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The importance of Islam's subhanaw taala and its use in saving people from being called to account is discussed, along with its historical significance. The speakers emphasize the importance of praise for men and women, as well as the spiritual teachings of Islam. They also touch on the use of the "ham ham" sign to indicate a desire for something and the "naught" sign to indicate a desire for something. forgiveness is emphasized as a driver of gratitude, and rules and avoiding mistakes are discussed as important for achieving this.

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Ramallah Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara film ba will mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam to Sleeman, Kathira and cathedra from Abbado. My brothers and sisters are hungry. In the last class we looked at the importance of what Allah subhanaw taala said to the people and the

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people of

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of wa salam ala said yeah Malou Allah that Buddha chakra Allah subhanaw taala said

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work you all family have the old with tanks working with tanks.

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Analysts rather say well Karelian mini by their support and few of my slaves are grateful we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among the few.

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On a side note, there is a beautiful story in the Sierra which I have mentioned before, where Katara Dylon who passed by a man who was making doc and the man said, Oh Allah make me among the few make me among the few.

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So there are a lot of there are who stopped him and he asked him he asked him he said, Where did you learn to exist? What is the meaning of me only the few. The man said that Allah subhanho wa Taala whenever he mentioned

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people who he praised, Allah said they are the few

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and he mentioned several ayat of the Quran wellness mountains and the Karela mothers Quran. Few of them who are who are thankful and not Ramadan I said curriculum mineral Awali where Solatube Minella Valley Valley Lumina la serine insalata vaca about the people of Jana, Allah said there are only a few from the later generations there are more from the from the first generation and so on. So Allah subhanaw taala mentioned

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the people who Allah praised buta horns, Gaborone, Shakira oon

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macabre bone all these people who are people of Taqwa people who make sure for people who are steadfast

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and so on, and Allah said they are only a few. So the man said, I'm making dua, that Allah should include me among those few. So, the number of the Lionel berated himself and he said everyone in this in the world has more knowledge and understanding of the in the number of Nakata and this is his own humility

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in looking at himself with a very severe standard, obviously, sir number of the ricotta brother on who

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was a fountain and a sea of knowledge Alhamdulillah

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among the qualified Rasheeda among the closest companions of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam,

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my brothers sisters, the word here which we used last class also we I mentioned that and we need to focus on that is Mr. Liu. Allah did not say no, Allah said work on this show this demonstrate the sugar. We demonstrate our sugar we demonstrate our thankfulness to Allah subhanaw taala by being obedient to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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It's not a matter of saying thank you very much. And then doing the opposite, or using the faculties the string, the abilities, the influence, the money, the wealth, and strength which Allah has given us, all of which belongs to Allah, all of which Allah subhanaw taala gave us. It's not a question of enjoying that, and then using it in pursuits which Allah subhanaw taala prohibited. Now this would be a gross

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timelessness and ingratitude of Allah subhanaw taala and allows writers as well uncover them in Revelation, if you are ungrateful to me, then beware that My punishment is severe. So if Allah has given you wealth, and you use this wealth in interest based transactions,

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because your your financial advisor tells you that you should leverage your money and so on, ask him what leverage he wants you to use on the Day of Judgment when you stand before Allah subhanaw taala where you will be completely minus all leverage. So please let us understand that as I understand this, and let us be clear in our minds, we either believe in Allah or we don't, if you don't believe in Allah, nothing further to be said. But if we believe in Allah subhanaw taala what is the meaning of that belief? The meaning of that belief is that I believe that Allah subhanho wa sallahu wa Eurocom he is he is established he is living he is cerebral bacillary seeing me he is hearing me. Oh

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Allah Krishna in Kadir he has complete and total

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left are complete and total control over every single thing that exists which includes me

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and he is a photo Rahim he is the most forgiving what is also sad is Ola cab is also the his punishment issue is severe. And he is Maliki Ahmed Dean. He is the the Owner of the Day of Judgment and we stand before Him on that day and we will be called to account we ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from that. We ask Allah to save us from being called to account. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us Jenna without his app and include us among those 70,000 who Rasul Asana Samson al mutawa Quran, who will enter Jannah without himself We ask Allah to include us among them. Again, think about that among out of all of humanity. 70,000 right, whether you take it as a as an absolute

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number, or you take it as a

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as an allegorical number, the reality is that only a few will go through. We'll go to Jenna.

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Now we want to be among those few. And that will happen with working it won't happen with just talking. It will happen with working to the best of our ability. We need to do what we

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what we know is to be what we know to be right. My brothers and sisters,

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the Soleimani salaam, he rebuilt and extended the lochsa Jacobi Sara built almasi The Luxa so Mr. Ali Salam then asked Allah subhanaw taala after he built an extended he rebuilt an extended the Masjid. He asked Allah subhanaw taala for three things. And Allah granted him to, and this is the Hadith service. So Allah He said that cinema Islam rebuilt and extended alma de la casa, and then made dua for three things and Allah granted him to and we hope that he will give him the third, the one that judgment that is the same as the judgment of Allah which she said that whatever I do, he said, All I let me do only what pleases you,

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and especially in the court and judgments and so on. He said, Let my judgment be your judgment, meaning that whatever pleases Allah let me be the person as the judge, let me give that as the as my ruling and Allah subhanaw taala. Give that to him. The second one is it a kingdom like nobody has ever had? Nobody has ever had this kind of a kingdom. Please give this king know to me, he made us do Allah subhanaw taala gave him that kingdom. And the third one is that if a man leaves for ALMA says Alexa with no intention other than to pray there, then to make him free from all sin. When he has prayed there, as he is free the day he was born. And we said, we hope that Allah subhanaw taala

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will give him that is the ruling that is the root of the ruling about the Salah in almasi The Luxa there are two rakaats of Salah there frees you from all sin as if you had been born on that day. Now Allah subhanaw taala tells us a story of Salim Ali salaam I will be having a shaitan regime whoa whoa Shira is really mana. Do you know the whole mineral gingival in seawater for whom use our own

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Hatha either at the Allah word in namely, call it number two India Johan Neruda. Hello masa kina Khun lai lai Tieman nakoma Sula, Ivanova you know the who were home lawyers wrote for taba Sama, ba he come in Kolia we'll call her up be Jose Annie and ash Cora namah taka Lottie and I'm Talia. Well, Allah Wiley the mela SallyAnn Thorold ah, whoa, what are the field name erotica, Fi everybody Casali

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insalata novel,

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there is this beautiful story I lost, that I said that they were gathered before Solomon. He called his army, his hosts of jinn and men and birds. And they all were set in battle order, which is Russia or Russia or gathering. So this was he was inspecting his army. So all the battalions and all the regiments were arranged before him till and then they were moving until they came to the value of the ants, the worthy novel, and one of the ants said, All ants, enter your dwelling, go back into the, into your, your holes, less Sulaiman and his hosts, crush you while they perceive not. So they said this might happen accidentally, because they you are too small, they don't see you, but as they

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are marching, you will get touched to go back into the, into your holes. Now so So somebody said I was mildly amused at her speech. And he said my rub, inspire and bestow upon me the power and ability that I may be grateful for your favors, which you have bestowed on me and on my parents, and that I may do righteous deeds that will please you

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and admit view and admit me by Your mercy among your righteous slaves. Now the importance of sugar for the blessings of Allah see the daughters of Shiva salaam, he says give me the power to be thankful to you, as well as sometimes when I think I may go, I said, y'all I is in I'm incapable of being thankful enough to, you know, I can I can be thankful 100 I try to be thankful as much as I can, but I'm saying that can I say that I am fulfilling Allah subhanaw taala as right am I is my thanks equal to what he has bestowed upon me, not by him, you know, I am not even in the in the on the pitch, right? Because if I, if you take this one thing, take for example, Hamdulillah this is

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another of the IT services element, but also as Muslim said that there was a man on the people of the past, who Allah subhanaw taala gave him a very long life, he lived for four or 500 years. And this man made dua and he said, Allah, free me from all human needs,

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and enable me to worship you 24 hours, right? So out of this 500 years, whatever time he when he made this God, this man worshiped Allah Subhana Allah swatter accept it is, so I love freedom from all human needs, right, so forward and this or that, the man did not need or he was provided from by Allah subhanaw taala from his own sources. So this man was freed and this man worshiped Allah subhanaw taala for 500 years, without any interruption, and then he died.

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Now Lamesa lism said, This man was presented before I was 100 on the Day of Judgment he's presented before Allah. And Allah subhanaw taala will say to him, go into Jana, with My grace with my mercy.

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The man says, No.

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I want you to give me Jana because I worked for it.

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I prayed to you for 500 years. Without stop for 500 years I worship you

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with a class with sincerity

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without shake. So he began as a reward for my effort. Allah, Allah says to him, go into Jana, with my mercy.

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The man says no,

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I wonder but I wanted as a reward for my effort.

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Allah says to him a third time go into Jana with my mercy. The answer is no era.

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I want Janna but I want it because I worked for it.

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Then Allah smile does is

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bring up bring the skills, they bring the skills, Allah is around that as is bought his eyesight, the eyesight that I gave him, put this on one scale, one side of the scale, I said this year, and on the other side puts his 500 years of worship.

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And what you see, you see this like this,

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the eyesight is here, down below the 500 years of worship is where

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doesn't come down.

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So unless rather it says, well, the cost of what the value of your family the worship, is not even enough to pay for one of the faculties that I gave you.

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So now with my other with my justice, which you wanted,

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go into Johanna because your your deeds are worthless.

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We ask Allah to forgive them and give Jana and the lesson is learned. My point I'm saying is that

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even to thank Allah,

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it is not possible for us to do that. To the extent that is required, and that is where you see the actions of the amyrlin mussalam. The actions of the prophets are level lessons for us to learn.

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What is the dua that Mr. Ali Salam is making? He says Allah, inspire and bestow upon me the power and ability that I may be grateful for your favors which you bestowed upon me and my parents.

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Think about that.

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Robbie Zini and ash Cora namah taka Lottie and I'm Dahlia Isla Wiley the

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he's asking for the strength and the power and the ability to express thanks and this is what I asked for myself and you. They ask Allah Allah make us among your thankful slaves. Let us never do or say anything, which is a complaint. Let us know

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ever do and say anything which is in the in the remotest way, a sign of discontent with you, or with what you have given. So hamdulillah hamdulillah Surah Surah Salam is to say, how beautiful is the condition of the believer that if you have something in thanks Allah subhanho wa Taala so Allah is pleased with him. And if he does not have something, then he has suburb so Allah is pleased with

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and that's what I'm used to always say. Alma used to say Alhamdulillah he Isla Cooley Had Allah thank you in any situation that I might be I will assist us to continue with this. So, importance of the shopper then second thing is

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Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the end and he used this is the you know, where the Arabic grammar the linguistic meanings, linguistic

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linguist, linguist, Allah whatever the language let i My time is not but the language of the Quran, the grammar of it is so important, Allah Kohli Ha, her

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speech, right. So Allah is differentiating in the speech of the ad between the female and the male. Right. So now, if you know this thing, that the

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only and in the

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ant nest, which is capable of giving orders and instructions is the query net, which is a female,

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right? The males are drones, all the others are they just follow the instructions, nothing as they don't have any free will they don't do anything on their own. The Add the Queen and is the one who rules and it's a many times I again, other aside, you know, people make these examples because they don't understand the biology. They say oh, the ants and colonies are such beautiful examples, it's ant colonies, the biggest example of the ant colony is is offered total autocratic one person rule.

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Right, completely, there is no there is no room for any other opinion in the ant colony,

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to the Queen and female. Now, this is a sign of the Divine, one of the many signs of the divine

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nature of the revelation that it is from Allah subhanaw taala because this was not this was not known at that time, in the seventh century, when the Quran was revealed, that answer males and females and so on and so forth. Allah subhanaw taala is saying this, that this is the female and now second thing is that this female ad is trying to

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is trying to influence the, the colony, the female ant is trying to influence the colony and giving them instruction for their safety, it's trying to save its companions. And in that also, it's the it shows the power of Allah subhanaw taala and also it shows the importance of being concerned for others. This is one of the as I mentioned the other in the other reminder, one of the key qualities of the MBL Musella was that they were concerned for others, they were concerned for others. So the behavior of the end, yeah, which is trying to say which companions

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and the other thing is that the one of the we're looking at is also is that the the and the whether it's the male or female, it can't survive on its own it it survives in the colony as a part of it as a part of the colony. So if it is part of its OMA and if the OMA dies it will also die. So it called out to the other ants to save themselves by diving into the holes. Also to save others from the Hellfire is a lesson for us meaning that Dawa we do for ourselves and we do it for others because it's only the collective influences us right so if the if the missiles and I'm said that the OMA is where each individual

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is responsible for the whole Ummah and the whole OMA is responsible for each individual, which are a subset that each individual he said the OMA is like a body. If the head pains the whole body feels that pain. So if there is anything happening in the OMA anywhere, anybody is under stress. Then the whole body the whole OMA feels that pain. Swirl as I speak to you today. How far away from this RV today think about that. How far away are we from this?

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What is happening to this woman in this world today

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Duma masala is not feeling just pain in one head is pay is feeling pain every joint of his body

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and nobody is bothered by nobody I don't mean other people I mean the Muslim ummah is not bothered.

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At most we forward messages on WhatsApp

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and we think our job is done. See what's happening here see what's happening? They're gossiping. Other than that

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Hila mashallah, those people who are doing their best to support and to help those in need to help those who are oppressed. May Allah bless you melos mantle accept your work, may Allah protect to male or take the work from you. But that is a miniscule minority.

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The vast majority, what do we do?

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completely engrossed in whatever we're doing right now work of football. So that that's it and nothing else, nothing else matters.

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This is how we had

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the Australian Open Tennis

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that's it, nothing else matters.

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Really, we have to ask ourselves these questions because on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will ask,

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Allah will not ask what happened, Allah will ask what did you do.

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So let me remind myself when you let us do whatever we can do to the best of our power to the to the to the best of our ability. And that does not include cell forwarding messages or WhatsApp, that's utterly useless activity.

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That includes doing something

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concrete, either speaking out or writing or, or spending money on effort, and so on. So to help others to

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and to stand up for those who are being oppressed.

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To help others to live live, which are fruitful and beneficial in this world. And inshallah we ask Allah for Jana, for all of them. So very important for us to keep this in mind. Now, second, another thing, important thing is to say that the ant is saying, again, if you see the the thing here, the aunt is not blaming tsunami FileZilla or his army that is saying that, you know, unknowingly, they might they might harm you. So go back into your holes.

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So the ant is trying to find a excuse for Sullivan Arizona, right? Even though it's a for the aunt, it's a matter of life and death.

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She's trying to find an excuse for this W of Allah is she's she's not she's not saying well, you know, somebody said I will kill you or his army will kill you think it may happen by mistake.

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Now, as soon as I said, I'm told us to find 70 excuses

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for our brothers. But we look for 70 reasons not to excuse, right? Think about my brothers and sisters. Instead of saying finding 70 reasons to excuse, we find 70 reasons to accuse

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the the Hadith, the the the Saudis, the Bible of this, the the circumstances of this man came from Solomon, he said jasola Maya, I have a slave, I have a servant who makes a lot of mistakes, it does, you know, all kinds of things he does wrong. So how many times must I Excuse me? Russell has said 70 times and then he said every day

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you start your 70 times, it is 70 times every day.

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My brother says why? Why is so much of importance placed in Islam on forgiving each other on forgiveness, seeking forgiveness and giving forgiveness why?

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First and foremost because we need this almost marathon

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we need to be forgiven. And forgiveness means

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forgiveness is based on what on mercy. Forgiveness means the person who did who committed the sin who did something wrong, did something wrong?

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Sometimes if people said this is it, please forgive that person. So nobody did this. So that is why we are saying forgive the person. If he had done nothing, what was that forgive?

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So we said what do we say? Yes, we say yella I am.

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I'm a sinner.

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I have made mistakes. I have done things deliberately. So I am not just a person who has made a mistake. I'm also a criminal because I have committed a crime. What is the crime a crime is the same thing done knowingly.

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So I'm making a rough I'm admitting my crime. I'm saying I have made a mistake.

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So please forgive me.

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You forgive me not because I deserve forgiveness. You forgive me because you are Rahim. Allah my Naga foo one Karim Allah my Naga 41251

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All of you forgive me because you like to forgive. You are the most forgiving and you'd like to forgive. So you forgive me because you like to forgive not because I deserve forgiveness. And this is the beautiful law that was also salah, taught to our mother say the ISIS in our Delana she asked him, Allah if I get Laylatul Qadr sedus Either the magnitude and the weight of the she said if I get a little color what must I ask Allah subhanaw taala

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meaning that I'm now led to color the chances of my Doula being accepted are literally 100% What should I ask?

00:25:34--> 00:25:35

And he's Allah Islam say

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Allah mean the guy for one, two amberleigh for finding

00:25:41--> 00:25:47

Oh Allah you oh my aloe vera Oh my Allah, you are the one who forgives you love to forgive forgiveness.

00:25:49--> 00:26:03

Forgiveness is so so important. Because forgiveness is the glue forgiveness is the substrate on which the OMA goes it is the glue that keeps us together it is it is the thing which joins hearts together.

00:26:04--> 00:26:10

Believe me there's never going to be a time in the world where we will not make mistakes where we will not hurt each other.

00:26:12--> 00:26:15

In inadvertently or maybe sometimes even knowingly

00:26:18--> 00:26:18

one must

00:26:19--> 00:26:20

think about resources

00:26:24--> 00:26:26

he comes to Makkah as the Conqueror

00:26:28--> 00:26:33

with complete power and authority to extract retribution to take revenge.

00:26:34--> 00:26:35

What did he do?

00:26:37--> 00:26:39

He said law the three when I call you

00:26:43--> 00:26:44

know blame on you today.

00:26:46--> 00:26:47

May Allah forgive you?

00:26:50--> 00:26:51

He did what

00:26:54--> 00:26:58

led that the Rebbe Alico, I'm sorry, I'm

00:27:00--> 00:27:09

forgetting that the the iPhones were Joseph were usually salaam said that was brothers. His brothers caused him unlimited grief.

00:27:10--> 00:27:24

They tried to kill him they ended up there was a caused by he was a slave. And all of that which happened when the time comes. When he they are in his power. He can do what he wants. He says no blame on you today. Let ALLAH forgive you.

00:27:26--> 00:27:37

The sorcerer sort of does that to people who caused the death of his children who caused who tortured him who maligned him who did to character assassinated him,

00:27:39--> 00:27:47

who took away his material wealth or took away the material wealth of his Sahaba his companions who he loved more than we would love our own children

00:27:49--> 00:27:50

who killed his hour.

00:27:51--> 00:28:04

Not only did he forgive all of them, he did not even see compensation equal to equal from them of what they have taken. It is beneath the dignity of the Navy to ask anything for labor.

00:28:07--> 00:28:31

And I must say we have to we have to say hats off to the Sahaba who did not also tell them they didn't ask him yesterday also, okay. You don't want compensation. That is okay. But I lost my property. I lost my mouth. Did so I have a Rumi raga lon who gave away everything. In order to migrate to Medina to go to Medina did he say we are so loved that was my wealth, you know, make them give it back to me.

00:28:32--> 00:28:39

And he's not the only one the everyone who ever left Medina McCann went to Medina they left with practically nothing.

00:28:40--> 00:28:41

So as a result never took anything.

00:28:45--> 00:28:46

What was the result of that?

00:28:48--> 00:28:49

What was the result of forgiveness.

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The result of forgiveness was then in one stroke. And so as a result, I'm wiped out all reasons for conflict.

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He eliminated

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he eliminated enemies. He eliminated enemies by eliminating enmity, not by killing them.

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He did not kill anybody.

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Not one single person ever died and they have no they have no business even though he was he was a soldier if he fought as a soldier, he fought as a general in many Cosworth in many skirmishes are not worth the small things, skirmishes, but obviously the you know, some few people died in all of them together. Less than 100 people died. But the point is that somebody died and that somebody could have been killed by a sir but he didn't.

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He never killed anybody, never hurt anybody.

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So seriously, we have to ask ourselves this question and say that today when I refuse to forgive somebody, what

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What is the worst that can happen to us? The worst that happens to us is some is that he was hurt that's it. Somebody spoke to me disrespectfully or did something or said something which hurt me that's the other other than that, what is that?

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Maybe for some people, somebody of your property or something, okay?

00:30:17--> 00:30:21

If you forgive, and you get the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And that's what we're learning now from an ant from an insect. This insect is finding an excuse as a Allah is saying, oh people, even if it happens, even if life and death happen is not because everybody wants to do it because you know, we are so swamped. He doesn't see them, he doesn't see us.

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So two lessons, one is mercy. One is

00:30:46--> 00:30:58

sugar of Allah subhanaw taala. We ask Allah to enable us to learn the lessons that we need in order to be successful in this life and the next cell Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was away his name

00:30:59--> 00:31:00

was salam. Alikum warahmatu Laowa