Mufti Menk – Welcoming Ramadan into Our Homes

Singapore 30 May 2015.

A beautiful dua followed by a series of “Must-Know” Sunnah for effective preparation of Ramadan. Below mentioned is a brief outline of the topic Discussed by Mufti Menk.

– Understanding the importance and benefits of Ramadan.
– How to prepare, look forward and experience the blessings of the month of Quran.
– Excellent Message to parents on preparing the family to welcome the blessed month.
– How to break the fast – The Sunnah way.
– Goodness of Taraweeh and the daily compulsory prayers.
– How to develop a link with ALLAH SWT and experience the changes in one’s life.
– Incorporating Quran recitation in the daily life, its amazing benefits and rewards.
– Duty of a Muslim towards Quran.
– Understand how charity builds your Akhirah.
– How to develop Khushoo and the Sunnah way of reciting Quran in Salah.