Mufti Menk – Best thing you could do in times of crisis

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of words like " handy words" and " handy words" in the context of Islam. They explain that these words can be used against people of different faiths and that people of different faiths will hear bad words. The speaker emphasizes the importance of developing a good relationship with Allah during difficult times and being aware of his plans.
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When Allah says something else that he didn't say before this well as my own Amina levina Oh to Nikita Bamiyan, cabela como Amina la Vina Shaku.

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Kathy, you will hear a lot of abusive words, harmful words, words that are very low in their meaning, you know, cheap words that will be used against you by people of other faiths. So whether it is, you know, all of the disbelievers, the categories that are mentioned by Allah subhanho wa Taala, some of the people of the book and some of the machinery Keane Who are those who associate partners with Allah in a nutshell, those who follow other religions, those who don't follow your faith, you will hear a lot of bad words from them. Subhana Allah, this is Allah telling this to us when he revealed the Quran to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that you know what, you are going

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to hear some really nasty things about Islam, about the Muslims, you will hear some really, really bad words leveled against you, by those who don't follow your faith, those who don't agree with your faith. So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us these things. So the things he mentions here,

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the tests that you will face, within your wealth, and yourselves the lives and your health, as well as the bad words that you will have to hear. How should I react to it? Should I get angry and uptight? And should I you know, create a disaster out of something that is not as big sometimes Should I make a bigger problem of the problem that is existing in front of me? What should I do when I hear all these words I need to know. So Allah tells you, well, that's a crisis. If you want comfort during that crisis, what

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does bill what Kufa in other Li come in as mill omo? as amazing as it may sound and as simple as it is. Allah says if you bear patience and develop taqwa, it's the best thing that you could do. So what's the best thing you could do? Allah says bear patients, they say bad words we know they're saying bad words. Many people have said bad words about Islam and later regretted it to the degree that they've come to Islam as a result of their ignorance. And then they started learning about Islam. And then they came to Islam Subhana Allah, so Allah knows in his divine plan, what exactly he wants, but when they say these bad words don't react in a way that vindicates them don't react in a

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way that proves them correct when they say Muslims are hooligans if you start screaming and you've just proven what they have said. So Allah says, Don't do that. What you should do bear patience. Become be relaxed and you know what, you must develop a good relationship with Allah. Develop taqwa. Be conscious of Allah during those times become a better person.

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