Is Your Rizq Linked To Istighfar?

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There was a great scholar of the past by the name of an Hassan Al Abbas Aveda Hema hola a man comes to him and he says, Yeah, email me or chef. I'm unable to have children What do you advise me with? He says make you suffer. A second man comes and he says yeah email me or chef. I've been struggling with drought in my farm What do you advise me with? He says make a stick for Allah subhanho wa Taala a third man comes and says that I've been struggling with poverty What did you advise me with and it says make us defer to Allah subhanaw taala the students became perplexed that you have three different people coming with three different problems you had the solution was exactly the same.

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And the sheer he says have you not heard the statement of new highly Salanter his people for contesters Euro come in who can as Offeror your silly Santa are they committed? Aurora William didukung be unwell you more burnin were John welcome Jana to my agenda come and Hara the Did you not hear the statement and no Holly said I'm told his people that continuously seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala for he is the one that sends the clouds over you through which the rains comes down. He is the one that blesses you with wealth and children he is the one that will bless you with Gardens underneath which rivers flow and this we learned that the more is that far we make the more

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Allah subhanaw taala provides for us and the impediments between us and our risk our removed