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As you were coming here to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2018 day 25

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we're still talking about previews from the Sierra of the Prophet Mohammed as I said them.

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Prophet Muhammad Allah Salaam has migrated to Medina established a new legislation. And he also established a few things somebody was in the morning when he moved to Medina, he established a new sensory system whereby he, they had to count how many people can read and write and how many people can also carry weapons.

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He established

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intelligence team

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led led by Pearl Harbor the llama and voila. So, Medina now has become a very vibrant city, the Prophet Muhammad Azam established a new market you know, for the for the Muslims in Medina, he The, the mohajirs, the Sahaba they used to teach

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and to the to the people from Medina

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started launching new businesses so, that things have settled in Medina.

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On the other hand,

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in fact also a lot of fun, it will reveal in Medina,

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like Salah is Salah, in fact, when Allah azza wa jal

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offered it to the Prophet Mohammed others to them, it was revealed in Makkah, but it was revealed in tos. But then when they migrated to Medina, that's when the solido the five daily prayers got established, you know, for sure to

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vote for also for before it used to be just to to to to all the prayers, the five daily prayers for sure to vote to ourselves to but in the when they migrated to Medina, for the key was to and voted became for and also became for Mach three and Asia for

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second, it was also established in many was revealed in Medina, the form of Zakat, shisha was also the Photoshop was also

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established in Medina.

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The in fact the idea of the minbar was established in Medina, at any rate, so now what happened was, you know, the, the introductions to battle are things that cost was because you know, as I remember the Muslims when they migrate migrated, they left all their possessions in Mecca. So there was this caravan led by Sophia for people, you know, taking the goods, you know, on the traveling from Mecca, out into, into into Yemen and shaman and the Muslims heard about this caravan, and and discovered was filled with the possessions of the Muslims, you know, of those who migrated the animal as you need. So they came out to go after the caravan. And Allah subhanho wa Taala changed the whole thing

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because when I heard that the Muslims were about to attack the caravan. So they came out about 950 or so this is the rough 1000 you know, but all in horses and camels, they came out to protect their caravan and to attack the Muslims. So when the Muslims initially they wouldn't just for the caravan they they had no intention for for battle or for war. But everything got changed. In fact, the Battle of battle because Allah Xhosa chose the land for that battle. So Panama, and it's briefly described in sort of an emphatic in anthem below what they do.

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As well as flamenco. Anyone Allah describes how they met in this land, and how the caravan was sort of like going in between and they could not meet or they could not see one another.

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When the Muslims left, like I said, they were not ready but Allah subhanho wa Taala orchestrated the whole thing. And few miracles happens.

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The Sahaba they came out and that's how as they are facing with the reality, they're faced with the reality that and that they're going to be you know, fighting for.

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So they kept in batum. When they kept in butter, they were only about 330 or 314. They were very tired. But so hon Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Send down a beautiful rain to as if like to like to shower and the old stepped

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is your shikumen Nora so a minute a minute well Universidad a communist summer in

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the US they all come even those who guarded they were Guardian you know the Muslims, they also fell asleep

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at this beautiful rain that came to sort of like to shower them and also to make the ground firm.

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So when they walked that day that they have the

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of the of the of the battle, they were not tired, whereas correlation was they were coming to a party in the whole night.

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And as the time when they were coming, there was so much rain in the camp of correlation. Where as the rain that fell in the camp of butter or the camp of the Muslims was up for the soft rain. So when Polish was walking, they walked and they got so tired.

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And also Allah subhana wa tada sent down these beautiful creatures, these angels that would support the Muslims. I will let you know more about the Battle of battle in the next episode.

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Please do enjoy these final moments.