, and you have to know it. And the way you will know it is through a higher power, a higher knowledge that will elucidate it for for you, or it will be something which is socially constructed and meaningless in any sense. Exactly. And as an atheist, if you believe for example, it's just neurons that are firing that just came down. In fact, you can't even trust your own thought process. So to say you have your moral compass, it's like living in Nazi Germany, and you're just gonna be joining, you're gonna be joining Hitler's cup. Why? Because that

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moral compass in those days were pointing to what's killing the Jews. Now, the thing is, it's it's because the thing is, this is a good point. You mentioned that actually, because you could if you are, he's assuming that if the person had their own moral compass, that they won't be homophobic. Exactly. No, he would be there's a lot of people. That's why I'm saying why make

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any country, any country in the world? I don't know why you just mentioned that one. But what we're saying is not honestly. moral compass, moral compass, yeah, is something which is completely subjective. And as such, you could be as an atheist materialist, you can, you can be like style. And you can be like all of those other materialists that existed a full time. And you could justify, you know, an ethic, which is anti homosexual. He's, he's assuming that everyone's going to gravitate towards the liberal ethic, which is, here's the problem. And that's why I think we should move to the next part of this conversation, which is this.

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I think that the sister she was being interrogated, all right, she,

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she did feel a bit like

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she was being cross examined. And I think that this backfoot approach, yes, I don't endorse it. To be honest, with all due respect to the sister. It's good that she still said, I want to be religious at the end of it. And humble lap, but the back foot approach, that, you know, you're trying to cater for the dominant population and stuff like that, it's very clear that you're on the backfoot. And I don't think there's Isaiah in that respect. There's no mites in that there's no dignity and real dignity comes when we're the ones asking the questions. Yeah, we have a lot of questions to ask people from the homosexual community, because we don't believe the practice of homosexual

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penetrative * is in any way justifiable in any kind of morality, exactly. As an evolutionist. Yeah, yeah. Is that what by the evolutionary evolution is? Yeah.

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Just checking if you knew it.

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Yeah, you want to test too much even doing homework?

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Yeah. So basically,

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yeah, basically, to that person if you go to that person. Yeah. And if you ask them into the in the evolutionary process, if two men I mean, intimacy, yeah. If we can say, Okay, if everyone was, you know, they do have an answer for that. Do you know what they'll say? They'll say that you have proper overpopulation nowadays, homosexuality? Oh, no. But wouldn't it be the end of humankind? Everyone was indulging in it. Yeah. But no one's assuming that everyone's indulging in that I'm not I'm not going

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to be homophobic, you don't have to do not. Yes, one point. The other point is this is that as Muslims, we do have and we do have an argument. If someone's coming with a liberal paradigm, yes. Then for us homosexuality, if we're talking about the harm principle being the thing that is going to dictate it is comparable of *, for example, because you can have the harm principle both of these individuals are not harming one another. And good point. Can you elaborate on that? Okay, so what do you mean by in the so forth, for instance, a brother and a sister or two brothers or sisters, right? Can can be homosexual, if they both consent, when they should have kids with their

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kids, and they don't have kids, they can they can do with contraception. It's not an issue of deformed children. Okay. So and what I'm trying to say is that the West has not been consistent in the last 50 to 100 years, when it relates to minority rights using the dominant ethic which has liberal philosophy, because if they were they would be given * rights as much

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rights as homosexuals, exactly. Maybe they maybe they would maybe they would maybe quite frankly, they'd be given them another they should they should do that then to their worldview. Yeah, it should. Yeah. And I've met many people that have discussions with them who are part of the homosexual community who feel offensive for the comparison to be made in the first place between homosexuality *. The only reason why homosexuality is, is in the law books as something which is allowed and * is still illegal in many of the Western countries is because there was such a thing as a civil rights movement. And there were a large group of people who are homosexuals who

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lobbied the governments of set countries for that, right. But if there was that many people that were incestuous in their inclination, there were people were brothers and sisters working hand in hand, demanding rights, because at the end of the day, why is it wrong if both of them consent to it that shows that liberals are perpetrating inconsistency? Yes.

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Sounds good. We need what we need. The point of the matter is this is that we're not going to keep changing our tune whenever the liberal West decides to change this ethic preach. So from now like maybe from the 60s to the 2000s, and to the day that we're living in now, it will be homosexual rights, but maybe 50 years and our grandchildren's age. Yes, it will be * instance, why'd you stop and it comes back to the A, you said in the Quran about having the multiple slaves on one slave? Yeah, think about it, that sister that obviously, we hope that she's got one master that is Allah subhanaw taala. Right. But do you see how when she would

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cross cross examine, yes, that changed in a way. We felt as if she had to choose another slave master in the context, not intentionally, but that, you know, I actually I agree with juris acquiescing, she was Yes, it was a capitular territory.

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Can I say a couple of rhetoric? Yeah, it's capitulation is when you give up when you get when you surrender, or you give up the argument now you almost become convinced you give the opposition, what they want the interlocutor what they want, and that's what she did she kind of get it I think there was a pressure because she knew this was gonna go on Channel Four, she knew that millions of people are gonna watch it who are not Muslim. So shot to cater for they want to seem homophobic. Yeah, maybe she is quite fickle, because if she wasn't in a Muslim setting, would she be really saying the same stuff? She probably wouldn't be under pressure. She's under pressure. But if you're that kind

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of an individual, don't put yourself in the in the situation the first place. That's number one. Number two is this look, I think that we as Muslims, and not just Muslims, people from all backgrounds, who see it condemned double aberrational, whatever it may be. Yeah.

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The homosexual practice, I'm not talking about homosexual people. I'm talking about the homosexual practice of penetrative *, rectal, penetrative *. So anyone might be,

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we should have as much the same right to believe in this, as individuals who believe in it have the same right to do it on the liberalism. So in other words, if you want me to continue to maintain my freedom of expression, my freedom of speech, my freedom of thought, and my freedom of religion, then at no point does anybody in the West, whether they are the dominant population, and therefore, maybe the perpetrators of tyranny of the majority, which is something that liberals should be trying to avoid in the first place. or otherwise, those individuals have no right to tell me what to believe in, and no right to tell my community or our communities what to believe it, so we should never

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because it will start today with us being forced not to be homophobic with this new definition of homophobia, which is that we condemned the practice and it will tomorrow be you're not allowed to believe in one God do exactly. You know and think I think our feuds outside

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it says it's been delivered. Oh, he's got he's got so good. Let's go anyways, you gotta be hungry. You gotta be hungry.

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Let's end on this. Nope. Yeah, gone. Do we call people Islamophobic? Just because they criticize Islam? No. Okay. So do I become homophobic when I say this is a sin? Yes. And it's we believe that it should not be done. Yes. Okay.

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But we don't we don't have an irrational fear of homosexuality.

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So by definition, you're not a homophobe. Exactly. And we don't teach our children or we don't teach our community members or tell our people in the messages Yeah, they should do they should have an irrational homophobic so the fact that she said oh, I think I've English No, you sister. Yes, you're homophobic legislation. Allah said it's as simple as that. That doesn't make you homophobic that's simple as that. And by the way, as we go to the sisters will get their definitions of homophobia tomorrow if they change them and they make homophobia something else will reject the definition but you know what that means? That means you you have when you have multiple masters, yeah, this is what

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happens. You're gonna be like Malcolm X said, Yeah, you don't stand up for something you fall for anything. homosexual, okay. Yeah, your sexuality insists. Okay.

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Okay, where do you stop? This is what we're saying, guys. That's the reason why we have one master, one book, final Prophet, peace be upon him. And this is why we say

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One and you apply the bone sisters, you're not all over the place. We're consistent throughout. And that's the reason a lot of religious Christianity, Judaism, Christianity, a lot of other religions have what they've adopted. They've changed the game I'll say, Yeah, like for example homosexual marriages that Okay, now what we're seeing is they have a right to live that one By the way, why would why would homosexuals ovoj respect the institution of marriage is deeply religiously rooted? Right? Yes. So if you think of it as I find it quite ironic and surprising actually, that even homosexuals who might not even believe in religion in any way want to engage in a in a practice

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which has its institutions deeply rooted in religions which condemn the presence of homosexuality By the way, that's something else one other anyway that's it. That's Hope you enjoyed the video inshallah, please share this with the two individuals there. If you know who they are. Send us to the system. I know. He's just you know, just trying to give a little advice. Don't get don't get don't get bullied. Yeah, yeah. Don't let them twist your arm at the end of the day. Well, I you know what, we have rights in this country. We do have rights in this country. We're British. I mean, I was born in this. Can I want Britain to be British? Yeah, I don't know. We're British. Yeah, we have

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as much right. Listen to me carefully. We have as much right to reject the practice of homosexuals, as homosexuals have to do it. So if they if they try and stop us from believing the Yeah, that they're wrong, for doing what they're doing is wrong. Then we'll lie what they're doing is they're bullying us as a community and we're not gonna accept that never. And so don't be don't fall prey to this kind of rhetoric. Yeah. And we if we don't sign up today, our children are going to believe me, this country is going to become a breeding ground for micro liberalism, micro liberalism, indoctrination, don't allow the panel will end on this verse where Allah subhanaw taala when it

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talks about Hitler, when he was going on he there was a tower that

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a wall that was broken yet and he put it back into its own shape. Why because what does Allah say? Because the father was a righteous person. Allah protected the children because the father was a righteous person. If today you are firm on your religion, yeah, Allah will inshallah protect your children against these kind of fitness law. lamattina you might want

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to subscribe already. You gotta subscribe to this channel, because if you don't, you're already doing yourself a disservice. Boy

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