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Wisam Sharieff
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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in Alhamdulillah.

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Indeed, all praise and thanks are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala who gave us this Friday morning? Not medu who so we praise Him by sitting here in the Friday sermon on a star in Ohio but we don't just sit here but we asked for his help. Oh Allah guide us in the words that we are about to hear on us tell Pharaoh who and Oh Allah, I'm not just asking for your guidance. I made mistakes. I we made mistakes from last Friday to this Friday. Oh well luck cleanse those mistakes from us because our mistakes affect hedaya entering our hearts and settling in our minds.

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Or not me know, be he because Allah we believe in you only want that though.

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And a lot even if we wanted to trust someone else, there is no one else to put my trust in other than a law

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and whether I made a mistake or didn't make a mistake, whether I was loyal or whether I was faithful whether I followed and I was the OB de la or I was someone who was named of the law. Allah will never give up on us. Allah will never give up so we always say one mean will be he one at our Qawwali I believe in you and I place my trust only in the last panel Darla so with that trust I make this statement on our was ob la Himanshu Rue de fusina our law Uzu I had an asking is the either protection refuge not from shavon not from the evil of my own deeds but I'm asking for is the other from the evil that's normally in a human being? today for fudger I had to set the alarm and at 441 I

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had to kind of convince myself like you really need to pray as again shuttler in 20 minutes I will was this shavon whispering no shade line was asleep. I was talking to myself saying inshallah inshallah at five o'clock you know that mustard Gemma is at 515 inshallah you'll go then. So I said, you know what you could have prayed now and gone then to so that evil that a normal human being has a lot protect us from us right now. arrogance, protect us from having greed from practice, protect us from being human. Human beings alone believe that we know all so Oh Allah protect us from us. Number one, all men say T.

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And O Allah protect us from the effect of bad deeds. This week. I might have spoken to my parents disrespectfully. This week, my boss asked me to do something. And I said, Yeah, I did it already. And then I went and did it. See, I didn't lie. He said, go do this. Yeah, I did it already. And you scurry off and you do it. These are the effects of bad deeds, or a pseudo law. He is sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and I will repeat this hadith until the evening Allah, the people in the community, this settles and then we'll introduce something new Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is narrated in the books of Bahati, the one who lives now this could be lying to yourself. This could

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be lying to your spouse to your children. This could also be lying to your knifes. You know something's good, but you're like class. I'll do it later. This procrastination but you know what's good? The one who lies he gets a black spot on his heart. Does this mean he gets like some cancer? No, the window to hedaya it starts to blotch up. I said this in my very first clip, but here in this mustard on this member. If I said Lisa, turn on the lights and open the windows, but I went and spray painted all the windows shut. And I said What's wrong with you sir? Why is it Why is it dark in here? So we'll say with Sam, you close the windows. The light is outside but you're not letting

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it in. So you might be listening to today's football. You might have heard last week's football handle Allah bless our Alaska team.

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And as you're hearing it, like I don't know what he's talking about. I don't get it. Why is he talking about this? All of these discomforts that come up in you. This is the effect of not praying fudger last Thursday. This is the effect of knowing your wife didn't do something wrong and saying yeah, it's your fault.

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This is the effect of knowing that that sister didn't backbite about you, but you still felt comfortable enough to say, Well she did this her kids are like this, her or her bathroom, rug and her toothbrush holder, they don't match what a poor household. These things when they come to our mouth, then they affect what you hear in the Juma Hooda so stay with me in your heart and ascertain this great sentence. Mayor de la, la la, la la la,

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la la, la la de la la whoever Allah subhanho wa Taala guides no one can miss guide him. No one can actually make him go astray because Allah has anointed him has and I'm using a word in English has touched him with guidance English word. And I also bear with us and I realized that whoever Allah subhana wa tada didn't guide then nobody can guide him whoever Allah does not guide no quick button obiano nothing could change his heart. So if you had to leave today's Gemma football with one thing, who is good side would you rather be on? Some person or Allah subhanaw taala. You know, these questions we get in our heart Kadar well, Father, God knows everything, brother. So don't come to

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jamaa, he already knows you're going to heaven or *. I mean, really? Do you want to be on a less good side or you want to just come up with things? There's no sooner only we're on? This is a new thing that I've been hearing around the United States. Only Hold on, why do you follow these stories? Guys? You really think that that's an actual argument. On the day of judgment, you're going to go up to Allah and be like, Look, I figured it out. 1000 years of our Dharma and scholars didn't figure it out. I got it. There is actually no sooner also nosedive. Really, do we really believe this? Can we leave as a community and say, oh, Allah, you were going to guide me but I found some

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guy who explained or on is the only way No, how do you really think there's gonna Mayor de la sala de la one minute little fella howdy Allah. So now the logical statement before Juma for bus starts, the logical statement is wonersh hairdo and La Ilaha Illa. Long, Shadow, wanna shadow I bear witness and you bear witness? Am I wrong, that there is no other creator sustainer there is no other Rob. There is no other creator of the sack that I slept in for nine months. There is no other resolver of my issues that I have between myself and my wife other than a law that Tiffany's bracelet that you bought her didn't settle it. That was our human inclination, a lot put drama in her heart. So when

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everything turns back, you have to turn back to Allah. And I wanted to talk about Syria. Today I wanted to talk about my reflection on Omar today. But the time is not like that. So I will only say this much. If we bear witness, Allah is our God, how can we sleep comfortably without reading one article about what's going on with our brothers overseas? Yes, I'm asking the Pakistani to read in an Arab titled newspaper, read Al Jazeera find out what's going on with our Muslims. Now I know what's going on in Pakistan, or I know what's going on in Syria. Or I know what's still going on today in Egypt, because I must re or from I'm from here are their friends. How could you then say

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you believe in Allah because Allah created you and who else did he create? He created the rest of the oma. So how can we say one a shadow Allah, Allah and Allah and how can you walk out the door and say, I'm a skater and he's a rapper. We don't mix. He's a baller and thank you very much. And he's just a you know, he's a stoner. How can you separate our oma like that? When a shadow on La ilaha illAllah. And how can we because we've cut one sentence out of the equation, one a shadow,

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Madonna rasuluh, the one who ties us to Allah, the One who connected us to Allah, the One Who let the rope down from the heavens of mercy and pour on was Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so kiss his name, as I say, Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I bear witness, I testify I sanctify by living his life, the way I see his life being lived by testifying. Mohammed Rasulullah is the final slave and messenger of Allah subhanho wa Taala. May Allah bless us with the hidayah to live in his footsteps along with I mean, I have less than 12 minutes to discuss.

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So I will fast forward through two things around community. First day, first day, Amara, we reached Makkah, I was leading the group. This is for you. First day we reach there, there was a crowd I led my group in the sixth off. I said, Oh Allah I'm so busy making the ads for you know, sing it loudly so people can repeat after me a lot. When will I make the walk?

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For my community, I said this and I said it's okay a level fulfill the heart, finished camera. Everyone went and they shaved the head. I cut and I said one more time. One more time for my community with a loss mercy. A guard came, he took me no pushing, no shoving brought me inside that semicircle, what we call the Hatim. And he said sit down. And I sat down and he took my hand and he didn't put it on the Kaaba. He took my hand and he put it underneath the covering of the Kaaba.

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And he said, MC da. I saw you with these 27 minute America.

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I saw you sit down with your

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friends, if you were waiting for someone to make law for you by name, I remembered the faces I remembered the faces and took pictures of the security guards of the people who filled the front row of our board of you and I said I remember the Afghani kid Yes, Allah they need our help. We need to become a community. So if you are waiting for someone to make the offer you for 20 minutes in the Hatim which is inside the Kaaba with the hand on the carpet saying Allah Allah Nina Freeman had a over like guidance over like, don't break Irvine and soak out into Persian and Farsi and push through and as Becky and Syrian but Syrian from Iskandariyah, not from Cairo, Allah bring us

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together. That's my summary of Ramadan. And that's all I can tell you. Many reflections will come. But I have to do my responsibility and pick up from the last quarter. The last quarter Surah anom i a number 70 we said leave those who take their religion what that he levena

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de la, la, la La who leave those who take their religion as a game and as a play and who come up to the shape or the religious person and say make do offer me but I made to offer you I made the odd that you would wake up for five years now. I did my part. I made law that the community realized the sexes are separate. I don't need to give you good was that our guys and girls shouldn't be hanging out. I don't need to give you advice that we need to pray five times a day. You told me go make law.

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You told me to send your salons there was a fight right before the last day in Medina right before the last day. I was sitting one carpet roll away from the Rada. And I said I will not push shake. Lucia Evans was with us. He said Stan like this if you move forward. And so we love Allah. Well, lucky, I could see the you know, the green carpet in the Rada, I could see it, but I was still on the red behind me, a Bengali brother and a Syrian brother began to fight. And I said guys, we're literally the house of rasulillah is steps away. I was like, we can't do that. I sort of lost houses here. So I lost my spot in the line.

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And they said, What are you doing and I tried communicating in Bangla and it didn't I said Subhanallah Berlin and it didn't get me very far. I tried communicating Arabic And once he lost his temper, he was gone. And I said and I kissed one of them on the forehead and the other one said, Okay, this guy some something. I just walk away. They got back into line and two guards were standing on top, you know where the gate to the road is. They were standing they noticed that it's further away than is done. If Tama is done and I was on the stand. I'm standing in the middle of the line. So the guards had come in. They literally lifted my legs brought me on top of the gut gate.

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And where did I pray swats janaza each lock with the gate of the Rhoda touching against my face. And who Sam did I send the people of Irvine Yasuda la Oh give her of our Dean

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the people of my community send their salam o Abu back we want to live this Ilaha the way you lifted Omar the last one we want the firm heart The way you had it. And I read through until a SWAT prayed Israel and said Allah join my community there. I'm asking you a question What else do you want me to do? Now it's our time to not send the route and receive the love but send reroute and live the life of Rasulullah It is not our time to say shape make dua my kids are good. No, it's your chance now to sit down young people I sat and I begged a lot. I wiped the tears from the ground and said Allah give me tears. And I said Oh Allah let the youth not think the board is against them and their mom

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and dad is against them. Now that Dwyer has been made a loss of Hiawatha Allah heard the draw of the young men in the cave they made in a home theater, a man who belong to him when

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we made the first step. Now we have to do something, we have to take a step forward. We have to now as a community, each parent tonight will sit with their kids and say I want to talk to you there's a distance between

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I want to know what that distance is. And parents have already begun doing that. I want us to know a lot that has been made. The lighter has been lit and the fuse is waiting to explode with your mind and belief in Allah. Now all I need to do is get on that train.

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But this is still not the topic to the football so I intended as a young person said brother Hassan, you left us with three advices don't spend a lot of time pursuing food after Juma don't spend an hour Are we going to Taco Bell? Are we going to Peter rap class do you eat? No no no don't worry he eats who I don't need to spend 25 an hour deciding this stop wasting time pursuing food who pursues food animals do they hunt they spent the whole day sitting in the grass find food eat it move on second thing decoration of our food how much time one meal a day sisters I know whom was very uneasy right eyes, okay. Throughout the day Do we need to decorate our food let us eat and the third when

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you pursue food, when you spend a long time eating it. You get very lazy and you pursue entertainment three things. We said try our best to stay away from these things and let us and you're saying hey why don't you say this to another community? Does another community have this facility? Does another community have perfect weather all year? There's another community literally sound like the DA of Ibrahim Ali Salaam. I will read this to you and tell me if Irvine sounds like it. What bah bah boss v he knows

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our love Give them send them Rasulullah min. Whom from amongst them? How many of them are live here in SoCal. Hello, I'll leave this dog for another time. Reflect on why soul cow has more importance to be obligated to a lot than anywhere else. When it's 20 degrees minus 20 in Albany should I say you should get to fudger on time it was like 61 degrees it's 54 degrees this morning. So I'm asking us we have more but this was the question so I'm looking and he said Look brother You gave this talk about tools of shade lawn It was too quick and I didn't get it. So I said let's stay away from three things right? Let's stay away from getting too absorbed in watching the entire NBA Finals you can

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watch this the clips to it every once in a while. So I said because there's a third element Oh Allah save me from the shadow of wisdom or a lot saved me from the evil that wisdom does when I liked you remember blackness of the heart But who is the third element in this whole picture? shavon right, shade lon does them come and say you did something wrong. So what I would like to do is start a practical example and the discussion of the tools of shape on the practical examples of the tools of shavon starts in Surah our off surah out off i a number 1111 so what we're still discussing is that mean topic knowledge, Nexus spirituality and activism. Under knowledge, we discuss knowledge,

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beneficial knowledge, knowledge, that's not beneficial. Talking about the assassination of enlightened we said move on, learn about what's going on in Syria read the care release, this is beneficial. Then we said what takes us away from knowledge, eating TV and pursuit of food. What are we going to watch today? What am I going to what am I going to wear today? This is a it's kind of waste your time. Today we're going to talk about the best sinner the best sinner, and that will shape one. So let's see what thought process shaylen went through and we won't do seven will do two titles today on why is it that you are going to leave jumar and make a mistake? Because shaylen has

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a role as the third component for rubella rosabella he Nina Shame on you. bhaji I seek refuge with a law firm who is not up to talk in the football but I'm asking Who are you seeking refuge from shaytaan but it's not just a pawn you don't say are also Billahi min ash shaytaan you say? Are we gonna be lying in a pawn regime? What earned the title doctor what earned the title shaytani r rajim. Let's find out together but know that a lot doesn't tell you to seek refuge from him alone. It's what he did. That got him the title or regime he believes became shavon shavon became a shaman or regime it's a cifa it's an adjective. The curse the damned Miss may learn numeroff man you rock

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him In the name of Allah who is so beneficent and so merciful that even though shaylen really messed up, he told us Hey, watch out say he's gonna come after you while I'm gonna come and certainly definitely recreated you when I got there. She did that twice.

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Upon come and certainly we created you so much

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and then we fashion you have you ever seen a stillborn baby is and everything are meshed together fingers haven't even opened could have a lot left us as a fetal blob the boy in the blob remember Nintendo could have a lot left us as a blob. Yes he could. So much

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cooler than they were five bones in the wrist that lets you do this and five bones that lets you do this and open fingers nails that grew so you could scratch but when it got unsightly, you could cut what he said.

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And he gave you a tongue he gave you lips God didn't leave you with two muscles surrounding your eye. Allah gave you three three muscles like this your eyeball sits in it like this when you look one sport nearsighted to and then when I really want to focus on something Have you ever realized when you want to look at your life wife with love, your eyes open? That's because your muscles allow you to do that. It's not because you're romantic. It's Allah. Allah loves so wahala consumer savarna comm then we passion you we made you beautiful.

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and then the greatest creatures were made of light and had 600 wings each a lot told them for surgery to make such the

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magnetic to make such the first surgery I do and all of the angels that allow you want us for for surgery. This is the GMR so all of them together are making such them Illa he believes in comes the hero of the story. Yes, I say hero, because Adam is Adam is just a piece of clay right now. in comes the hero. And he goes I'm not gonna make such that lamea Nina sir God, he wasn't from amongst those who made such the with everyone. The biggest lesson I couldn't touch this rumor farrokh lamea gumina saggi Dean, he wasn't from amongst the Gema so when the Jamaat makes a decision when the Amir decides this is what we're doing, this is how many Raka we were gonna pray this Ramadan. And

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everyone says, I don't like that, but I'm going to accept it because the JAMA the group needs good. We're gonna pray read on this day. And the Jamaat has said yes, we're not going to be like a police and say let me come in a surgery and we're not going to be amongst the person says call us I'm going to break off under some title of Allah and ba I'm going to break off that guy over there. He decided we're all going to pray together. No, I'm going to go against you brother. Let me add in shade bomb wasn't part of the flow, the Islamic flow. He said, Are you guys dressed like this? No, I'm going to dress differently. You guys pray five times a day who needs to pray Your heart is good colors.

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shavon went against the flow. So Allah subhanho wa Taala in His Majesty and His greatness gave him a chance and said Allah mama Naka

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why what prevented monarch to prevent what stopped you all Menaka Atlantis Judah is took this sentence is profound. And let's end on this. You didn't pray? fudger God says, Why didn't you pray? fudger when I commanded you to? God said don't continuously look at the female don't chit chat and backbite your sister. I told you to do this. Look at the love is about the foot. I told you to do it. Why didn't you do it? Now this is the question for everyone here before you do any sin when we leave here, and your heart says yeah, I'm not as bad as that guy or something. You're about to look at how long and you see something walking in front of Peter grill and you're like,

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you do one of these turn away? Are we below him in a shade Bonnie? amento biLlahi We're sorry. You're about to yell at your wife to be learning ministry Vanya regime, make the vicar move away. Then if you fall into sin, it's fine. At least you brought Allah subhana wa eila into the picture. But my question is when shavon was asked the shavon inside of us was asked if

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Allah Judah is Mr. Cook I told you to make prostration Why didn't you make presentation, listen to the first tool of shavon and that was it for today.

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All Allah,

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Allah, Allah and better, I am better than him. The first tool of shade lawn is not arrogance. The first tool of shade lawn is to distance you from the person when I say that

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I am a Muslim family and you don't pray, what did I just do? I broke the distance between us. I didn't make you my brother. I said, I have a beard. And this this lady doesn't have a beard. Thank God. The distance you bring, I wear hijab, she doesn't I wear niqab. She wears gloves. You distanced yourself by saying you are better. This is not just arrogance. This is I am sad. And you were born Muslim yesterday, huh? This is I am from this family. And you miskeen I don't know what you are. You see, I am Arab. No, no, not just auto. I am Yemeni Arab from this area, a lot of Muslim Listen, or I am Bengali but not just Bengali, Bengali from Dhaka and I am Hyderabadi Muslim La la la la la la la

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la la this broke us as a community and it was shaped lawns the very first stroke of the pen so when you leave here today action item for the first tool of shape lon say salon to three people you don't know and people don't make it weird. Just say salon walk away smile If you could that's next week's if you could say salon to three people you don't know and you can walk up to them and don't walk up to me and say

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like what are you doing crazy kid walk up to three people you don't know and Yes Look at the color of their skin and find them and say Salaam to them because that was the first tool of shade blonde Carla Anna Hiram min holla me

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an I am me the molecular structure of the lack of oxygen and all of these molecules that makes up fire up the human theme

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it's like picking up sand and it's blowing away in the sun

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What is this I'm fire I'm walking I'm talking I'm higher than the angels are more intelligent than the angels first tool of shade lon was to separate himself he didn't make sense that and then he proved to the people angle makes sense that with you. I'm not going to pray masala with you. I'm higher and I'm above these things. Then he played the out of nine out of card he played the Salafi Sufi card. He played the Hanafi Shafi card and he pulled it out. And he goes well I'm Deobandi. What are you?

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He played the card. And when he broke the people apart, he reminded them remember shavon has a step process. He cuts away from the people. Then people see satanic work and they say, Oh, he must be better. Because he dresses differently. He has a PhD on his name, he must be educated. So he distances himself, then people join with him. He tells them we are better than them are must lead our people. They're better. And he distances the black. Yes, because we don't treat them like African Americans. We treat them like blacks. Quote, we call them African Americans. When you start touching your foot foot foot with them, tell them treat them like what you're acting. And I'm sure

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every person in this room would rather be treated the way that people think about them. That's right.

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So when this is happening, we have to train and keep all of our selves together. Keeping us together is the main point of our religion. Our religion didn't come for this and this, the religion didn't come for these things, guys. It didn't come for this in this. It didn't come for whether the moustache was shaved or not. It gave you the opinion the brother by the pillar, his mustache has shaved. I've got a whole bunch of things going on.

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That's why our religion came to give us diversity and understanding. But listen to the sentence of shade bond and sit down on the greatest tool of Satan in my opinion. We will discuss nine more.

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He came to the Creator of the heavens and the earth and he said fires better than clay. Your kid just came up to you and said it's just one bad movie.

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I mean, you know how dumb your child looks when he comes up to you and goes, man, you Mom, you don't understand. It's just the prom. Who gave birth to this child? Who knows what a prom is who possibly passed by the prom when they were in high school? You did? You're kidding. I was coming to you saying all Baba You don't understand. See in Bangladesh. They didn't have that in Syria. They didn't have that your kid thinks you're stupid. shavon on the same time, like Well, a lot. I made a fire he's made of clay. I asked you to leave with one simple understanding. When you take your rationale your brain and you put it above the law of God. You're acting like Satan. You're not killing dead

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babies and spilling their blood and doing Voodoo. shamans first act before what we think of Satanism was to do what was to take his brain and say I know more than God, not with his mouth, but with his action. I know more than a law. So I am going to rationalize

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If whiny and he's not, so I'm gonna treat him bad. What is this? This is taking your brain and putting it above the law of Allah subhanaw taala. I asked on a closing note. Next time you hear something's wrong, you're not allowed to do this brother or someone comes and says we have to establish the Islamic State kind of a big All right, you get that? Don't say fanatic don't say anything, just say May Allah help me do something positive? Because we tend as an oma specifically in the areas that are well educated when someone says In my opinion, or in Quran and Sunnah this we have an opinion immediately. We don't open our mouth to doctors, a doctor says I think it's cancer.

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No, I think it's Crohn's disease. No, I think he think it's a tumor but a doctor. So when it comes to a lot, please don't take your rationale and put it above anything. Humble ourself a little bit. And this is the first two tools have shaped lawn, distancing, breaking up the community and saying I'm better I'm sad or I'm proton or in Arabi, but Dan. Right. I am taca de la casa. This is what the first tool is. And the second tool once he distances you away from the pack, he's going to tell you if you have a beard, they don't you are better. They're not.

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And he's going to put the law of a last second and put the law of his mind his frontal lobe NASA didn't gallery button.

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He's going to put this law above the law of the people. We ask Allah subhanaw taala for this opportunity to make lon to him make glob between the sittings of the hood but that that which is clean and pure, is a gift to you make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala that when you leave this Masjid today you act on one good thing you go back to work and when you see the Secretary and you're walking out say God bless and walk away the fickle oh wait there is a God will come in her art and when you say God bless give her a diet make dua and when you go home respect your family members and one tool of shape lon will start to cool down we will pick up the rest from there What are they

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could lie about handle a big problem is that they are merciful mercy merci Hamza.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa salatu wa salam O Allah Allah sooting recarey Allah Allah He was

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a Vienna

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Jean Allahumma and

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eco hyena wa

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Mohammed deanery. Allah we are satisfied and content and our bellies are full with you as our Creator and as our Lord, Oh Allah we are satisfied and satiated and our religiosity is fulfilled by Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam being our Nabil and Oh Allah, we are content and happy seeing that we are from those of the Muslim in one nullah homes, the moon and we pray to be amongst those who submit and take the law of a law and the Sunnah of Rasulullah law into our lives of Allah, we ask for your forgiveness and for your mercy. We pray that there's some accommodations for our brothers who can have some comfort while they're standing. I end with the ayah. Every Friday,

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there's an entire row over here. It makes me uncomfortable that I'm standing here on a mic and you're standing in the discomfort please come and be comfortable in the La Jolla movie loudly. Well, yes. And he will eat either

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way. And

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he will moon curry. Well, I don't translate. I don't translate a word. I tell you to stop. Forget about the translation 20 of my brothers stand. How can I be okay? How can I feel part of a body if my brothers are standing? And I know there's a space one of you can get up and say, guys, there's about five spots here. But if you are more interested in the knowledge, the knowledge is nothing. serve a laws creation and a law will serve you. This is my title. This is my word for the next five years serve a law's beautiful generosity

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and Allah will serve us Indeed Allah has enjoined justice and spending on your family members do these three things and he has forbidden the shaking of the hips and the hips and dies that hypnotize he has forbidden facha he has forbidden Glee he has forbidden that which invites you to the illicit illicit acts of the column of loot.

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But as it's just a TV

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All right, it's just brothers and sisters. And he has forbidden Moncure the line in the sand between halal and haram and buggy oppression. Don't oppress yourself. Don't oppress the law of Allah. If you know it's right, pick up the book of Allah. Ask Ibrahim. He'll give you a hint about the importance of on what they could lie about what law matters now ultimate sada I leave

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