Builders of a Nation #13 Juwairiyah bint al Harith (ra)

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A woman who was killed by her husband was not allowed to write a contract with her husband, leading her to become a widow and ask for her release. She eventually wrote a contract and went to Home to write it. She became a widow again and asked for her release, but was also told she had to write a contract. She describes her actions, including how she attacked her tribe and eventually took control, and how she faced tests and challenges in her life. She also talks about her marriage to Jesus Christ and how she brought many people from her tribe to Islam.

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I said mid March but Allahu barakato, another blessed day of Ramadan, another journey, learning about those unique woman who helped build our nation, our Islam, our ummah. And this one is actually another unique one. Because of the following. She was a princess. She was the daughter of the leader of Hosea, which is a tribe well known tribe in Medina. And her father was the leader

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of Hadith. And she was raised as a princess noble, lived in luxury. But life doesn't stay always the way you wanted. Saraswati salatu salam come to learn that Hosea is planning to attack the Muslims. So basically, instead of waiting for them to attack them, he actually went out of Medina, to a place called El Marisa, which is spring of water. And they met them. Haha. And they got defeated. And how did her life change two things, her husband was killed. But worse than that, she was taken as a captive of war, which is very common. In those days before she became a captive, she saw a dream. And basically, she saw the moon falling into her lap.

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And she felt good about the dream. And she knew something unique is going to happen in her life. But she didn't tell anyone about it. And she was under the care of sabotaged no ice at that time. There was an option for the captives to write a contract with the people they are living with, with terms when they will be released. What are these terms? She asked Saba to write this for her. Immediately, she felt humiliated. I mean, imagine this is a princess lived in luxury. She's very beautiful. And now asking someone to write a contract for her. So basically what she did,

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and this is why she was described as proactive. So she was not only beautiful, but she was proactive. And she actually very intelligent and speaks very good language. She was the one who was writing the contract. Yet she felt very uncomfortable, that she is in this position. So she went to Home, she went to Roswell, his salatu salam, asking him to help her to get her release. Now remember this. This is a woman that her life completely changed because of a swallow his Salah to Sarah attacked her tribe, yet. She had so much respect. So much love to him, that she went and asked his opinion, how she can get out of her situation. Now, let me share with you what did she tell her

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Suarez salatu salam when she came to him, asking him for her release and she said, Well, Prophet of Allah. I am the daughter of Phil Harris. I am the daughter of inherited Mazel ignoble Raul, which is the leader and he's the leader of his people. Surely you know what I went through the calamity. I went through, I became a widow. I got captured, left my family and I asked ice, the one she was under his care to write a contract. But I want you to help me to release me and you will write the contract. Proactive.

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This is how she became the wife of Roswaal a solid choice Anna, and he gave her the option.

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We can let you free

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and go back to your family. Or we'll set you free. And Maria or Swanee saw to Sarah. She smiled accepted because that was the dream she saw. She was described by Sade Aisha. Now again remember, this is the other wife of Rasul Allah Salah Tosa and this is how she described her. She said her beauty was like a fairy tale. She was elegant, graceful, beyond the luxurious lifestyle, but she was also noble, and nobility embedded in her character. She was also very intelligent, and very wise, and mastered many languages.

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So she ended up with the most blessed position any woman was dream and pray and ask Allah to be one of the Mothers of the Believers, which of course can

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don't happen anymore. After the death of Roswaal he saw to snap her name before marriage was actually Barbara from beer excellence. Excellence. But Tara soiree Sato CERAM. Change it to joy Ria. And you probably wonder why. And that time, that day and age, they did not like to use names to praise people, let alone the name praise the person himself or herself, and there was Swati salatu salam changed it from Baroque Excellent. To actually Joy your ear, say that you were here was described by more than one person and also said Aisha, she said the following about her. I have not seen a person who brought so much blessings to his family or her family, like God, in which way

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because of her marriage to Allah so Allah salatu salam, all the companions in Medina, anyone had a captured from her people. They all set them free. There were hundreds of people, hundreds of her people that were set free. That's one because of her marriage, to Rasul Allah, His Salah to Sarah, her father, the leader of the tribe, the leader of Rosa, became Muslim, as a result of that many people of whom are not captured by their own will also became Muslims. So she brought a lot of blessings to her tribe, and to our people. We all have choices in life. In fact, we are tested by the many choices we have. Sometimes it's very difficult to make a choice. And she went through this

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test as we all do, every single day, before she got married to rasool Allah salatu salam, her father actually came to her and he said, I will pay that much money, just leave everything and come with me. And she responded confidently with novelty. I have chosen Allah and His Rasul Allah, Allah to sit down. Anytime we are faced and tested, with a choice between Allah and His messenger Allah, His salatu, salam, and other option to help us make a decision. Remember what she said? May Allah be pleased with her. One of her uniqueness also, is not only her acts of worship, but the length of the acts of worship. She stayed ours in worshiping Allah subhanahu wa Tada. And this is a Hadith

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narrated by Imam Muslim that she prayed further. And she sat in her place, remembering Allah subhanaw taala. And there are Swati salatu salam left after fajr saw her sitting there. And then he came back after her after midday, and found her still sitting there doing her as called remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala. He looked at her and says, You still in the same position, like before I left you? And she said yes. And he said, I'm going to teach you something. This is something we all know these days. How about if you see the following Subhanallah he added the Hulk or he law NFC was in at Arshi. When we did a kinematic he was telling her, if you say these four words, Subhan Allah

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glory, all Allah is Exalted. And all praise are to Allah subhanho wa Taala as many as his creation, as much as he is pleased with himself, as much as his throne ways. And as much as his words are, which are infinite. He said, If you say these three times in the morning, this will be they will way, way more than all the hours you were sitting, doing remembrance of Allah. And this is something we learned these days is part of our morning and evening at car SubhanAllah. He added the whole tech or Elon FC was in Uttarkashi, when we did a chromatic to the cedar Jawaid ear action that led to the teaching of rasool Allah salatu salam to her that we all now learn that they are very heavy, short

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words, weighs heavily way more than sitting hours remembering Allah subhanaw taala one thing we learned that it is disliked, for us as Muslims to single Friday with fasting, why is that? This is because of Seder Joy area. He entered on a CD Joy area, and he said, Are you fasting? She said yes. He said, Did you fast yesterday, meaning Thursday? She said no. He said are you planning to fast tomorrow? Saturday? She said no. You

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He said then break your fast. This was actually generated by the Imam Buhari. So now we know the singling Friday unless there is a reason by voluntary fasting something is disliked, as he told her ally Hisar torsina to break your fast she died 56 years after the Hijrah. She was 65 years of age. She died actually also at the time of Mao era may Allah be pleased with him. And she was buried in Baqia and the famous cemetery in Medina and the Janaza prayer on her was actually led by the governor of Medina marijuana. May Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with her. May Allah subhanaw taala make us all learn from her life story and helpless to implement