Saad Tasleem – Annoying Masjid Habits In Ramadan

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various drama and principle related to "monkey in a car" and walking in the machine. They emphasize the importance of avoiding distracting people with smell and walking in the machine, as well as the danger of "monster" or "monster" to people who are praying. They also suggest reciting during prayer as a distraction and dangerous activity, and warn about the potential danger of GPS tracking.
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No, bro, you crazy.

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Welcome to another modals laws. I've done one of these in a while I haven't written in a while

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probably getting a chance to ride after a long time. I'm actually headed to Juma. here in Maryland number bond, we're doing a special drama for the youth, which basically just means that it's a later drama. And look, it's not ideal to just to delay drama out like this.

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But, you know, they, they, a lot of them are in school and stuff and they you know, by the time they get out a lot of times they're not able to print them out. So this gives them a chance to you know, finish school and then come around. So hopefully to be good to tell and I'm gonna keep it nice and short. Like the cinema, like the gym I should be. And hopefully it goes well, inshallah, Dad, I just decided it's a nice day decided to ride as well.

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You know, plus, normally, I don't know how people would appreciate it any more. I'm showing up on a motorcycle.

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So many taboos had a lot it's hard to keep track of all the taboos. But you know, for the youth hamdulillah I love the you you know

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see I should be good shall see how it goes. So obviously you can't tell but I'm I'm actually wearing a nice first time riding in a in a nice

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under my jacket, but under lawsuits we can find them the law.

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Sounds interesting when you hear cop

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cop cars, cop cars somewhere. You don't know where it's coming from or an ambulance.

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Sounds like a chaotic situation.

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Let's see where this Oh, there it is. There's a cop car. Get out the way people it's an emergency.

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So we're gonna be coming up to the machine here on the right.

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See in a second show in a minute.

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Here it is the Smith

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is the local mishit.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. And most of the people, we just finished him out here. We're gonna write out, spend some time writing.

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So one of the things I recommend, while you're fasting is, you know, sometimes we just try to kill time and have the day just just run out, just run out the time of the day. But instead of doing that, find something that you enjoy doing while you're fasting.

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Yeah, we're going that way.

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So you don't even know.

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Alright, so one of the things I want to talk about today is actually, you know, just it was something, which I'm sure many of you have thought about, but not a lot of people speak about this issue.

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And that is the issue of machine etiquette. Now you're like, what do you mean by machine etiquette? Well,

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in normal Bonn, one of the things that happens is, you know, a lot of people come to question.

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And so ours has a lot of people who normally don't come to my shit, or I should say, Don't frequent the question. You know, they, they're, they come to the machine more often now. So you end up typically, like, the most you see people is, right, the machines packed out. But you're only with people for like, 20 minutes or so. Right? 30 minutes, half an hour max.

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That's it. But now, you know, when you're spending a lot of time with people, you know, hour, two hours, and so everyone's little, like little quirks and stuff, you begin to notice all that so here's some of the things I'm gonna I'm gonna mention that

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we shouldn't do in the mesh, it

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has something to do with the look at this view. Mashallah. Beautiful.

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So, some of the things not to do in the meshes there are some things to watch out for. Well, first of all, you know, we have this principle regarding the mission that is like, and that is that we don't want to do things that

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like bother people or annoy people who are affected their prayer. And that's a general principle.

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So that's why the process and them told us that a person should have come to the machine with the smell of onions or garlic on their bread. And that principle here is look don't do something that would you know that that smell would annoy the person or bother them in their prayer. So likewise, we would break their fast how they thought pakoras and things like that is the same concept. So you know, people burping up and all that.

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No, bro, you crazy.

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Ah, right.

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The bigger problem here is people filling up too much for their if thought. So no matter what you eat, like if you eat too much, you're gonna be burping up. And that is not a pleasant thing. The people next to you that smell your burps.

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So, that's the first thing second thing. Man, people need to be careful with their feet. And what I mean here is foot hygiene. I mean, look, I don't know how it works with the sisters, right? Because obviously, I pray on the brothers side. But brothers, man, like, some people don't clip their toenails like these nasty toenails. And then some people do foot to foot with you and you're like, dude, Calm down, man. Just Just calm down. Like I don't need your telephone. That's all upon me.

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So yeah, they're like, take care of your feet. Like cut your toenails. Take care of that more, put some socks on.

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Number three during the prayer. So I've seen this happen a lot of people are praying they recite their

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their kind of prayer. But they do it really loud. And it's like a silent you know, it's like a supposed to be a silent thing you're supposed to it's something that your lips make the movement. And there may be some puffs of air but it's not like sound is coming out. Right. So

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there's this beautiful turn.

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Yeah, so some people like

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it's like really loud in the person sitting next to you like they're inside.

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And they're trying to they're trying to you know, size is a very intimate moment it's a spiritual moment when last time to Allah. You don't need to hear the person right next to you like being all loud and stuff especially people start making their

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you know, like, cuddly and sounds like dude like that's your dog like you make it until I don't need to hear this

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a lot so beautiful.

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Anyway, I was saying so yeah, so when people are reciting that out loud it's good for you. I'm sure the person doing it but you know the people around you they don't need to be hearing and it's distracting to the person next to you.

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Number I forgot a number I'm on for movement during prayer and I know some people can't help themselves you know people you know, especially in Ramadan, people are used to standing in the prayer for so long. So some people like sway, you know, back and forth and some people you know, I've seen this happen to crack their knuckles

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but you really have to be aware of that people praying next to you as well. It's very distracting sometimes it's like click click click crack crack crack the cracking their knuckles the whole time.

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Nice bikers there

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and also swaying back and forth. You know, sometimes there's a domino effect because the person sways into you you hit the person next to you they hit the button the person next to them and they hit hit the person next to them and this is all mess

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a lot of

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nice horses

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think I'm running out of gas and you get some guests soon inshallah hope this gas station out here in the sticks.

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Yeah, so along with that, sometimes people holding mishaps when they're praying.

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They're praying. Look, I don't see a point like I don't think it's, you know, any I don't view it as being hot or anything like that to hold on must have when you're praying. Right But the issue is

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Yeah, so the issue really is that we're the people next to you, you know, when you're flipping pages and you're, you're trying to follow along and you know, sometimes we as I said, to start reciting out loud

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that can be very distracting people actually also most dialysis is the brand is recited for you then listen to it and pay attention. So anyone you're reciting for yourself or you're trying to follow something along then

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it doesn't you know, kind of defeats the whole purpose of listening to the Quran, know that the Imam and the prayer individually

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that the map is made so that you follow them and that's why the amount of recite so I usually prefer that people don't hold them must have to hold on when they're while they're in prayer.

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Another thing that is very common is how to lie and this is you know, more so deals with the Imam, but I can you know, I'll speak for the Imam here, when the mount makes a mistake. You know, most messages out there,

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the man who's leading, they usually have a guy standing directly behind them, whose job is to help the man if he if he if he forgets or to correct him if he makes a mistake. The problem is all the other people who were trying to flex and a female makes a mistake and you know, everybody's are speaking.

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And that actually confuses the man more rather than helping them and allow us when we get to

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the last portion of the font or people know more pseudos then everybody's trying to flex it by trying to correct the

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man this is just a fun ride.

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Just gonna show you some of the scenery, even if I'm not talking want y'all to see this

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and appreciate the beauty of a law

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the creation of a ton of data in the ledger Meanwhile, your beautiful and he loves beauty and we see that beauty reflected in the creation of what kind of data as well.

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I don't know how much of this footage is gonna end up in the Nashville vlog but

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I want you all to be able to see what I'm seeing here.

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When you're fasting, try to get out you know, sometimes we confine ourselves to the house.

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And we're just trying to get the day over with like, let me just finish fast thing let me just lay in my bed or ever kind of confined themselves to the house. You know, looking at the clock counting down the hours counting down the minutes.

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But get out go outside and for me like me saying this. I'm sure if my wife were to hear this, you'd be rolling your eyes because I'm one of those people. My indoors the person I don't like going out to

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but really, when I do go out I really am like why didn't I do this before? Why didn't I do more of this? I'm done.

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I need gas.

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Yeah, come on. Let me look and see how much battery you have.

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I think it's almost dead.

Motovlog – On this episode: Youth Jumu’ah, fasting and riding, annoying masjid quirks, and… gas.

2017-06-07 – Ramadan 2017

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