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Some allowed him to last semester that's not like a lot of cattle This is the other was as he would come in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2014 they 12. So, here's this dream.

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In this dream, I saw

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an island, and there was a family living in this island. It's a weird dream.

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So this family living in this island, they were spending a lot of time together, you know, they would, you know, eat together, you have a father and

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the mother, the kids, also the grandparents were living also together in the same house.

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But how about

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an earthquake gaming, and that island got split into small little islands. So you have the father went into small island, and the mother moved to another small island.

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And the parent, the children also moved to another island and the grand parents also moved to another separate Island. So they sort of stopped communicating with one another.

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They understood in fact, you know, before the earthquake happened, the importance of the families spending time with each other, you know, even in Ramadan, they would, you know, use that Ramadan, that time Ramadan to break fast with each other, but somehow, like in this earthquake, and they just get split up.

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Now, even if this is something if the kids want something from their dad or their mom, they would send an SMS, like a text or an email, even the wife when she wants to talk to her husband, she's sending a text to him, you know, the, the the communication thing is a dialogue

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that used to happen between them got cut off.

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And, in fact, this this, this dream, lot of Muslim families today are witnessing this dream. We're all living this dream. You see it in our own houses. It's not actually it's not a true dream, but it's a true reality. That in love in our houses, you see desegregation, the father busy with his world and the mother on on world and so are the kids.

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And Allah subhana wa tada in the end, whenever he mentions how la family, he, he mentioned,

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you know, in the many if, for instance, you know, when the Bible talks about the spouses, you know, then select the home and number 21 guys that would have been left in the ship. I was him.

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I would have been like Amina Shivani of what he would mean is he and Holla Holla comin and forsaken, as well

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as we're generally test kuno la, wa Jalla beynac, on our debt on water.

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And amongst his signs is that he had created a multitude of mates, so that you may do it in tranquility, which either been a coma or death an aura and has put amongst you love and mercy. Mercy Mercy is very important. There's another area in

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Islam last panel that talks about parents, when he says, while Fiddler Homer Jenner has only mean of watchmen, Jenna had done a lot talking about parents, and he says, you know, Gen X Gen is just like, you know, the, like a bird flying and when the bird is about to land, he uses his, you know, his wings with them for the word, you know, so Allah subhana wa, tada as of you know, in this area, he uses that analogy, When, when, you know, when he talks about parents, he says, Well, for the whole measure, Nash had the limit of Russia, you know,

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again, you know, the, we know what you you you come close to your parents and all using the analogy of the, of the, of the of the wings of the bird, you know, so john Nash as early as I mentioned again, towards the parents, walk over bill ham Houma again in the same area. What what Bill ham Houma, Kamara biani sorry era and say, oh, Allah have mercy upon them, as they have raised me when I was a kid. So the family in Islam is very, very important. And like I mentioned earlier, that we need to really, you know, take advantage of this month to bring our families together. So Allah Subhana, Allah will have Hashem upon us. Remember, there is a hadith which in fact, you know, a

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mother, she called her son and her son, his religion, avid, a man who was, you know, known to be really, really pious righteous in those days, and he called and she called him and he was in his Salah. He was just praying in his setup, and she called him but he, he said, Oh Allah, Salah to mommy or Lama my father or my mother or my prayer, my prayer or my mother, so he ignored his mom and he continued to his surah Allah Subhana

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Tyler got displeased with him. Just you know he's not doing his homework. He's not doing something you may call, busy doing something important. He wasn't his site app. He was in his cell or something way more important than what you think you're doing. When your mother is calling you on when your father is calling you. This man when he is this signer, he chose the salad versus his mother, Allah subhana wa tada displeased with him

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you know, so, let us gain the rationale of Allah subhanaw taala is dismantle bringing the family together also let us inshallah

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not only breathing

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for less pounds, but also the hat of the of the, the heart of, of the magnetic of the angels was Allah subhanho wa Taala and it's just that insert hood and number 73 he says I was a bit lagging in a shape on awaji moto mahila Baraka to who I like la comme Atlanta's Beit Rahmatullah again, the Lamb of Allah wa barakato who Allah come upon you ll be the family of this house. There are some Sharla hotel again, the the heart of the angels and the rational of Allah in this blessed month by bringing the family together inshallah tada ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us, and to help us to practice and to convey until another episode of Ramadan 2014 I say a sit up Monday morning with my

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god over the cat