Death – the Destroyer of Desires

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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The segment discusses the importance of the message of death and the "has been upon" meaning of death, as well as the teachings of the Bible and the importance of the "has been upon" meaning of death. The speakers emphasize the need to focus on the "has been here since 2012" event and the importance of not giving too many things to our bodies and not giving too many things to our bodies. They also discuss the devastation caused by the coronavirus and the importance of creating a habit and not constantly feeling the need to be focused on the negative thoughts of the past.

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad are the early he was such a big Marine. What are the coolamon who whom basin in Isla Yomi? Deen Allahumma aluminum ion pharaoh now one of them Turner was in an arraignment where I'm at on euro but I mean well

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respected Brothers Sisters Chu Liana elders Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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It's a occasion of great pleasure. It's an honor for all of us to be here today, on this Sunday afternoon,

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discussing a very important aspect

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which is the termination of our life and the hereafter. I would like to thank sofa Institute for organizing this conference and event and putting this together inviting all of us may Allah subhanaw taala reward them the efforts will the brothers and sisters who have contributed in a new way

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as the brother said, My topic is about death,

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which is a reality's Mote something that

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everyone agrees upon. Whether a person is a Muslim, non Muslim Hanafi Shafi, Maliki handling Sufi Salafi the urban liberal, we there is no way to tell if there is no difference of opinion

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regarding the occurrence of death, as well as the time as well as the location and place of death. Nobody knows the time. And everybody agrees that this is something that will occur. And this is something that we actually neglect and forget the most in our life. Death is something sometimes we don't even want to talk about death Hamdulillah we are talking about death today. But it's something that is distasteful. The topic the discussion of death sometimes let's talk about something else. Why do we want to talk about death? It's a reality. It's coming that even if we don't talk about it, it's coming, we should talk about it more and more daily, regularly. It's a reality. And

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even more so, more than being fixated with

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the young will Kiama the signs of a Yama. I know Shiva him spoke about some of the signs of Panama which are very important which are mentioned in the Hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam major signs of minor signs. But before even the signs we need to be really focused about the greatest sign, which is our own death. The greatest piano there's actually a narration, which has been mentioned in many books of Hadith. But the chain as the scholars of Hadith explained that it's weak, but the meaning is correct, because there are some other supporting narrations. Most notably for those of Imam de la Mia and some elsewhere, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is

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reported to have said, either Mata or Hadoken, Papa, the comet Tiama, to who, when one of you dies, then your piano has occurred. That's your plan.

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And the meaning is true because this the same type of response was given by the messenger sallallahu alayhi salam when once when the companion came in and asked the messenger sallallahu alayhi, wa salam ala Rasulillah messenger of Allah Mazzara when will the final hour appear? When will it appear? We nowadays we are really fixated? When is it going to be the it's the end of time, okay, we need to talk about it. But sometimes we focus more on the end of time and time is coming to an end and you know, Day of Judgment is occurring, the millenniums coming, you know, 2000 worlds ending 2000 Everybody thought the millennium the world was going to end 2012 People actually predicted I

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think I was in another country that time when in 2012 there was a particular day that people were saying that this is going to be the final day they actually made bunkers in this country I think was kinda can't remember right now, but they made some bunkers that people actually went and hid that if the world terminates and comes to an end that will be saved. And people still think it's coming. People think it's coming tomorrow. We don't know. Allah knows best. This is why when the person came when the Sahaba came and asked the messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam. Mata sir, he said forget about when it will occur, mother.

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Watch Have you prepared for the day of judgment?

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And when Jabra in peace be upon him asked him. He said Mel masu, unhappy. Minister in the one being asked has no more knowledge than the one asking we need to focus on our life. They are not for us is our death. This is why it's reported from movie Robin Sharma out of the Allahu Anhu that he used to say, yeah, oh Luna, Luna, aka Yama, people keep on saying Yama

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is coming piomas coming day of judgment is arriving, the final hour is arriving in nama Tiama to gradually move to who? The Tiama the Day of Judgment of a man is his own death. We need to think about the reality of this life. Think about we are in a state all of us, myself included, I'm talking to myself as well. We are in a state of heedlessness. hafla. When we look at the teachings of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the majority of the teachings of all the prophets from Adam Alayhis Salam to the messenger SallAllahu sallam was focused about the life hereafter about an era about Janna about jahannam. If you look at the Quran, 1/3 of the Quran teachings is focused on

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life after death, about Alcatra 1/3 of the Quran, this was something that the prophets came to teach, because the life after death, nobody knows about it. Every top science or technology that people come across in the world or whatever they can progress. No science will tell us what happens after a person dies, all the degrees and all the technologies and all the sciences, the end is at the grave. Once the person is in the grave, nobody knows what's happening. Only the prophets of Allah salAllahu alayhi wasallam are they him are able to inform us are able to tell us about the occurrences of the death about occurrences of the grave what happens in the grave, what happens from

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when a person is buried in the grave till the Day of Resurrection, which is known as Ireland will bizarre. What happens in the next life and even the prophets Allah hasn't told everything to the prophets, some of the knowledge that Allah has given the prophets, they have related that knowledge to us. And this is what the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to do used to instill and drill this into the minds of the companions Radi Allahu Anhu that don't let this glamour glut of this world this temporary you know, this is a temporary 5060 years of life. Don't think that this is the be all and end all of everything in life. Once when the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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was sat with the Sahaba or the Allahu Anhu there was a hadith in Sahih Muslim. A cloth came a little hurried made out of silk. So the Sahaba the Allahu Anhu they had never reached this also, they've never they never saw this kind of really beautiful, soft, sick cloth. So for Tjaarda us harbor who yell mizuna, how wet Ijebu millenia they started touching it and feeling it and passing around look, brotherhood, beautiful cloth, beautiful cloth nothing wrong with that, but the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was looking at them and then he said to them, Atocha Boon Amin Leni had the Hillman are the are you amazed by the softness and the silkiness of these handkerchiefs or he was like a

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handkerchief type of cloth. Then he said that

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lamina de Lusardi many more Ana's infill Jana Jairo. Minha alien that has hobbies outside of Nimrod who had passed away. He said you you think this is great, the handkerchiefs and the clown cloths given to Sadove no more, who's already passed in Jana, they are far better and far softer and FOB silkier than these cloth that you are touching. The objective was that he saw the companions of the Allahu Anhu that they are liking something of the world. So that in order that the love of this worldly wealth, wealth of the world, the glitz and glam of the world does not get instilled into the hearts. At every step, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would direct their focus from the

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world to the next slide. Okay, this is good. But in Jannah what you get is much better.

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Straightaway he took them out from the state of heedlessness. So this is what the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught, this is why there's a hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said LK you swim and Dan and epsa amulet Lima battle mode. The real you know, intelligent person is the one who thinks about the hereafter who AMI let him about the remote, who acts and behaves or she acts and behaves in a way that it is a preparation for the next life. This is a very short life brother and sisters, we really need to really focus on death. We need to think about death daily, the scholars say and I'm gonna give you one or two practical things because remember

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these conferences and these programs are not just for celebrities to come and speak and everybody enjoy an entertainment that's not what the objective is of the organization and nobody This is practical teachings. If we know hamdulillah it's a reminder whether cared for in the crowd and for our money and we should constantly remind we should go back make notes think okay, next time we're not here to talk have I acted upon the things that I learned on this particular day? So I want to give two practical things at the end Inshallah, but really focus on the

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The shortness of this life This life is so short. Right now, average lifespan is about 60. If you're 21 thirds gone, if you're 42 thirds gone, you got another 20 years left, who you know, we think about, I'm going to buy this and I'm going to this building and this property and I'm going to go and live in Dubai and I'm going to do this and I'm going to do that 20 years left brothers and sisters. You got a white hair coming out from your beard and I've got a few now coming and it's like, it's the beginning of an end. The Quran says wotja alumno Americanize Rafi HeMan does that cup wotja Hakuna deal. Did we not give you an age that you could take heat from? And the no deal the

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Warner did not come to the comment isn't of the Quran. They say the Warner could be many things but one of the commentaries or the tafsir is the white hair. It's the first indication the first sign is the beginning of the end brother sister, even though we will try to you know put dye and you can put it no problem make your wife asthma happy. No problem. But don't deceive anybody. Don't go for a proposal and just you know, put all black there. Yeah, I'm just 29 you're 14. That's haram. But this is this is a first warning. It's the beginning of the end, extremely short life. We come into this world. You know, sometimes we think that the whole world revolves around our lives. That's what we

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think. You might imagine. Think from Allah's perspective, the world is, it starts like from that end to this. Remember, this is what ultimately Salam came, and that's where PML it's ending. Millions and billions and trillions of people have come in and out. We our existence is insignificant. 500 years ago, there were people living and they thought this is the world the problems they were going through that said karma is coming. This is like, oh, nobody's gone through this calamity. 600 years ago, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said birth to urner was 10. I have been sent with piano like this. So the final hour was close in the time of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam. We don't know. It could be 600 years, it could be 2000 years. But our gamma is our death. That's we know it's in the next 2030 years. If that's if we get the normal average lifespan.

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So forget about this whole, the world is just moving, it's for Allah, it will end we just pop in and we pop out. It's like for a few moments and seconds. This is why the Quran says to whom yo Morona heard me Alberto in the machine yet Oh Ha ha. When you go into the next life, when we go into the next life, this worldly life will seem as a moment of the morning or a moment of the evening.

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This is what the Quran says. You know, if we understand this moment of the morning or the evening is like if we will we go in the next slide. Remember this life is like 5060 years. Next life is how long? How long we're going to live in the next life.

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How long? For eternity? 100 years, 200 years. 500 years. 10,000 years, 2 billion years? trillion years? Never Ending ever lasting eternity. Imagine after 600 million years. One day, you come out from your massive palace in Jannah. This brother meets this this other brothers coming from another palace a salon where they go around to lie. Okay hamdulillah how are you? How's it going? It's going good. After 6 billion years in Ghana and then you want to go let's go and have some coffee in a shisha cafe. Let's go and have some shisha it's Hello in Jana in Jana. I said here. You have to ask somebody else.

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Let's have some shisha so that you know had some coffee, shisha. And then you talking Do you remember further? Do you remember? What 600 million years ago long time ago, there was a place called dunya. Oh yeah, I think I can remember dunya I think I can remember. Do you remember? I think I was born. I remember I think I went to universities. I did a degree in medicine. And they were married. Maybe had two children. One son one daughter. I think I had a grandchild. And then I died

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65 years in comparison to 600 billion years. This is a moment of a morning or a moment of the evening. It's insignificant brothers and sisters. We all know that one of the signs of pm is actually a Takara Buddhism and time in flight. We all talk about autonomous flying nowadays. A month is like four days we can do we can do literally weekdays or evenings

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it's flying we will no I mean I sometimes talk to some of my friends and students we actually say Okay, after four years 10am On this date. Let's all phone each other. Let's see how fast is gone. I myself I can't imagine where the last 10 to 15 years have gone. It's just flew by flew is just you just cannot imagine people are moving fast.

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it's taking us close to our death.

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So life is very, very short. We need to focus on the hereafter. People, you know, sometimes they don't those who don't have this firm up either and this reality of the next life, they get depressed by getting old. For a believer, they love meeting Allah, they get depressed. Have you seen some of the celebrities, some football players, because when they're in their mid 20s or early 20s, they're celebrities.

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Yeah, 16 million pound football being signed soon.

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Celebrities. Everyone's focused on them. They've got the fashion, they look nice and fresh and smart. But then when they're 45, nobody wants to see them. They become this big and fat.

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They have white hair, gray hair, they get depressed, they don't have that kind of adulation anymore.

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Because it's all to do with this life. For a believer, it's all to do with the next life. You know, the Quran talks about?

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Allah talks about the reality of this life. There's so many verses talking about this reality of this life. Allah talks about his life to be lovable and whether Ableton Live is just a game. In other words in relation to it's not a game we need to be focused in our life, but in relation to in relation to in comparison to the ark era which is billion trillion years and beyond an eternity. This is just a game. That's why the Quran says woman higher to dunya il lottery boo Allah, this worldly life is nothing but gaming, amusement, and what the higher the Hereafter is better have an attitude. Don't you have a brain? Don't you think Allah is telling me a new? Don't you reflect and

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think this is just a game? And then Allah depicts in a beautiful verse in Surah, two Hadith he talks about the reality of this life. This is an amazing verse here, and no Manhyia to dunya lottery Boone wala Hoon was in tune with a hold on by Nakamoto Catherine Amalia can materialize in Jebel kuffaar on a Virto familia, he Jupiter Rahu Surah from CU Palma. Allah talks about the reality of this life he says no realize recognize think here and this is something you must know about. This worldly life is nothing but learning. These are stages of life. Now a boon means when we're a young this is it's a toy, when we're young. This life is we like to it's your basic first stage of life. Laurie refers

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to those type of toys that have no meaning. It's like just taking a car and doing she you know, those basic toddlers, Larry Boone is the stage of being a toddler. Then Allah says, well, Allah and then you move on to another stage, which is now amusements now there's actually winning, and when you're a toddler, this car or this small bowl means everything to you, to us. This is our world. This is our life. If someone snatches a toy, it's as though we've lost a property when we're old. Because that's the only, you know, part of life we understand. But when you move on to the next stage, which is low, and now it's a bit more, you know, entertainment, you're now you're into

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gadgets, friends, iPad, and a tablet or whatever, whatever, playing games. Now, when you think about when we think about the previous stage, was it a small child playing around with this car and someone gives, don't give me this car this for babies, babies, these babies make too much noise. You know, an eight year old says that, okay, we laugh at our previous stage, like Ebola, who and then Allah says was in it, and there's another stage as well. Every stage we move on to we kind of laugh, make a mockery out of our previous state. Was that really me? No, did I really do that?

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So this is the stage then you go into the state of youth fullness was Xena. Now it's all about adornment. Now it's all about nice clothes. And nice watch a nice haircut, an ice car blasting music loudly in Birmingham and in Manchester and in Azure road and and Manchester. What's that road call again?

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Winslow road, because when our elderly elderly people see these kids youth

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when you get to that age, you actually think these guys have been funny, you know, but we did the same thing when we are young. And the same youngsters 22 year olds you know, blasting music thinking you know, this is the rule and the rule the world. When they get to clarify 40 they will actually look at you and says, These guys don't have anything better to do. Exactly. Every person we laugh at their previous state was in tune. And then Allah says what a far from by income, then you go into the next stage, then you go into jobs and Korea when we're looking for Korean degrees. It's as though everything revolves around my degree. I am the only one who studies that's how I think I'm

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the only one who's getting married. When you get married. The whole world should know I'm getting married, married marriage. You know, it's like everyone's marriage is important for them. So it's like everything revolves around your own marriage.

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Just when you become a parent, you're the only one I'm the only one who has babies in this world as millions of people who have had children and millions will have it as well again, but everything we think that said, our whole focus is on that particular stage of life. And then Allah says, you go into the next stage, which is the middle age stage, now you're all powerful. You look at the kids, these kids, they're a nuisance, they make a lot of fuss, they make a lot of noise. Get them out of the masjid, too much noise into his kids playing around loitering outside. You when we were young, we were not like that. We were like that, but we will when we are young, we were not like that. And

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we look at the elderly, they just have dead anyway, one foot in the grave. You know, when we're in that state, we don't know, you know, when you look at a young old person, seriously, really brothers analysable Seriously, when we look at an old man, this is going to think within 10 years, me and you we're going to be like that

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1015 years is gonna go like this, I will have a stick, I will be on a wheelchair. That's me and you in a few years time.

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But when you're in when we're in that middle age life, we think we will powerful. We have controlled both sides, on the young people and under elderly people. And then when you become elderly, the Quran says whatever hold on Boehner Come on. You're old now you just boasting now you're not into cars and blasting music and you know, girls and all of that, or boys, you're not into all of that. Now Now you're just boasting and properties. Dr. Catherine Philomela.

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I have Mara butcher, the coconut na Chai.

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This is my grandson look at it. And this is the this is my grandchild. This is my son, this is my property, then I've got four properties in Dubai. I've got two properties in whatever, whatever I don't know. It's all about competition, who's got more wealth and who's got more children.

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And then you become old when you become old, then you think when you you know, we've got all the experience of life you think we think that is the most important stage of life. Every other stage is irrelevant. But when we were at the previous stage, that was the most important for us at that time. So when you become old, nobody has explained we've got all the experience in the world we understand the world I've lived 70 years in the world. How dare you talk to me, I've got all experience and then time to go. But this is the example It doesn't end there. When we go into the next life, this all these stages of this life, we will laugh at them.

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When we go into janma when we look at the great enamel and the gifts and the bounces given by Allah subhanaw taala

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today when we look at that, then I will say was I really fighting about a property? A filthy property in the world really? Was I really fighting? I really just gonna laugh at myself really I had an argument about a worldly property that's so funny. Look, look at all these like mansions and gifts. This is the real no life. That was just a joke. That was just a dream. Convict dunya and Nicola de Bono. Sabine live in this world as though you like a stranger or not even that a passerby.

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This is what the Hadith of the messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam says, and after that, Abdullah Ahmad used to say the US battlefield under the real Messiah with the unsaved of Atlanta, the real Sabah, when you're all in the morning, don't wait for the evening, when you're in the evening, don't wait for the morning, we will laugh and make a mockery out of our previous life which was 60s 60 to 6370, whatever. It's just, it's just a the greater scheme of things.

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And this will will happen these stages.

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And this is why we need to focus to reflect and this is why the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the famous Hadith,

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a kyrou vichara Haldimand lizard, constantly, constantly, excessively. Remember the thing that breaks all desires for the students of Arabic the word in the Hadith has been related as her them her dim and her Zim three ways but similar meaning her them the breaker like caught there, it's a break of desires. Because all the pleasures of the world, think about death is just tasteful and dim. It's from the word that it breaks it it's like a building that's being broken down. constantly remember death constantly. And this is why the Scholars say that people should do more aka meditate, maybe take a timeout in the morning, straight after Fajr Salah before going to work after Salat al

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Fajr after reciting some Quran and maybe doing some data, think reflect you know that I am dying, you know the whole process. People should do that if they can do that. There's nothing wrong with that. It's not a bit dark, it's fine. You can do it in your bedroom. Just think that you know the thought that look I am there. I'm on my deathbed that angels of death are coming and they're taking my soul my role out of my body. Now people are taking my clothes out and now the

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lifting me now they are giving me you know, the hosel they are giving bathing me then they are shrouding me the coffin. And then now people are saying people are talking and some people are crying and someone saying, Okay, some guests are coming from somewhere, some people are coming, oh, this person is coming from this country or he's taking a flight because he wants to see his face wants to see her face. We can, we can understand that sometimes when we die. I mean, there's a lot of details about this. But we should think about this. And this is all happening around us. And now after going to the janazah and the Imam is saying and I'm snooping there. Allahu Akbar, Allah Akbar,

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and I'm sleeping there. I can't talk nothing. There's people there. And then there's cookie lifting me. Make way make way people away, move, move, stain and stand in the line stand in a line everybody and you're just there. I'm just they're just dead. Body. It's a body. I'm no longer a person. I am a no longer you person. People don't call me as a he or she. They call me by it.

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The body the body is coming. The body is coming everybody that the body is here. They don't say Mohammed here or Abdullah is here or use of here Xena is here. Move everybody's energy. No, no, no, no the body is coming. We no longer remain a king no longer remains a king. A father no longer remains a father, a mother no longer remains a mother.

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It's the deceased the may yet

00:26:29--> 00:26:34

no longer it's a corpse it's a body it's an IT people refer to us as it no longer he or sheet.

00:26:35--> 00:26:36

This is maraca.

00:26:37--> 00:27:03

This is something we need to do constantly remind ourselves of, of the death and the things about the hereafter. Really, we can't really focus we can't really even understand the reality of you know, some of the things of the, like the roof being taken out and the questioning in the grave. We can't really we just we can't even realize the reality of that particular

00:27:04--> 00:27:08

you know, the occurrences of the next live it's difficult to even understand.

00:27:10--> 00:27:25

Rumi used to give a very good example. He says, Look, the prophets have told us this will happen in Jannah this will happen the bridge the set all the questioning the resurrection, this, that and the other. But we can't really understand properly we can't

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it's just like a child who's in the stomach. You know, when a child in the stomach of the mother. Again, the whole world revolves revolves around the stomach. When you try to knock sense in the child imagine someone goes and tells his child child in the mother's stomach whose nourishment is the blood of the mother which is filthy, which is dirty. You know what we do you think this is the world you need to come out.

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And there's a room of their

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massive room. And then after that the child at that time would be if he doesn't can't speak but if somebody wants to say to the child, that's when the child comes out crying because the child thinks I've lost my world.

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That's why the child comes crying into the world because oh no whatever coming to this whole world What is this? I used to be in a very cozy nice world. The Jupiter on the Mars and everything was in that galaxy was in that stomach. But then when you come into the room, wow, this is big. If someone tells you no, this is nothing, there's another room there's a hospital, it's quite a few different wards. You don't get it. We don't get it the child doesn't send in possible for that child to grasp. But then when the child does come out, car Oh, there's some roads and streets. It's it's a bit big. But then if you try to tell that child that there's actually a city and there's a country impossible

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to understand and realize

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and then the wall in the same manner when we're in this world brothers and sisters. For us to truly understand the aka Jana Jahannam the vastness of the next life impossible. We can't truly appreciate or grasp or understand the reality of this life. It's very the next life it's very difficult, just like the child and just like when we're grown up if someone tells us you know, we were all drinking our mother's blood that's what was our nourishment. Now waiting biryani now waiting samosas and pastries and kebabs and burgers and whatever. Well we used to drink filthy, you know, blood. In the same way when you go into the next life. All these net man gifts and bounties of this world will

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seem as filthy was I really engrossed in that short temporary like rest plays duniya one of the meanings of dunya is actually you know, minute Donia which is lonely.

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This is how we will think in the next life. So constantly thinking about the

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Reality the shortness of this slide. This is why say the normal Radi Allahu Anhu used to say Kulu Yom in your coffee hematoma. While abdomen Yeoman, your call Kulu. Yeoman you call Luffy himanta Hula, hula and voila put them in Yom in your coffee hematoma. Every day it says such and such person has passed away such and such person has passed away. Every day we see an announcement in sha Allah after Salah told her there will be a Janaza prayer of brother brothers such and such a sister Sister May Allah forgive them or oh, well we think like this, that's him you know that that's the way we think. We just think we're infallible like with different species I'm talking about is just

00:30:38--> 00:30:58

subconsciously, kind of occurred to someone else. I mean, we know what will occur to us, but we think in our minds Meantime, that's probably the last possibility. I know that person's dead that yeah, he's dead, he's dead or she's dead. me dying. We are not ready to that person who died was thinking why that two hours ago

00:30:59--> 00:31:05

the person in the grave was thinking the same as well going to graves went to Fusion as a press exactly like us.

00:31:06--> 00:31:11

But death occur occurred and the person left this world and gone his piano occurred.

00:31:12--> 00:31:28

So this is why I say that I'm not used to say every day an announcement is made such and such person has passed away such and such person has passed away a day has to come what a Buddha mean Yom in your part of the humanity aroma, that there'll be an announcement that Omar has passed away

00:31:30--> 00:31:36

that's the thought that's the maraca two practical things before I'm going to end I want I'm gonna just make them briefly.

00:31:37--> 00:31:44

One is after death I'll just mention one thing before those two practical things. One thing after death is we stay in a state of bizarre

00:31:45--> 00:31:52

bizarre you know when we go into our graves until the Day of Resurrection is known as either them in Buddhism.

00:31:54--> 00:32:35

Now that burns off when the grave if someone's are a murderer good to his actions, his deeds righteous life piety, righteousness, spent a good life, then the Hadith says that that person will be in a good state we'll be sleeping in a very sweet type of sleep, like you know, on the a newlywed Nam, can we meet in the neonatal ruse? But on the other hand, if somebody may Allah protect us if somebody's strayed, and did not spend a righteous life, then even in that state of Bonanza, which is the state of grave. This is why one of the upgrades that has no agenda is that we believe in the punishment of the grave. The Hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in the macabre

00:32:35--> 00:32:52

Carrboro ima wrote to Muriel Jana O'Hara to meet her for dinner. The graveyard is actually the grave sorry, is either a garden from the gardens or a pit from the pits of hell. No Allah make it a garden of Jannah and paradise for us. But that

00:32:54--> 00:33:19

state of bugs up until the day of Yama does come. One of the great scholars of the subcontinent Mufti Shafi Rahim Allah is to say that Allah will Berserk is like a waiting What is it like waiting room? You know, if you're traveling on a first class anybody traveled on first class humans ago to me with chicken with the drummer who was with us and one or two other scholars from here, there was a some conference taking place in Abu Dhabi.

00:33:20--> 00:33:31

I think they have a lot of money under the law. So they paid everybody about 250 scholars from the world, they invited with some kind of conference anyway. So last time we were on these this first class

00:33:33--> 00:34:12

flight, first class waiting room first class, you know, they were giving us tea and coffee and breakfast, they also came and asked, Do you want to massage your feet? Whatever we said no, of course. But it's like a waiting room. If you're in a if you if we spent a righteous life, then our brothers our waiting room is even first class. And that's why the Hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which which in which is mentioned that a person or a window is opened or you can see your location in the next life, the gender your place your seat, and if the life is not spent in a good way, then that waiting room Berserk is likewise

00:34:13--> 00:34:14

to practice practical things.

00:34:15--> 00:34:30

One is from Imam Al Ghazali. And one secondly, I mentioned you remember Hosea Rahim, Allah Allah, the man who one of the great scholars is Allah. He says, every one of us should do one thing in order to reflect on this life and this is something we should take lives.

00:34:33--> 00:34:44

Every day when we wake up in the morning in his hotel room, the Dean has mentioned this you can read on it on it in more detail in the morning. We should do what we call Maha Sabha.

00:34:46--> 00:34:50

Sorry, that's the last. Early in the morning we make what I heard, I heard

00:34:52--> 00:34:58

after salon furniture or before that make this Chiti a vowel

00:34:59--> 00:34:59

or a player

00:35:00--> 00:35:32

It's an agreement with your knifes that own us today. I am going to start the day I will not make any sense I will not violate the rights of Allah subhanaw taala I will not violate the rights of the servants of Allah I will not harm anyone I will not back by I will not cheat I will not deceive I will not take wealth unlawfully I will not drive like a maniac on the road. I will not do this I will not hurt my neighbors. I will offer my salah I will I will be good you know make this more I heard that with your naps with our naps we need to make this more either and then start your day once we do the starting of our day then number two what we need to do after that some of the

00:35:32--> 00:35:55

scholars say we should make a dua as well Oh ALLAH I've made this more harder this treaty you know this pledge with my enough's please you know grant we don't feel that I can stay on this steadfast then we start our day and constantly do the day we do number two, which is maraca constantly before anything we say we do any action verbal, physical, verbal statement. I've made a pledge. Am I make Moraga like constantly

00:35:58--> 00:36:43

invigilate one state and then at night do Maha Sabha which is okay, all day to day before going to sleep. I made them more or harder in the morning and I did more aka which means I checked myself during the day. How did I do make your own test 90% 80% Do I give myself 95% If I have done good then make sure so Allah subhanaw taala Allahu monocle hamdulillah shook Hamdulillah 100% I'm sure nobody can say 100% But 95% 100 Allah Allah you blessed me. If not, if I made sense if I committed since then make Toba repent to Allah subhanaw taala next day, make it even better every day should be a progress every day should be a better and then some say that one more thing should be added

00:36:43--> 00:37:08

which is more Altaba that make a penalty. penalize yourself if I've done something wrong than Okay, now I'm going to penalize myself I have to give 200 pounds in charity. I'm gonna give 100 pounds to a sofa Institute. The day I am the day I look at a non Muharram man or a woman within a lustful way on the road or a street or if I look at nudity, that's it 100 pounds of sofa Institute. So far Institute will be very happy mashallah with the charity. But that doesn't mean you look and then you give charity.

00:37:09--> 00:37:34

So that's more charitable, this is something we should constantly do. And that's one practical message and sha Allah, may Allah grant me and all of us tofield to do that. Number two, and I'm just gonna end with this. This is something which I heard recently and I've been hearing this from one of my teachers who shuffled Islam off the target with money heavy though Allah, he's constantly in the past two or three years, nearly every talk, he's been focusing on this, which is that

00:37:35--> 00:38:10

all of us as human beings, we have thoughts in our mind. There's never a time we don't think about something when we sleep, we probably dream over. Okay, we don't think. But we're always thinking our thoughts are always on something unless I'm a mage noon unless we're mage noon, insane. We're thinking we're driving the car. We're thinking, we're walking, we're thinking, if we're talking to someone that maybe you're thinking about what you're talking about, you're eating by yourself. You're thinking we are thinking constantly. What do we think about 90% of our thoughts in our mind, it's all about limited to this life. Today. I need to go to the shop. Tomorrow I need to go this

00:38:10--> 00:38:42

appointment. I've got a dentist appointment. I actually have a dentist appointment to three days dentist appointment, or I need to take the car tomorrow mot service oh, I need to go and get some potatoes and then you do some groceries. Oh I need to find that person in Dubai for a property or that business deal is happening is just oh my grandson's getting married, oh, my nephew is getting married or the person in Pakistan I need to phone him but the one in Bangladesh I need to go there or something I need to do this ticket. Constantly. We are thinking about this worldly life, everything to do with this worldly life. And sometimes even sinful things we think about are you the

00:38:42--> 00:39:25

NACA is the defects, the bad habits of other people this shaft like this, this man and his cars like this, this brother doing this, this sister doing this, you know negative thoughts about people. We have a jungle of thoughts in our brains and our minds full it's full. This machine is running. What check move to depth money is being saying that next move the focus of our thoughts from worldly life to the next worldly life. Driving a car let's think about do we think about you know Chava being Jana, imagine I'll be seeing witnessing Allah subhanho wa Taala there'll be Jahannam there May Allah protect me, that'd be resurrection, then the arm of Allah, the boundaries of Allah about the this

00:39:25--> 00:39:59

life is ending is only 1015 years for me to live. Maybe I could only live for a day. Oh, the time is coming to an end? How will I fare in the next life? Just constant 90 80% of our thoughts on the next life. This is what you call being focused on the next life. And this is a very important message we need to take with us. Because we think a lot about worldly aspects. We have all sorts of aspirations, hopes, worries concerns in 20 years time will my mortgage be paid off? In 25 years time will my grandson will be you know, will he be gone?

00:40:00--> 00:40:25

to school or my son you know we think about this role in life constantly. We need to think in 20 years time will I will my cover be rather to mirror the other Jana or refer to me properly now in 25 years time will my you know place that I will see in Jana from the window will it be a nice place? Or will I see a place in Jahannam these are the constant thoughts and this is why the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would actually make a dua

00:40:26--> 00:40:59

you know, even we can do one two things I just ended with this. Some people might think that that means that we don't live in this world we don't need to become really sad and not smile and that's it is that death death brother Sonico. I'm gonna die brother, I'm gonna die. Think about death. Sometimes some people get depressed like that as well. So don't get depressed you can still smile which, but it's all for Allah subhanaw taala do don't get depressed about that. Man have done a call La Habra, La Jolla ca like this. You know just this desire to meet Allah we are happy about death. No to talk with the moment. It's actually a gift. So without being depressed, but we can earn we

00:40:59--> 00:41:33

can. We can work for this life. But our focus should be in the next life. This is why just quickly once the messengers of Allah Hudson was passing by he saw us a hobby companion. He was repairing his house, he was fixing something like some part of his house message said alone instead of sitting world were you doing he said I'm fixing my house. He said Amaro, gentlemen, zanic. The matter is closer than that, which means that you can carry on but remember, you could die before you even finish building this property or fixing what you need to fix. So constantly focused on driving the car. We're still driving but our focus we could be talking eating, we're talking listening to the

00:41:33--> 00:42:11

radio and a sheet or whatever, but our focus is on the road. So do one of the things but focus on the AHA and this is why the doer of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is to constantly make this dua and we should make a habit of this Allahumma DeJay Ali duniya Kabara Homina wala my beloved el Mina walau, her daughter of a Bettina constantly make this dua Oh Allah don't make navtej Ali dunya do not make this dunya the mob love the end of my knowledge, the pinnacle of my knowledge. Don't make me like I only know about this world.

00:42:12--> 00:42:22

My knowledge my science my degree my studies just ends on this world don't make like that. Number two do not make this dunya moblog or elimina was second when I said

00:42:23--> 00:42:24

I forgot myself.

00:42:26--> 00:43:05

Akbar Homina that's the first one don't make it the main dish you know the hum my thought my worry my concern should not don't make dunya The only concern and worry of mine and don't make the dunya just the only knowledge that I have about wala heitaro Bettina and my desire and my thoughts and my desire and my longing don't make dunya to be the just the, the means of my longing. My longing should be for the next life as well inshallah May Allah granted restore faith I've got a few minutes above Please apologize I don't next because here are you to apologize as well shucks, Allah may Allah subhanaw taala grant us the trophy. Inshallah vertical love eating desserts