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AI: Summary © The history of Mecca is discussed, emphasizing the importance of priorities and understanding of who owns everything. The importance of poverty and negative impacts on people's lives is also emphasized. The Prophet Alayhi Salatu's actions during the throne and his actions during his time in the throne are also discussed. The use of armor and a stork to protect against attacks and fraud, as well as the use of a woman to motivate men to do things like drinking and drinking alcohol, is also highlighted. A woman named Amara found a man associated with Islam and eventually joined a youth program to see him.
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Sooner hamdulillah was Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah where Allah Allah He was definitely here at nine women Willa yo Medina. We should do Allah Allah Allah Allah wa hula should he get what I should do under Muhammad and Abu what also Lou I'm about Western Mr. aleikum wa rahmatullah. He will better care to whom, how is everyone? And Hamdulillah we are in the 10 best days of the year. We're in Shama hota, Allah have entered since we have, it's now past Isha, we have entered into the day of the ninth of the Hijjah, which is known as your ml Arafa. Or Yan will Hajj. This is the day where the judge will make their way to the plane of alpha, they will spend the day beseeching Allah

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Subhana Allah to Allah for the forgiveness of their sins. They have already, you know, spent the time with Mina, they are going to spend the time and alpha they're going to remember the the temptations of chiffon towards Ibrahim to keep him from his sacrifice when they stone the Jamaat, for all of those who know the rites of Hajj, there's so many beautiful things involved with it. Some of that I'm going to save the stories for the eighth goodbye prepared on Sunday in sha Allah.

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But there is such a beauty to the story of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam. And

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when we look at the different stories of went on with Ibrahim, it's all the way to this aid that we're going to perform on Sunday, the very foundations of the city of Mecca as we now know them when he left his son, Ishmael and his wife had her there. And the Durham tribe came and settled there. The history of Mecca is very beautiful replete with the stories that lead up to these very incidences that we find in a the very

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part of Hodge where we make the salary between stuff in the model where her going back and forth, looking for water for her child. And then the angel coming in digging on the ground and establishing the well of zamzam. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam said may have may Allah have mercy on the mother, I wish mine because she saw this water spring up and she, you know, tried to keep it you know, let's make a little pit so it'll stay in and that's what became a well, he said Had she not done so it would have been a river that would have flown all over the Earth, it would have just never stopped. So there's so many beautiful stories and I'm saving some of the best ones for you

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guys on Sunday Inshallah, who to Anna for the football. But

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when we look at the story that is being recounted about Ibrahim alayhis salam and his son Ishmael, I wanted to find what was kind of the core context of their obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala without eating up what I was going to do on Sunday, what it what is it that made them be able to make these types of decisions, number one, to leave his son in the middle of a barren desert with his wife. But what made him even though this was the order of Allah, and Hydra was asking him when she left she said, Why would you leave us here? He wouldn't respond. He asked, she asked him, Is this the order of Allah subhanho? wa taala? He said, Yes. He said, then if it's the order of Allah,

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Allah will take care of us. What would lead people to have these types of attitudes to be able to do these things?

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Priorities, priorities being in the right place. And that's what I want to talk to you tonight about in sha Allah hooter. Anna is priorities. Because one of the biggest killers to us in this life is not having priorities in place, not having and I talked about this very shortly in the theater on Tuesday, not giving the world its proper place in priority, versus the accurate its proper place in priority. When you look at great men through the history of the world, through the history of the Quran, through the history of the Sierra, the prophet Lisa to a Sudan when Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about Ibrahim and praises him when he speaks about Musa and praises him. When he speaks about

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all of the NBN praises them. And you look at their lives. They had their priorities, correct. They had their priorities Correct. Even Abraham had a son with his father, which was you know, like, children don't go against their parents, but in this circumstance, priority took precedence. Priority took precedence, the religion of Allah subhanho wa taala. The tahina of Allah took precedence.

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And it reminded me of a hadith that you find in the Sunnah of Eman merger narrated by Zaid in Feb throughout the Allah who ran that he said the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam said something that is uniquely profound in in its application. And in many of these types of Hadith which I wish I had the time to give you all of them because there's, I've gave a talk about just this kite type of category of Hadith. That is like an oxymoron.

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In logical sense, it's an oxymoron if you were to look at this logically, it makes absolutely no sense. But when you look at it through the eyes of the man in the priorities of putting ALLAH SubhanA, Allah and His messenger first and accurate first, then they work the reverse way around. Like one instance, there's a small Hadith where the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam said, narrated by Aisha Radi Allahu anha. And this is narrative, and then that whoever seeks to please Allah,

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even if the people are displeased with it, that Allah becomes pleased with them, and the people become pleased with them. But whosoever seeks to please people, at the displeasure of Allah, the people become displeased with them, and Allah becomes displeased with them. Logically, this would make sense. That means if I try to make people happy, they're going to end up unhappy with me, because Allah is unhappy with me. But if I tried to please Allah in it, they even if they don't like it, Allah is going to make them happy with me. It seems like an oxymoron, this doesn't work. I'll talk to you about this one, and then I'll explain it to you in sha Allah. The problem is that we're

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not understanding the concept of who is the owner of creation, who is the rub, who owns everything, including the hearts of mankind, and malleable lube, the one who controls the hearts. The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam said,

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Whoever makes this world their main priority. Whoever makes dunya their main priority in life, that's all they're focused on. Their main focus point is this life, what they can get from it, what they can obtain from it, when they wake up, their mind is on this life, when they go outside of the home, their mind is on this life. When they go to work. Their mind is only about making more money and becoming more successful and buying bigger things and stacking a bigger bank account. When they come home at night. That's what they think about when they go to bed. That's what they think about. The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam said a person whose priorities are like this. Allah Jalla wa Ala

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will make their life in disorder. Their whole life will be chaos. And we see people like this running the rat race. They look so successful, but they have nothing in order, like their whole life is just a complete kerfuffle. Like they don't know if they're coming or going, you know, they don't one day runs into another. It's like they're living one long, endless day. Allah Jalla wa Ala makes their time confounded for them. They don't see any value in it, there is no value to their time. And even though they're working for this life, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said, Allah places poverty, between their eyes, poverty, it doesn't mean that they will necessarily not have money,

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because they may make a lot of money. But how many people do you know who are rich and poor at the same time? You heard of those people, right? They make so much money, but they spend more than they make. You have football stars like that. rappers like that celebrities like that. Mike Tyson was like that was Bo Jackson was like that there's a lot of MC Hammer was like that a lot. I'm telling you, 80s and 90s, because that's my celebrities is my generation

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make so much money, but they spend even more than they can make, or they invest it in interest in Riba and that stuff just becomes destroyed in the stock market. When Allah subhanho wa Taala promised that he would destroy the river. So this is what is meant by poverty, as well as they will be poor in here. There'll be no peace for them. How many celebrities who have come to Islam have told us and confessed to us that there was no peace in their life? There was no peace in their hearts. How many celebrities are still telling us this today, like Jim Carrey Keanu Reeves are telling us and trying to warn against the Hollywood in the fame, that there is no value and they

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find no comfort in it. There is no solace in it. There is there's nothing how many have killed themselves. Look at what happened with Keith ledger and what was the comedian the funny.

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Robin Williams, these people who look like they have everything, but inside they're broken. This is poverty, poverty, nothing. The prophets that Allah will place poverty between their eyes, and they will not extract from this world. Anything except what ALLAH had already decreed for them to extract it before they were created. Meaning no matter how hard they work, they can put in 80 hour weeks, they can put in 90 hour weeks they can put in 100 hour weeks they can work themselves to the bone.

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They will never obtain more from this life other than what Allah had already written for them, before He created them.

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They will not get anything more. So that is someone who's old their priorities is this life. It is a lose lose scenario for them, lose lose their time is not valuable. Their time is not valuable. Their affairs are in disorder. Their affairs are in disorder. Allah subhanho wa Taala strains their means and puts poverty between their eyes and they do not get anything from their efforts from this life except that which Allah has already written for them. But whosoever makes the priority

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80 of their life and the next life. They think about Allah Subhana Allah to Anna, they, they they are living here, but they're there hope, as Allah says.

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Indeed in the Messenger of Allah you will find this within Hassan Lehmann Cana your doula will Yamanaka duck Dakota Lucha cathedra those whose hope is with Allah in the last day, yes, they're here, their bodies here they're working there. They have a job they're providing for their families, but their hope, their consideration their eyes are looking beyond this life and is in the air. They're thinking about the next life. Their priority is the next life. As I said in Tuesday, they have the dunya in their hands in the accurate in their hearts. If at any point thereafter is in jeopardy, they put down everything in their hands to fix it. Those people the Prophet alayhi salatu

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salam said,

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Allah, Allah, Allah will make their life

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easy in order, he will give them an easy life. That means they may be busy people, they might be someone who's very consumed with their time, but their time is valuable. You don't see them flustered. You don't see them disheveled you don't see them losing their mind. You know, they have nothing like I don't know if I'm coming or going. They their life is in order, their time is valuable, Allah makes their time stretch for them, Allah makes their time sensible for them. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will place richness between their eyes, he will place richness between their eyes, richness in this life, meaning they might not have the fanciest home, they might not live in a

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million dollar home and drive fancy cars. But what Allah has gifted them of his Baraka is meaningful to them is meaningful to them, they value it, it goes further.

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And he will place richness between their eyes, meaning that there'll be content in here, they will have a content heart, there is no richness. In this dunya there is no wealth in this world greater than being content with Allah subhanho wa taala.

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You can't find any more valuable position to be in in life, than to be able to sit down no matter what's going on your life right now could not be the way you want it to be. Your business could not be doing what you want it to be doing. Your family life could be a little bit better, your career could be a little bit better, your mental state can be a little bit better, your physical health could be a little bit better. But there is nothing like being able to sit down even in that kind of condition and say I have no complaints to Allah subhana wa

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nun, I have no complaint to Allah. This is a beautiful, beautiful richness. When Abraham and Abraham left his son left his son Ismail in Mecca, and he got married to one of the women of the tribe who settled there. Abraham came to visit him when he was a little bit older, but he didn't find him at home.

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And his wife was there and he asked about his son says, Okay, he's off. And then she asked, How are you guys doing? What did she do? She complained. She said, We are miserable. We are miserable. We have nothing. She just complained to him being he was a stranger. He's she's just exposing all of the affairs of the house complaining about you know the way things are. Abraham said, when your husband comes back, give him my greetings and tell him to change the gate of the door of his house. Change the door. When Ismail came home, he said he could feel something wasn't right. His wife was a bit weird. What happened? Somebody came and she explained who he was, he was an old man, this and

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that. And the other. That was she and he said that was my father. Did he tell you anything? He said yes. Changed the door to my house. He said he was talking about you. We are getting divorced. You need to go back to your family. This respect he had for his father Ibrahim at a Sadam that he's going to give me wise advice. So they were divorced, and he got married again. Later on. Even he would come back. Same thing. It wasn't home, as the wife. She said, Henry law we're blessed, even though we have very little she was thinking ALLAH SubhanA with Anna,

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grateful to what little they did have no complaints.

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He said, give my tell him I came by tell your husband I came by and to keep the door of his house exactly as it is. This gratitude is a wealth that you cannot replace with anything in this life. So they will have that richness in their heart. And the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said, Allah will force the world to come to them. He will send the world after them even though they don't want it. Even though they are not people who want this life and don't want the richness of this life. Allah will send it to them anyway.

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Priorities these were the way of the companions of the Allahu Allah who have the ramen even Alfred the Allah Who,

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who was wealthy and had given

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away his entire wealth time and time again just like Abu Bakr just like Omar, he used to say that I would be worried that if I were to pick up a rock I would find golden that Allah just would not stop giving me it was a long story I would I'm not going to tell you today but he was even trying to take a day of worship for Allah subhanho wa Taala is a very interesting story about how he ended up in a transaction with some camels that ended up benefiting him and great reward if you don't if you know that story, you know the amazement of it. If not, I'll tell it to you another time in sha Allah. They couldn't avoid Allah's blessing to them. They couldn't they couldn't stay away from it.

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And this is also someone whom the Prophet alayhi salatu was Sadam promised agenda, promised agenda.

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priorities in the right place is the honor of the Muslim. That's our honor. This is what our Eid is about this is what this day Yamanaka is about is that our priorities are in place. Our priorities are in place, that we are remembering the sacrifices of Abraham and Abraham that we were remembering what he went through that we were remembering the Day of Judgment, etc. So on and so forth. Priorities are the honor of the Muslim on an honorable day where Allah subhanho wa Taala said Eliana, I cannot do knock on dinner. This day I have completed I have made your religion come in, perfect for you.

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When I tell you two more small stories and we'll finish in childhood to Anna when I'm gonna develop superb a man who had priorities in check.

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When Omotola *a was the Khalifa, a man whom the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam said that there was no one going to be a prophet after me. But if there were going to be one person that would have been omen.

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When he was the Khalifa and the Muslim army had conquered Jerusalem,

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under the leadership of the mind was the name of the leader of the army who conquered Jerusalem.

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who was the one who led this charge sent for a number of pubs said they will only accept the keys, they will only give the keys of this city to you.

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I will obey them.

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Even algebra above obeyed in our genre was the one who sent and he is also someone who is known to be from amongst the most eminent of the companions of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam he is the one who sent for Allah sent him a letter and said, these people will not give the keys to the city over to any of us, they only will give them to the Emir of the of the Muslims, because they had been told certain qualities about the leader of the Muslims. And they said they will give money to him. So when Amata left,

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you know, normally when kings left Persia, Kings left Rome, Kings left, you know, North Africa, they left in like royal possessions with elephants and dragging their gold thrones and you know, all of this nonsense, they would take like their whole palace on a rolling tour with them, it would take them like forever to get anywhere. But they had Pomp and Circumstance Amata left with himself, his servants, and one riding animal. That's it, and they took turns riding the animal for a while, um, I would ride and the servant would pull, then the servant would ride armor would pull, and then they would both walk so that they would give the animal rest. When it was time to reach towards

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Jerusalem, it was time for the servant to ride and armor to walk. And he was not going to assert that right, because they had made this agreement beforehand. But there was a long muddy field where the battle you know, the army had been there, they trampled everything, they made it all muddy. They had to walk across this to get to the front of the garrison to you know, proceed and, and meet with the people who would turn over the city.

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When are they there saw Amara coming across this field, and all of

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Palestine is watching all of Jerusalem is looking at this guy coming across the field. He's walking, dragging his his stove through the mud, and he's pulling the server and I will obey the runs up to him and says, Just wait a minute, I'm gonna make money and he said it in a very respectful manner, that these people are used to pomp and circumstance. You know, they're used to Royal procession. I am afraid that if they see you like this, they're not going to turn over these keys.

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Arman in his fashionable way, smacked Abu Zubaydah in the chest. And if Omar touched you, you knew it. He was a big man. Like he shook the ground and he walked he was big. He was a champion wrestler. He hit him and Abu Zubaydah felt it but and he told him if you weren't who you were, if you were not who you were, I would have been a lot harsher with you. He scolded me he said, I believe that

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we are a people who Allah honored

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with Islam, we were a people who were backwards who were ignorant.

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This honored in the eyes of creation, and Allah honored us with it.

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He said, Wallahi if we seek honor,

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if we seek to be honored through anything other than the religion of Islam, Allah will dishonor us and take it away from us.

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And when the people who control the city of Jerusalem saw that this was the image of the Muslims, they not only handed over the keys, but made a peace treaty with him a pact with him, that was like a pack that was unknown that is still being used to this day, things like social justice, child welfare, all kinds of things were laid out in this type of treaty with dominant lip balm. And they begged him to even come and pray in the church. He said no, because we'll make it a mission. But this was the honor

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that was given to him. Because his priorities were in check. He honored the religion of Allah subhanho Medina, he honored the legacy of Muhammad Ali salatu salam, he honored Allah subhanho wa taala. This same woman

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was a man who during his head effort, would walk the streets at night, after his long day of dealing with the affairs and the orders of the state. He would not sleep at night, but he would go in the streets because he would be worried. And people would ask him, Why would you do it? He said, Because I would be afraid that if an animal were to trip over a pothole in another city, another country that I am in control of Allah subhanho wa Taala will hold me to account

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because I'm gonna use to tell people become your own accountant, be the own heartbeat your own hassad your own accountant before Allah takes that account from you, and becomes your accountant. And he lived it. One night he was in the street, seeing if anyone needed him. And he stopped to rest outside of on on a wall and he heard a conversation taking place on the other side of the wall. It was a conversation between a mother and a daughter.

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The mother was a milk seller. But her animals you know, during all monitors time if ever there was famine as well. He even had to abolish the cutting off the hand of the thief during his time because people were stealing out of necessity.

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She didn't have enough milk to sell the next day she had the the animals weren't giving much. So she told her daughter to mix water with the milk, which we know is forbidden. This is a form of Riba.

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So the daughter told the mother that Omar has forbade this very practice, especially during these times these forbade this practice, you least have to disclose it, but she's saying at night late at night, let's mix it with water to spread it. Basically trying to cheat the system.

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The mother told the daughter or mother is not watching us. There's no armor here. Almost listening on the other side of the wall. The daughter said no, but the rub of Amara is watching

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the Lord of Karma, Allah subhanho wa Taala ceases

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when Amara heard this, it shook him you know that this young girl is number one standing up to her own mother and having this type of fear of Allah subhana hooter and he goes home and he tells his son, awesome, you're getting married to this girl. You're going to this girl, and you're gonna get married to her. So he got those two married. You see, this is also the father's understanding of what's important. You know, the girl was he knew she had a man and Allah subhanho with Anna son do the right thing. They got married and they gave birth to a daughter named Asim, who then got married and gave birth to a son named Abdulaziz Eman Marwan, who then get married and gave birth to a son

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named Ahmed Ibn Abdul Aziz,

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one of the greatest Khalifa of Islam after the qualifier Rashidi, this would be the same Omar Abdul Aziz, when some major major delegation of Christians would come to look for the Khalifa of the Muslims at his time, they would go look for him and wrapping it up, they would go look for him in the masjid, which was the biggest building in the city. It couldn't find it. They went looking for him in the court. They couldn't find him. They started asking where's the meat of the Muslims? Where is this great, Amir that we've heard so much about where is he? They said, go out of town, follow this dirt road, keep following your run into him. So they went out of town. And I'm trying to

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summarize the story. They said they couldn't find anyone except an old man in a very small house, in his front yard digging in the dirt, cleaning, you know, cleaning his own yard and digging his own soil and planting his own like that they found basically a farmer. So they stopped and they said, Can you tell us where the Emir of the Muslims is? And he's like, yes, you're speaking to him. And they were so shocked that this is the they couldn't believe it. At first they had to have there was a whole long situation, that they could not believe that this was the Khalifa of the Muslim empire of the time. He's this old man who's digging in his front yard is he has no security has no nothing

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he has you can pay somebody to help you do this. No. He was someone who believed that we were responsible for own account our own deeds

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Look at that. I'm just showing you that this was the product of the marriage of the son of Amara to this girl. Priorities brothers and sisters priorities. Our priorities have to be right. They have to be right. It's not saying that nowhere that I say and I will always repeat this you cannot have the best of both worlds. We ask a lot of banana for dunya Hassan or Phil accurate, looking at them or not, but your priorities have to be in check. If your priorities are in place, Allah will make you order your life in order. He will put richness between your eyes contentment of the heart, in this world will follow you. Even if even if you don't want it. It will chase you down insha Allah Jota

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I look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow the youth for Iftar we have a youth Iftar youth if ta youth Iftar tomorrow 13 to 25 years old in the multipurpose room.

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So you can join us in sha Allah hota Anna, the youth for that and then I will see you on Sunday morning. For Eid Salah BarakAllahu freecom Jimmy or cinema Alikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh