5 Ways to Survive a Bad Friday Khutbah

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses five ways to survive a difficult situation, including writing down action points, learning about patient behavior, reciting the Quran, and being rewarded. They also mention a recitation from the Quran that emphasizes avoiding offense towards a situation or loss, and encourage listeners to listen to the Quran for instructions on what to do.
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Five Ways to survive a terrible whatever you're watching hashtag asleep.

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We've all been in that position where we're sitting there listening to the Juma hook been wondering to ourselves, How did I end up here? or Why did I decide to come to this place out of all the other places. So here are five ways that we can benefit and survive a bad or terrible job mahatva. Number one, write down some action points. It can really be helpful if you just sit down for a few moments after the hook, but write down a couple ways that you can implement some of the things that the mom or the Habib was talking about during the demo hotbot. Number two, you can learn how to be patient in this hood, but instead of sitting there and moaning and crying and thinking how terrible this

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this situation is, remind yourself that this may be a situation or a loss penalty. Allah is teaching you how to be patient. Number three, the reward from this Juma hutzpah if you didn't like the drama, if you didn't enjoy the heartbeat, the way he speaks and all that, at the very least, you get rewarded for attending this Jimmy Hoffa. As we know the profits that a lot of send them said that from one Juma from one Friday to another Friday prayer, we have our minor sins forgiven. So there's that number four, the recitation if you didn't benefit from anything else, at the very least, you can benefit from the recitation listen to the Quran as it's being recited and take away some benefit

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from that. Number five. Last but not least, if you didn't benefit in any other way, if there's nothing you got out of this quote, but at the very least, you learned what not to do, if you ever have to give a hotbar and Allah Subhana Allah knows best. Until next time in sha Allah, said Ahmad, a comb or amatola he or barakato