Saad Tasleem – Controlling Your Gaze

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative effects of hyper sexualization in society, where everyone looks at anyone who makes them look at. They describe how this can lead to problems in relationships and how it is difficult for individuals to control their gaze. The speaker suggests working towards changing the behavior of individuals by finding help from Allah Spano Tiana.
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How do you control your gaze in a hyper sexualized society, you're watching hashtag which side asleep.

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We live in a culture of voyeurism, where we're taught to look at anything, and everything, and everyone, from TV movies, to reality shows, magazines, we're either looking at people's lives, or we're looking at people. And in a society like this, we see the effects the detrimental effects that have come about because of this culture that we're in, we're conditioned to never control our gaze. for single people. It's it may start with *, and things like that in movies, and TV and all of that. But it can very easily end up to a person actually becoming addicted to *. And we know all the ill effects that that has on a person's life. For someone who is married, there are

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many detrimental effects of not controlling one's gaze, it can lead to a person being unsatisfied with their spouse. One of the reasons is that they may begin to compare their spouse to all these people that they're always looking at a person spouse will never live up to these images that we see on the internet, on TV and movies, and magazines, because that's just not reality. And so it can cause a lot of problems in relationships. And so it's about time that we start pushing ourselves to be patient with controlling our gaze and it's not easy. Look, let's be honest, it's not easy for a person to control their gaze in society, but realize that change never happens overnight. We're

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going to have to condition ourselves. We're going to have to start working at it and seeking the help of Allah Spano Tiana and slowly but surely, inshallah to Allah Allah will help us to control and lower our gaze and Allah subhana wa tada knows best. Until next time in sha Allah sit on what a cool what I meant to light Oh, but I got there.

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