Riad Ouarzazi – Your Ramadan 2014 #13

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The importance of helping children in needy situations, particularly in the context of bombings and killing of innocent people, is emphasized. A culture worker's letter urges him to change his clothing and wear his dress out, while a woman with a similar claim to stay in church and be hesitant to leave is also mentioned. The transcript describes a woman trying to convince people of her claim to be Muslims to increase their wealth and security, pay taxes, and get their wealth back. Despite culture's attempts to convince him to change his clothing, he is not allowed to go to Rome and is not safe in certain countries.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. distancia was as he would come in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan, 2014, they 13

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some of you may know that I'm on a tour in the UK with human capital International,

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raising some funds for the orphans, in in Syria and philosophy now.

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And also, just last night, you may have heard in the last few couple of days, that

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a lot of

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a lot of things happening especially in phosphene, you know, these the bombings and the killing of innocent people, especially kids,

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you know, kids under the rubble, so I want to take this opportunity, really,

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to talk about, you know, helping the needy, especially in this blessed month of Ramadan.

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You know, when you see babies, babies, you know, under the rubble and, you know, killed and kids and, you know, aren't they out our our brothers and our sisters?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says that in them, and we know that what the the believers are brothers, and the Prophet when he says in Sahih, Muslim, that minimum in California, and it should go back to Obama, the believers, they'd like no pillars, they, they, they help one another, you know, they support one another.

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You know, if, if, if it's like a buddy, if one one organ feels pain, the entire body should feel that pain. So I don't understand how can people for some people, you know, how do I go to sleep? Happy, Happy fun. Yeah, yes, yeah, you're entitled to that hamdulillah. But without having to think, you know, and or, or just just have a concern, or the least you could do is like a make up for these people out there in Cydia and follow Spain and, you know, those who are going through this plight, aren't they, they're, they're, you know, our our brothers, at least in humanity, our faith, not in faith in humanity. So, you know, I was thinking I was looking, I just came through pollen abstract

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of, I wanted to compare and contrast here, you know, what's happening, especially in philosophy, I came across an abstract of, of a letter that was written by

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a letter written to me, when he, when he added the day of the conquest of gods of follow Spain, you know, and he wrote

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a letter to the people to the Christians of, of Ilya, Ilya at the time, you know, beta democritus, was called aelia. So when he came, and they gave him the key to beta the muck of this, when, when a way that Java came to a pub, and as then I told him, I mean, they will not hand the keys to better luck this except to a man who they have, whom they have the his description into the books, you know, so came over top, you know, in a very

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modest way on his donkey with his claws being kind of like, thrown out and, and when Aveda looked at him, he says, Yeah, I mean, we need could you change, you know, you're about to meet the elite of Ilia. And then, when he changed his clothes, and they he jumped into a different or different, right, like, they gave him a horse. And then he felt something changing his heart and He says, No, no, give me back my clothes, give me back my, give me back my donkey out of my meal, he went off to his mule.

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halala and then he went, and then they when they saw him, they said, this is the man whose description we have in our books, he's the one who should get the keys to better luck this when they gave him the keys to the punch, you know, he wrote them a letter and letter is a form of like, like some sort of giving them security, you know, and the letter says, it says, has an offer or multiple

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meanings meaning

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mean mean early in the area. And this is the the ad. This is the author has given to the people of Ilia beta mock this mean men, you know from security, man You mean safety. I've been mainly unfussy him, what I'm wanting him What can I see him? I'll give them you know, they're secure, their souls are secure. their wealth is secure. And also that Canada is the places of worship. Churches are also secured, what's on the backing him

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and their children also can lead to skin cancer. So what I told them that churches that places of worship when should not be destroyed, not demolished

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them What are your thoughts? I hadn't been home and no one of them should be. None of them should should go through any type of hardship when they are under the the authorities of the Muslims.

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woman who doesn't mean home invasion, luckily see their beta form is a big one for me.

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ever wants to leave to go to Rome he is charming he is he is safe and about his wealth are also safe until he reaches his his destination

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woman other than Him

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and whoever wants to stay in beta democritus He is also secure and safe and his work is also safe had the idea this is my ultimate and this is my treat you know my my trusted them in Jesus took him up on Gz Anima and as long as they pay the jizya the tax as the others are paying at I need some only them or pay the tax. You know, I hadn't met that in the other countries you know the

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neighboring country also paid the taxes and the Muslim out also painted as a cat you know so it's not Tony he's not Muslims shahidullah keytab and and who witnessed this letter had it not worried about the loss? No more hallelujah. You know, these are the this is the type of attacks amend and all the the the the safety security that was given that determine

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what is the safety today, look at what's happening now. So my brothers, my sisters out there, you know, and remember, you know, this is the time of South Africa. This is the time this is the month of South Africa I tried to help out as much as you can. There's so many nonprofit organizations out there trying to collect funds for the brothers and sisters in Syria in Palestine. And remember, you know, this is also the mussels The Cat and the cat in Arabi means to increase the cat means to increase the Panama linguistically. So unless is put them in m&ms that no one would take from them, some soda some money, which will all Mohammed take from them money that will

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that will that will purify their wealth freely find them. So the sada had the money that you give will only purify you and prove your worth and increase it or decrease it. So here's the thing that you're allowed to, you know, try in this blessed month for every penny for every cent for every dollar you spend, a lot will multiply in many fold as it is the month of the month where the pie or the hassle net all the good deeds are multiplied in many fall I ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to help us to practice and to convert and remember, this is a for you, when you just money that you will spend is for your own self as long as it's a sort of Bukhara 273 and when factum unfairly

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unfairly unphysical on that and factum in hiring it will fail Aiko whatever from fear from good use spent for the emphasis is for your own good and whatever you spend Allah says you will fail a company shall be paid back to you in abundance so on Sharma who tada be the first one so give him a shot law does not come on my head I asked him to help us to practice to convey and to another episode of Rocky Rama 2014 I say a Solomonic Muslims like to Allah wa barakato

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