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Preparing for Ramadan

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Haifaa Younis

Channel: Haifaa Younis

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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Yes, so the first thing scholars teaches me and you is you need to be happy. Actually the first thing they say you stop below Ramadan before you have to be happy. Why?

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Why it is happy. So you're looking at me, the more you know what is coming, the happier you are. So just a month of fasting, right? It's not just a month of fasting for example, that's a hadith or Swati Sato Salaam said and

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he said I Takuma Ramadan. Ramadan is coming. Right now he's talking Sha mobilock i blesseds month which we all know by one by one so blesseth month for the long run equal siana he made fasting in this month Ramadan obligatory so far we know now coming to the Hopi Ababa summer, the doors of the heavens will be opened. What will coffee

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and the doors of heavens will be closed? What shall

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I say Jonah

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Jang meaning the Hellfire desert maka What? Salafi Mandala to shape the shape and shape shehryar three not one the devils and all the groups will be chained the Luffy Laila in it there's one night higher on my official job no so far nothing new. At the end it there is a night whomsoever give it it that night is better than a 1000s night. Now something I need to remember. Man Halima hi Rafa accordion whomsoever will be derived that night. And how many of us that night the last 10 days of Ramadan specially the odd nights and let's assume that 25 or 27 or 20 night and then that night I am dozing and sleeping that night I am extremely tired that's the night that I cannot do that man for

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If I will be derived from all the goodness this night will come then I will be the bride. So the first thing I have to the more I think of Ramadan what it is bringing to me, the more I will be happy and I will glorify that's the first thing because we are so accustomed to it. I mean how many years we've been fasting 10 1520 Allah knows so it's it's usual we don't look at it as as something special spiritually spiritually any for example hamdulillah how many invitations for if you already got Alhamdulillah that means people are looking at as a different but that's not it. That's actually should be the least I'm not saying this shouldn't be but this is the least as I am preparing for all

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this I need to be prepared spiritually. Now look at the other Hadith which is more for meaning as a hobby have said it it's probably former Rasul Allah saltos and this is another Muslim said I talk to him Ramadan, Ramadan is coming shadow Baraka it's a month of blessings your shack Malawi a lot engulf you, surround you in it for UNESCO Rama he sends His mercy what to hotmail habia and all the sins will be removed or will be forgiven. waste a job or use the G woofie. Do our Allah accept to respond grant. What da da is supplication? You're now here.

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This is this is new, young boy he also comfy he will look at how much you are competing in it.

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competing in not competing in eating or drinking for sure not competing in inviting and getting invited now for so coffee he will look at how much I and you are competing while you were he Camilla Akita and he will be boost for Savannah in His Majesty about what my servants are doing for me in this month in front of the angel. Now the order for our law firm and officer min unfussy comm higher show a lot of us

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show a lot the best you have.