Avoiding Arguments in Your Relationship

Saad Tasleem


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In the beginning of a relationship, we may instinctually want to avoid conflicts all together, even if there are disagreements like not even addressed them, but that can lead to resentment. Simply put, the build up of resentment means that there could be much bigger problems later on problems that become unsurmountable. So instead of avoiding disagreements altogether, it is important to develop healthy conflict management and resolution methods and skills. And the earlier in the relationship that this is done, the better as there tends to be more goodwill in the beginning of the relationship so it's easier to work with one another. Also, getting it done in the beginning of

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the relationship means developing those healthy methods in your relationship for your relationship before things turn ugly before all that toxic stuff finds its way into your relationship things like passive aggressive behavior, mocking or belittling one another or one another's feelings, unhealthy displays of anger and frustration and so on.