A Message to My Sisters

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A message to my sisters during these crazy times.


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The speaker discusses the difficulty of protecting one's identity and reputation due to the actions of her sisters, particularly those who wear a wedding dress or niqab. The speaker also encourages people to be careful and take precautions, but also mentions that Islam has given men opportunities to gain reward from the harder work and harder challenges they face. The speaker also mentions a principle in Islam that takes pride in the harder work and harder challenges faced by men.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh hope everyone's doing well out there. Welcome to another ra vlog. If you haven't seen these before, this is basically me just sharing some thoughts with you now, for today I wanted to talk about something which I've been thinking about for a while. But especially now with everything happening in the world, I really just from the bottom of my heart wanted to put a message out there to my sisters, telling you all to be careful, be careful, take as many precautions as possible, we know that sisters are often the target of violence and hatred. And because oftentimes, they're easily identified as being Muslim, especially those sisters who wear a

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hijab or niqab because they just just looking at them, you can tell that they're Muslim, they're often the target of as I said, violence and hatred and all that kind of stuff. Islamophobia is on the rise. So be careful. Now, I didn't want to just leave it at that, I want to also give you some words of encouragement, you know, Lost Planet, Allah has given people different things, there's different aspects about all of us. And even on an individual level, we have different things about us, that we can use to gain more rewards from electronic data, men or women are no different in that matter. So Allah has given men certain things that are specific to men, that they can use to gain

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more reward from a lot. And likewise, our sisters, women have been given certain things that men have not been given. And those are things that they can use to gain more reward from Allah. And also, we have a principle in Islam, and that is that the harder it is to do something, and this is from the obedience of a law, the harder it is to do something, the more of a challenge it is, the more difficult we find it to be, the higher the reward. And because this is something which without a doubt is much harder for our sisters to deal with. And brothers, a lot of times, you know, guys don't actually get it, they don't really understand how much of a challenge it is to walk out of

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your house. Now it's like wearing Islam on your sleeve. Or we could say, literally wearing Islam on your head with your hijab, people immediately know that you're Muslim, it used to be back in the day that people would just make assumptions about you, right? Oh, she's oppressed, all that she she follows a backward way of life, but all that kind of stuff. But now it's gone a step beyond that. And that is that, you know, often there's a threat of physical violence as well, and also physical and verbal abuse, all of that, and that's a real threat. So it takes a lot of courage to step out of your house every single day and represent Islam like that, because I don't think brothers really get

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it. so mad respect, a lot of respects have had a lot to my sisters, for being able to do that. But remember that because this is a challenge that is specific to two sisters, or I should say more specific, two sisters, this is also a blessing from Allah. And and I would say an honor that is that Allah has given to women that because this is more of a challenge for them. They also have the opportunity to get more awards from the last panel to Allah. So Allah has blessed you and honored you with this type of challenge. And really, I just like I said, just be careful, take precautions, but also

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stay strong, stay strong and stay blessed. I believe this is a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala as well. And Allah Subhana Allah knows best until next time in jail. Like I said, I'm on a cul de la he will back out