The Two Hungry People

Riyadul Haqq


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The speaker discusses the importance of wealth in shaping one's life and suggests that it is not meant to be a deterrent or a source of satisfaction. The speaker also mentions that wealth is not meant to make everyone happy and that it is a source of satisfaction that will last forever. The speaker also mentions that wealth is not meant to make everyone happy and that it is a source of satisfaction that will never perish.

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And in fact the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in the Hadith related by many authors, including Imam Hakim, in his little stir that the Sunnah mollycoddle the Allah or and others from our delight and Ibis or the Allah or in Houma that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Man, Man nourishment and

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barley were eliminated radical dunya

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but they are too greedy people who are never filled,

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who are never satisfied. They are never satiate

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the hunger never comes to an end.

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And who are those two hungry people?

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barley or Illman, the seeker of knowledge,

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he is never felt, he is never satisfied. His hunger for knowledge is never satiate his thirst, his thirst for him is never quenched.

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And the second person whose hunger is never satiate, who is never satisfied, is what it will dunya the seeker of the dunya you will never be happy.

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The dunya is not meant is not designed to and cannot fill the vacuum and the cavity in

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Allah has told us Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has told us but shaytaan tells us otherwise che Ponce's you can.

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And this is why a man is never happy, no matter how much he has whether he has no man considers himself rich.

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He always feels poor. And he's driven to collect more to accumulate more, and that drive to collect more and more wealth makes him corrupt. Now lest anyone say is that,

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that's very negative, that the pursuit of wealth, attachment to wealth

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corrupts a person. What last panel data tells us again and again.

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The Quran tells us that wealth makes a person delusional.

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It makes him think believe himself to be immortal.

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Where you will liquidly houmas Allah the gem Armando Wagga yes or what no matter who

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Woe be unto every defaming

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taunting person.

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He who gathers wealth accumulates wealth,

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what are the hang counts it? Yes, sir. What anomala who are leather Allah, he thinks that his wealth will make him everliving

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will give him everlasting life. Man thinks he becomes immortal.

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And that's also mentioned in the story of the rich man. And so to recap,

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he says, Matt of them want to be the herder he.

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He makes them delusional.

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But you know what? I think Allah has given me so much, that I think none of this will ever perish.

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In fact, and then he progresses and climbs in his delusion,

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who might have been Masataka him? I think, not only will will my wealth last forever, my lens by states, because he was touring his estates and showing them to his poor companion. He's saying, none of this will ever perish. In fact, not only will none of this ever perish, I do not think that the final hour or the resurrection will ever come.

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And then he says, But as he progresses further in his delusion, will eroded to LRB.

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That even if per chance, there is the resurrection, there is the final hour, there is the return to our Lord, then I believe that Allah will honor me in the laughter life just as he has honored me here.

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In fact, I will discover an even better reward there than what God has given me.

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Some wealth makes a person delusional wealth makes a person believe in his or her own immortality.

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Wealth corrupts. Allah says Ghana in Santa Laidlaw are stuck. Nene man transgresses because he sees himself as being rich and independent of Allah.

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verse after verse testifies to this verse after verse