The Sacred Months

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I must Pankaj ADA has the following I just start by saying Allah today gave us a weather of 70 and 70 is a breeze. Right? Especially for us living in synchronous and this is 100 of rasanya Salesforce data loss puntata throughout the year has upped off the days he created some of them bring the breeze that's exactly what it says and the order from our Swati Salatu was Salam gets yourself exposed to be studies

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you get what I'm saying? Right. So there are there are reasons actually some already started and some will start and of course the the breeze is the head. So I want you to feel this and number one the question you have to ask yourself and I asked myself where are you from these breezes? Do you even feel it? which month we are?

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Now tell me when July

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so we are in

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and what is the breeze?

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Number one so already we are in the breeze This is our home it's the sacred month so number one for now hedges at least another probably another month right so four weeks but don't wait till then the watch pantalla like introduce like you introduce an important thing for your life introduce the gradually and get yourself ready and that's how it is so that secret month on actually three in sequence and one separate Yes or No? Okay which one they are.

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So you have start with your deal partner now then the jet coming where is the hedges then followed by

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the first year, the first month of the lunar year, then all the way till you get to know Ramadan is not a secret month. Roger, Roger and there's a heavy copper. So first let me share with you the I give you the name and the name of the surah the number it's assorted tober that's where it came. And the eye is actually 36 the surah is nine and the is 36. Allah said the following night that the shoe Linda light national shadow, the count of the months,

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you recycle a lot, we're not what created the earth and we have is our toilet. So this is why we have 12 months out of those for our secret. So that's where it came. That is four of them are sacred. And then the question you and me will ask Okay, and so

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and then the order comes in, find out now for some don't do or all or don't wrong yourself during them.

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What does doing wrong? You mean?

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What does you're doing wrong? What did I do? I did not do anything? This is how we say right? What is it?

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Two things general and then you apply and I'll give you some some some ideas.

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Volume. Do injustice is when you put something not in the right place. Or you say something not in the right place. Anytime I am disobeying Allah,

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you think of disobedience or from law, I am not putting myself in the right place. I am not saying the right thing that a lot one, that's the one that's injustice the other way around anytime I am not doing what Allah wants me to do. So there is no disobedience. I'm not disobeying Allah, but I'm not doing what he wants me to do. I'm doing injustice. So now how do we move in the office? First thing you're going to say today, I need to remind myself yourself, myself. Farming is everyone. These are sacred month. And so what is it the sacred month

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every good deed in the sacred month is multiplied. And every disobedience is multiplied.

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Now for those of you who are going to hedge, there's going to be three of us who are leaving next week. There's some people who are leaving next week, right? So you're going to be in a sacred month

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in the sacred place

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in this in the secret time and the sacred place.

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So when I disobeyed most pantalla in any way or form in that home, you need to think twice.

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So for those of us who are there, and disobeying the law, don't you think of disobeying the law and the hammer find someone next praying next to me or I think I'm better than that person because I am this or that

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Or I look at this as what is she wearing?

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And this is what we're going to focus on in short light is how do you focus on you know, focus on people. So number one is an assured home, the sacred month that we are in an under

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public a theist said in the commentary of this I he said, the

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sin in this month's multiplied as well as the good deeds are multiplied. So if I fast today, it's not like I fasted last month. It's not like I faster than show why it's worth passing. When I give charity, when I forgive someone, when I smile in the face of someone, when I do any good deed, I need to think it's an opportunity, you know, like what my life would give us. But we have to give me examples that is makes us think easier when someone texts you today and says there's a huge sale in whatever is the department store. What are you going to say?

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Right, right. I'm going to share with you two, three days ago there was a Amazon had the prime time for those of you who shop online, right? If you ever shopped in Whole Foods, and it happened to be I was there that day, I just needed a milk and all the shelves were empty.

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And I was like what is this is not that usual. And I went like 5pm is like and they said oh, it's a primetime day. And I said what's this primetime day I didn't even know you can shop with us you will get $10 discount on Amazon.

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So how long? This is a breeze. And we all take it but the breeze of Allah. I don't even we know about it, let alone we take an opportunity to opt in to get my point. There's nothing wrong with taking opportunity in life. I'm not saying On the contrary, why not? I'll save $10 I'll give it to a needy person. That's fine. But I need to look at the breezes that are given to us again and again and again. We don't even know about it. So number one is Ashford home number Swati Santos said Hadees about them that they are three in sequence and one he called the sugar Moodle Roger. And he said it's the month between it's the month before Shabbat before Shabbat, Raja Shabbat and then

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number one