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AI: Summary © The radio industry is discussed, including celebrities like Lika Coleman and Felix Sabrina, as well as a potential football match. The importance of having a healthy mindset and being mindful of one's behavior is emphasized, along with news stories and events like a video about a woman named Lika and a video about a man named Dr. Phil. The importance of planning for a trip and being mindful of one's behavior is also emphasized.
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Some 1100 los altos lcls salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Riyadh words as you were coming in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2013 Day 28 shaiya como la una hola hola to the Yakama Pepitone, Allah subhana wa Tada. And yeah for Leonard and organifi Matt about caffeine and how to shine while we're an awesome panel with Adam and

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ej and Mim and karma has a shop. He men and 37 women and sama how the savvy man and 87 come up at Elisa to sit on metal karma Ramadan amen or 87 over the Hermit Kingdom a woman sama Ramadan amen and 87 orfila Houma Tottenham in Denby,

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Mata Kadima, I mean then the worry and luck is Liam and who for whom I mean then be my brothers and sisters. I welcome you to this episode of rockier Ramadan 2013 day 28

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the series with which we've started in the year 2013 series called pathways to gender as our last panel attached I asked him to to make us amongst those who will be granted the highest level of Jannah inshallah Tada.

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I asked him also in this final days to make us amongst those who will be like the Prophet says whoever you know, praise Madonna whoever, faster Ramadan amen and 87 with faith and hope in reward or wishing reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanho wa Taala wouldn't forgive all his sins might have done I mean how much and also the Prophet Mohammed Salim

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he says in the other hand, it was forever

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yeah and of Ramadan making you know, meaning the prayers of Ramadan, the night prayer of Ramadan, email and 37 you know, believing in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah believing in Allah and hoping from it you know the reward is what from Allah, Allah will forgive

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me all his sins shall be forgiven.

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You have to learn

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how to read and will enter Jerry's free mechanic method and yes, the filler kindness

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is tougher looking to see any to HIPAA congest free mechanical investor stuffing

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and asadmin have held to the entropy mechanic. You're stuffing like a comb, man, so Allah and then

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so what and Tisha is free mechanic.

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We are stuck for Lika Coleman man so Allah evident yes that feeling lucky Allah Masha Allah hamacher

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how to eat how to know how to read center in la

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17 la mer so Allah evident you're stuck with fish Saba, we're filming

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now for somebody to eat

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either Salt Lake Villa

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you're stuck Felix Sabrina el Femina. Yoko Larissa to Sarah

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and Monza can no filler.

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And in my salon from from the hadith of fulfil Hoda, WA Ashiya Yanni for Saba, when masa is a country Saba is stuck for Alexandrina Alfa Malik

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Hatton masa, were in Salta who filled masa, man add on Marina. Marina, you start filling in Malik fill fill any intellectual Saba, you're stuffing looks at Malik for survive borders, Tama either

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way to enter stuff, and he's off to heaven. Oh, and he's obviously had his filler.

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Phil Mercer. You're stuck feeling like Phil necessidade Malik hopper Saba. So, Mel Malik, monesi and Addie, huddle, huddle. malayaka Lem jasola then

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mega mega mega week Best of luck Sheila. Nikita bowfin

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z z. z Allah

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had that Yeah, and he hola I wouldn't have it. I mean, you have been homeless panda Allah will have the last panel etcetera, gentlemen, a catastrophe luck.

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Because that

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was your birth mohab Betty either Mutasa within Effie,

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would you have Betty lesson Hi, now what we'll do is we'll have you tried them any

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has it most open hamdulillah Hey.

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Por la Subhana Allah. Hi, Lucy. What's up

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Have Betty Island Mutasa when

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would you bet mad Betty either the material is enough here was your bitmap that would have been a fear any antivirus and a hook like filler had his luck man batalla neck

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well NFL MOBA will aid and shout out to Adam can yo yo main bad you made it eight to zero at

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Monza Nova know your stuff and those of ash Malik

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yeah buddy. Good luck Allah subhanho wa Taala

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money than the

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The mother doesn't Yeah.

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I mean okay for me, Allah subhana wa COVID muda Abdi Willem de Soto who knows who that was at the high end.

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Those of the attorney any that was at the very end

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and you'll have a lady sofa taxable VCR tomorrow it

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was only less than half an hour to

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zero caffeine.

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She had it for Muslim worship. There have been a news or a hula hoop macanthony and emoticons Rania Karbala who had to park in a polo car in a food

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that was awful. For Salah who Haleakala whom he met in total Yeah, and he had Luca in the home in shape to the Andaman and to shake healthy and ashigaru Lola Hema minuti Illa and then you're able

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to see this in any way both

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for karate corrosion, abrasion, and a medic, the Athenaeum wha hoo subhana wa tada Shahrukh Amala your head will come up to help that led enter and does not

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have the filler as Dr. Phil had the perfect engine? My brothers and sisters

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Would you like to be sitting in your place right where you are, and people to make is to file for you?

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Would you like that? You're sitting right where you are? Let's say are you in your bag or in your home? And people are making a file for you? Would you like that? Would you like people who have never disobeyed Allah to make a step file for you? Someone has never disobeyed Allah? Yes. How about 70,000 of those to make is too far for you to ask lots of forgive you. What would earn you that my brother is

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as the Prophet Mohammed is awesome says whosoever goes to visit a brother for the sake of Allah in the morning. 70,000 inches would be making it safer for him until the evening. And whosoever goes to visit someone in the evening. 70,000 inches will be making is too far for him in the evening after the morning, the whole night or the whole day.

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So we just want to visit someone

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and then

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70,000 angels who have never disobeyed Allah would be making this text file for you. Isn't that amazing?

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Isn't that something really nice. What did you do to earn that? The fact that you chose to go visit somebody for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala that's all you did.

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This era which earns you the love of Allah Subhana Allah tada

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Oh, my servant, I have become sick and he did not visit me.

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And the servant shall say Allah, how can you become sick quanto alameen Allah says, My servants so and so was sick, had you visited him you have you would have found me there with him. Meaning you know visiting someone who's sick, you gain lots of reward from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah so much know that Allah subhana wa Tada. In fact, you know, if you were to go there and make that person, Allah subhana wa Taala would grant that

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visiting the sick, visiting someone for the sake of Allah.

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Allah Subhana Allah the Prophet says that Allah says in an Hadith producing and had it this hadith is very sound and authentic, I shall love those who visit one another for my sake, I shall love them.

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It's a pathway to shine because it earns you the love of Allah and if Allah loves you, he shall make you antigen.

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about my bond is almost over. And though is in a couple of days or so, this is the time to prepare. If not, maybe from now on to start and shallow to how to go in planning go and visit so and so you know call so and so people who have not you know touched base with in a long time we visit them for the with the not sincere intention, doing it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala to get the reward of 70,000 in 70,000 angels making the app for you and to earn the love of Allah

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panna hotel as well. I shall love those who visit one another for my sake. We did not want nothing from me. You visited me because you love me for the sake of Allah I love you for the sake of Allah

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and this is why I'm here to visit you.

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I don't want nothing from you. It has become easier now when people pick up the phone or they come to visit you you would want you know say you would wonder why they came you know maybe they want something from you or they call you because they want something from you. But why don't we do it for the sake of Allah especially now a time to go and visit each other visit the you know your your your in fact your family, your friends pick up that phone

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and reconnect and shut down the hotel

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well how Qaeda Allah Subhana Allah tada and you basically nephew locked in alfia Medina mafia Oh daddy now if you're mad, you know what I bet you know what, what I'm wanting to hide it and to another episode of lucky Ramadan 2013 I say to them on a commercial way to Allah wa barakato